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Interpreting the Nakshatras Through Vedic Astrology 14 Hour Audio/Video Course

NakshatramageThe Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology are an exceptionally powerful tool for exploring some of the finer subtleties of an astrological chart. In Vedic Mythology, the wives of a particular deity carry the power, or Shakti, of that deity. The Nakshatras are said to be the wives of the Moon. What is the Moon’s power? The Moon is related to Manas, our sensory mind. It is with our senses that we have the capacity to grow our Consciousness. So, the Moon is responsible for our consciousness. And as the Nakshatras are the wives of the Moon, it is a Nakshatra which is responsible for growing the consciousness of the particular Graha which occupies it and everything to which that Graha is related.

[We will be releasing the description of each Nakshatra through video over the next several weeks on Ryan Kurczak’s YouTube Channel.  However, purchasing the course now, you will receive all Nakshatra Descriptions AND the techniques to get you started understanding how to use them.]

So what are the Nakshatras exactly? They are the original constellations. Knowledge of the Nakshatras dates back to as long ago as 1900 BC with early writings in the Rig Veda. In Vedic Astrology, they are seen as 27 sections of the sky that are each 13 degrees and 20 minutes in size. They can perhaps best be understood as sub-sections of a Rasi, or Sign. But, they are far beyond that. They represent that which the Universe is asking us to learn through a particular planet, so that we can grow through our experience of Consciousness.

$54.00 Digital Download

This Introduction to the Nakshatras Course Contains more than 6 hours of video and over 7 hours of Audio to Supplement Your Studies.

Diagram of Nakshatras

Diagram of Nakshatras

In terms of the astrologer’s toolbox, they are an excellent resource from both a predictive and a therapeutic level. For example; the symbolism of a particular Nakshatra will often become concretely present when that particular Nakshatra is highlighted. During a period highlighted by Bharani Nakshatra for example, an individual may desire to transition their life into a new phase as Bharani is related to Yama, the God of Death who is responsible for ushering souls into their next life. When a career factor is in Mula Nakshatra, symbolised by roots tied together, the individual may perhaps pursue a career in medicine when Mula is highlighted.

From the therapeutic perspective, the Nakshatras will show us what an individual is experiencing subjectively during a particular phase of their existence. Additionally, we can see if they are having an easy time integrating this or if they are having extreme difficulty and offer them advice based upon the influencing Nakshatra.

The Nakshatras are an exceptionally vast tool. Although there is much information in regards to using the Nakshatras in Elective Astrology for choosing an auspicious date for an event, there is scarce information in terms of how to work with them in terms of Chart Interpretation. The goal of this course is to provide with the necessary tools with which to do so.

This course is taught by Michael Reed and Ryan Kurczak. The techniques taught here will not only help you to understand the finer aspects of a chart through the Nakshatras, but also foster a deeper level of Self-Knowledge through examining your own chart. Over the duration of the course, Michael and Ryan will share with you:

  1. An Introduction to the Nakshatras
  2. An Exploration of Each Nakshatra with Symbolism including Deities, Mythological Stories, Primary Motivation, plus much more
  3. Techniques for interpreting the Nakshatras in a chart including the following
  4. Following a chain of Nakshatra Lords in order to understand a chart more deeply
  5. How to work with Planetary Dignity to interpret the effects of a particular Nakshatra through both the Occupying Planet’s Dignity as well as the Dignity of the Nakshatra Lord
  6. Tara Bala (Star Strength) – A system of interpretation working with the distance between Nakshatras
  7. Using Vimshottari Dasa to see when a particular Nakshatra will be influencing
  8. Understanding House Cusp Lords and Karakas through the Nakshatras
  9. Plus More

Several Example Charts will be used in order to explore these techniques.

$54.00 Digital Download

Course Essentials to Know Before Purchasing:
  • Total length of all recordings are over 14 Hours.
  • This is a large file (over 2 gigabytes). Be sure your internet speed can handle the download before purchasing.
  • The files are in .mp3 and .mp4 format. Be sure you can open these files on your computer before ordering this course. They are also delivered as one large zip file. You will need a program that allows you to unzip this file.

**Due to the digital nature of this course, it is a non-refundable.  Please be sure you are familiar with and resonate with Ryan’s approach to Vedic Astrology before committing to investing in this course.  Free videos and classes can be reviewed here:    http://www.youtube.com/user/RyansVedicAstrology

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