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Two Astrology Interviews with Ryan Kurczak and Vic Dicara

Greetings Earthlings,

I have the pleasure of sharing an exchange between two astrologers, Vic Dicara and Ryan Kurczak.

In our discussion we address the most important astrological techniques, the 10th House, the Vargas, The Chandra Lagna, How to First Approach Reading a Chart, What to do When No Answers Are Astrologically Available, and many more topics.

We hope this will serve to provide some enjoyable entertainment for you over the final holidays of 2015.

Vic Dicara Interviewing Astrologer Ryan Kurczak

Ryan Kurczak Interviewing Astrologer Vic Dicara

Be sure to visit Mr. Dicara’s site at: http://vicdicara.com/

Have a lovely holiday.  Give someone a compliment today, even if they don’t deserve it.  Take a moment to volunteer to help someone, anyone, with any task that is presented to you.


Ryan Kurczak