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The Atmakaraka and the “Soul” Planet in Relationships 15 Hour Downloadable Audio/Video Course Finally Complete!

It’s my pleasure to announce the 15 hour Audio/Video Amakaraka and the “Soul” Planet in Relationships downloadable course.  This course is brought to you by Karen White of Divine Time Astrology and myself, Ryan Kurczak of Asheville Vedic Astrology.

The live version of this course filled up fast and many of you may not have been able to attend.  Now you can download it and learn from your own home.  This was one of my favorite courses to teach and student feedback indicated they wished it had been offered sooner.  Students said that the information about each planetary type has proven invaluable to their personal astrological character studies on relationships.

Here are the details…

What Planet are You and Your Relationship Partner from? Find out in this course.

What Planet are You and Your Relationship Partner from? Find out in this course.

The Atmakaraka and the “Soul” Planet in Relationships 15 Hour Audio/Video Course – With instructional videos, mp3s and written material on Each Planetary Atmakaraka type.

Have you ever noticed that a person will seem to have a strong planetary signature in their personality, and you expect to see that planet featured prominently in their birth chart by being in an angle, ruling the ascendant, Sun, or Moon, but it turns out that the planet is not in any of the places you expected it to be?

What you are most likely seeing in their personality/appearance/speech is the Atmakaraka (AK), the Self-Producer or the “essence/soul” planet. When you know what to look for in the chart, you will likely never be stumped like that again.  In fact, you will become very good at spotting a person’s essence planet, really boosting your confidence as an astrologer and making astrology even more fun. The AK is such a pivotal point in the birth chart you’ll wonder how you ever did astrology without it.

“The planet that you came from and the planet you will return to” is the Atmakaraka (AK), or “Self-Producer” planet. In this home study course, we talk about each planetary Atmakaraka type and how to recognize them, what they most value, what they most need, and how to relate to them.

Once you know how to use the AK properly to see what the native’s life will concretely consist of, you will be able to know what a person’s AK is just by their personality, speech, appearance, and what they do for a living before you even look at their birth chart.

$69.95 Digital Download

In the Jaimini sign-based technique, much can be seen from the AK, or “essence” planet, including:

  • Basic personality
  • Career(s) and core purpose
  • Talents (writing, healing, alchemy, artist, etc)

The sign of the AK in the Rasi chart and the sign of the AK in the Navamsa are important in describing a person’s basic “essence,” which can be quite different than the ascendant, Sun, or Moon sign. The AK is the most personal of the planets in the birth chart.

This is crucial in relationship astrology and in helping your clients to understand their partners. When you know what the AK is and how to use it in the birth chart, you can then apply the same knowledge to the Daarakaraka (DK-the planet representing the spouse), and all the other planets in the chart (every planet in your birth chart represents someone in your life).

The AK (and DK) in Relationships

Knowing your AK and the AK of your significant other, you’ll understand what motivates both of you at the deepest level. You’ll understand that the things that bug you about your partner are not things he or she is doing “to” you, but are just an innate part of them. You’ll come to not only accept your partner as they are, but actually enjoy the differences and the funny things that happen as the result.

One of the things we talk about is “planetary pairs,” for instance, my AK (Karen) is the Moon and my husband’s AK is Saturn. My planet is the fastest transiting planet, and is quite changeable. My husband’s AK is Saturn, the s-l-o-w-e-s-t transiting planet, and tends to be very predictable. One of the ways we make it work is that I do the driving when we go anywhere.

He drives like an “old man” (Saturn) and I drive, well, quickly, and am very adaptable to the current traffic conditions(adaptability is a Moon quality). He, on the other hand, will stay in one lane for miles, even if it takes a significantly longer amount of time to reach our destination (Saturn is the slowest transiting planet).

You see the problem, right? If I don’t drive, I’ll go completely crazy and start backseat driving. I’ve tried and tried, but I can’t keep my mouth shut. I can’t read in the car without getting carsick either, so the best solution is for me to drive. Besides, we’ll actually arrive at our destination in the same year that way!

Except on mountain roads. I’ve become afraid of heights in recent years, and when driving on mountain roads I really appreciate my husband’s slow and cautious Saturn ways. I just hand over the keys and keep my eyes shut until we’re down on level ground again. He’s my hero in that scenario! To his credit, he doesn’t even gloat.

The Daarakaraka or DK, is the “spouse” planet and describes what qualities we look for in a partner, our “type.” And your partner’s DK shows what they look for in a partner. Therefore, our DK will usually be prominent in the other person’s chart in some way, and the kind of person we look for tends to remain fairly consistent over time and from relationship to relationship. It’s probably one of the reasons we repeat patterns with our partners.

One of the bonus videos is an examination of Tom Cruise’s DK and his three marriages. It’s fascinating to see how all of his wives have the characteristics of his DK clearly indicated in their natal charts.

Your Teachers in This Course Are Karen White and Ryan Kurczak.

Your Teachers in This Course Are Karen White and Ryan Kurczak.

Astrologers Ryan Kurczak (AK Sun) and Karen White (AK Moon) teach this course together. Fun and lively, you will enjoy yourself while you get to know yourself and others more deeply, taking your practice of astrology forward significantly with this simple, yet profound, technique.

In this 15 Hour Audio/Video Course, we cover these topics:

  1. What the Atmakaraka and Daarakaraka are and how to find them in the birth chart (it’s easy)
  2.  The significance of the planet representing the AK and what that instantly tells you about the native (or the DK)
  3. What the Sign of the AK means
  4. The planets with and aspecting the AK
  5. Career and purpose indicators for the AK (these are general significations, this course does not cover the complete Jaimini career determining techniques)
  6. Much of what can be seen from the AK, and how to find it, in the Rasi and the Navamsa

$69.95 Digital Download

Course Essentials to Know Before Purchasing:
  • Total length of all recordings are over 15 Hours.
  • This is a large file (over 1.38 gigabytes). Be sure your internet speed can handle the download before purchasing.
  • The files are in .mp3, .pdf and .mp4 format. Be sure you can open these files on your computer before ordering this course. They are also delivered as one large zip file. You will need a program that allows you to unzip this file.

**Due to the digital nature of this course, it is a non-refundable. Karen and Ryan have done podcasts, videos, and taught a teleseminar together in the past. Below, watch a video they did together, to see if you resonate with their style before you commit to taking this course.