3rd and 4th House Vimshottari Dasha and General Horoscope Interpretation

In these videos we explore principles based on Sarvarth Chintami and how to interpret the 3rd and 4th houses in Vedic Astrology.  These are applicable to general chart interpretation and to the effects of dashas, because they both work together.

See the bottom of this post for the list of principles considered within these videos.

Video #1 – 3rd and 4th House Interpretation Principles

Video #2 – 3rd and 4th House Chart Examples

3rd House – Brothers, Younger Siblings, Courage, Teammates, Skills etc.

  • If the lord of the 3rd house and Mars are located in the 8th and are aspected by cruel planets one will have loss of brothers, or the brothers and teammates will have many sudden breaks and changes along their life path.
  • This is also true if the 3rd house lord and Mars are located in the navamsha sign of debilitation, are with malefics and in a cruel shastiamsha.
  • When cruel planets occupy or aspect the third house, and the third lord is hemmed in between malefics, without any benefic aspect to the third house or its lord, there is trouble indicated for younger siblings.
  • When there are similar influences on the third lord as well as Mars, those influences are more likely to impact brothers, younger siblings and one’s teammates.
  • The navamsha lord of the third house rashi lord can be considered to further determine the fortune or misfortune of younger siblings, brothers, teammates and other third house matters.
  • Benefic planets in or aspecting the third house, and similar influences on the third lord and Mars, supports generally positive third house matters in the native’s life.
  • When the above is true and the 3rd lord and Mars occupy a sign ruled by a benefic in the navamsha, the brothers will likely be fortunate.
  • If the lord of the 3rd and Mars are located in the navamsha of an odd sign and are aspected by male planets, one’s siblings will likely be male or masculine.
  • If in an even sign and aspected by female planets, siblings will likely be female or feminine.
  • When the yoga that effects Mars or the 3rd lord gives different meanings, results are determined from the stronger of the two.
  • The 3rd lord in an angle or trine and in good dignity can indicate a courageous, patient and brave native.
  • The 3rd house lord in the navamsha of a benefic, with a benefic and in good dignity in many vargas also speaks to bravery and proper knowledge of what is worth fighting for.
  • If the 3rd house is ruled by a malefic, there are only malefics influencing the 3rd house and the 3rd lord is also in a sign of a malefic, the native may act courageous when challenged, but not during an actual confrontation.
  • A well dignified 3rd lord, yet in the 8th house and Mars being weak in the horoscope can indicated defeat in confrontation. This is most certain when Mars also occupies a malefic shastiamsha.
  • If the 3rd house and 3rd lord are with a waxing Moon, the native is patient. If with a waning Moon, the intellect may be fickle.

If with Mars, the native may be impatient or angry.

If with Mercury the intellect will be Sattvic.

If with the Sun, the mind may be steady, brave and loyal.

If with Jupiter, the intellect possesses broad understanding and one is intuitive.

If with Venus, the mind may be sensual and instinctual in relationships.

If with Saturn, one may think slowly or be foolish.

If with Rahu or Ketu, one’s bravery may be false and the intellect prone to confusion or deceit.

  • A planet in good dignity and aspected by benefics in the third house can give skills and knowledge in relationship to what that planet signifies as a karaka and as a bhava cusp lord.

4th House – Home, Mother, Property, Emotional Well-Being, etc.

  • The lord of the 9th in an angle, the lord of the 4th in a friendly sign, and an exalted planet in the 4th, gives a beautiful house.
  • If the lord of the 4th is in four or more good vargas, the Moon is aspected by Jupiter and Jupiter is also located well in five or more vargas, the house is strong and well blessed.
  • The lord of the 4th house together with the lord of the 10th house and Saturn well placed in an angle, gives a tall house with good material for its building.
  • The lord of the 4th in the 8th and aspected by malefics, destroys one’s dwelling.
  • This is also true if the navamsha lord of the 4th house is placed in the 8th and under malefic influence.
  • When a benefic planet is in the 4th and there are aspects of benefic planets and Mercury is strong and well situated, one may be respected by family.
  • When this is so and Jupiter occupies the 4th house, relatives may be very fortunate.
  • When the 4th house lord is with the Sun, Saturn or Rahu and in a malefic shastiamsha, or in bad dignity, one may do better away from one’s family.
  • When Mercury and the 4th house and 4th lord are well supported, there is friendliness with relatives. When the opposite is true, one may not be liked or accepted by relatives.
  • The navamsha lord of the 4th lord and Mercury will give deeper understanding of the native’s family relationships.
  • If there is a moveable sign in the 4th house and the significator for property is in a moveable sign, there may be many properties or many changes of residence.
  • If the lords of the 2nd, 4th, and 12th houses are located in angles or trines and under positive influence, then one’s houses are safe.
  • When the lord of the 4th and 10th exchange houses and Mars is powerful, one benefits from having land and property.
  • If the lord of the 6th and 4th exchange houses, both are well aspected, but the lord of the 4th is stronger, one may gain property from enemies or competitors.
  • Lord of the 4th debilitated, close to the Sun, between malefics, in the sign of a malefic planet, one’s property is lost.
  • If the 4th is aspected by Jupiter and there is a combination of three benefics together, and a benefic is the 4th house, one will be emotionally buoyant, grateful and feel life is worth living.
  • If cruel planets occupy the 4th house, Jupiter is weak, the 4th lord is weak, and only with cruel planets, one feels uncomfortable in life, even when wealthy and fortunate in other ways.
  • Proclivity towards sorrow or joy can be seen from compounding influences on the 4th house and its lord.
  • If the lord of the ascendant is located in the 4th house, weak, debilitated, eclipsed by the Sun or the Sun or Moon with Rahu, and the lord of the 4th is in a water sign or associated with a watery planet, the native drowns, either literally or is prone to being emotionally overwhelmed by sorrow or confusion.