At Peace with the Mystery

podcastRyan sat down in a longform conversation where we (Daniel Johnson, M.D. & Ryan) explored how he followed his curiosity as a young man growing up in West Virginia.  A powerful experience in craniosacral massage led to a career as a massage therapist and a deepening practice of Kriya yoga. An intellectual study of Vedic astrology has guided his process of seeing how we are all connected in this mysterious journey.  As a bonus, he shares his Celtic music this episode, a fascinating investigation filled with jumping off points for further study.

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You can click the image to the left, or visit Daniel Johnson, MD at his Antecdotal Evidence website here:

In this interview you will learn:

  • How a Catholic boy from a small town in West Virginia, grew up to be an astrologer and yogi.
  • Why I like baking pepperoni rolls.
  • Why Saturn is my favorite planet.
  • How I feel about playing Celtic Music.
  • My predictions about Humanity’s Future and the state of the world.
  • What makes astrology such a fascinating devotional topic of exploration.
  • My discovery of a natural personal cure for ADD.
  • Among other things…


Ryan Kurczak

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  1. Great interview I must say the Celtic tunes transported me to those old allys of Dublin.I remember visiting temple bar area there and they play similar stuff.I am sure Pythagoras and newton would have had the similar vision.