Saturn-Mars, Saturn-Sun & Saturn Moon Conjunctions

Greetings!    Have you ever considered the impact of Mars, Sun and Moon to Lord Saturn? In this post I have included excerpts from my book the Art and Science of Vedic Astology Volume 2, explaining how Saturn is impacted by the planets that aspect Him.  You may also enjoy the video interview recently completed with Corey Dowds of #EyeOfTheVeda where focus on the conjunctions of Saturn with Mars, Sun and Moon.

Saturn is a planet that indicates focus, determination, hard work and doing what needs to be done. He is a power that gives the person the willingness to get their hands dirty and make things happen out of sheer endurance. Saturn is considered bad when a person does not have the capacity to act within Saturn’s strengths. The better the dignity of Saturn, the better we can appreciate the power he can give in life. The lower the dignity of Saturn, the more inclined we will be to shy away from hard work or enduring the pain required to be successful at an endeavor. 

Saturn represents animals and nature.  He is a natural planet.  Animals follow their instincts

and nature is dirty. When Saturn is prominently placed and with strength in the chart it can give a person a more natural attitude towards life.  They may have a simple appearance or not care about appearances.  Saturn can make a person seem unrefined or uncouth.  This is because Saturn is more interested in the raw truth rather than euphemisms or pretentiousness.  A well dignified Saturn makes a person dirty because the person has been doing hard work.  A poorly dignified Saturn makes one squeamish about getting dirty or doing dirty work.

Many people fear Saturn dasha or Saturn time periods. The reasons people fear these times is often misunderstood.  Saturn himself is a power in consciousness that is a necessary aspect of life. He is the power that keeps our bodies clean. He allows us to endure and thrive in adversity.  Saturn gives us the power to survive and to even excel through hard and tedious work. Without Saturn we could not endure hardship, our bodies would become polluted and unclean, we would become so self-absorbed in ego needs that we would fail to see higher possibilities.

It is not because of the innate nature of Saturn that his time periods are so difficult.  It is because Saturn has so many enemies.  Sun, Moon and Mars are all enemies to Saturn. Strong Lajjitaadi Avashtas of these planets towards Saturn can seriously harm our abilities to benefit from Saturn’s power. If Saturn is not in his own or friend’s sign in the birth chart then he may also be too weak to fend off the energies of his enemies.

We see then that Saturn’s time periods are not difficult because Saturn himself is difficult.  Those Saturnine time periods are difficult because Saturn cannot do his job as is required for success in life.

As long as we are identified with a personality and a personal story, difficulties, hardship and mourning will come and go in life.  When Saturn is strong, we can bear those difficulties and move forward to possibly greater success.  When Saturn is afflicted, the slightest thing can crush our spirit and cause us to give up.  Saturn does not cause our suffering, he gives us the capacity to bear our lot in life. This is why activities to cultivate the strength of Saturn are so rewarding in the long run.

-From the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II, written by Ryan Kurczak and Richard Fish

A Video on Saturn Mars Conjunctions

Kshudita “Starved” Avastha

Moon Starving Saturn

Remember, that the planets the Moon aspects are the planets with which our consciousness identifies. The Moon aspecting Saturn shows a focus on one’s weaknesses, insecurities, doubts, fears and liabilities.  Essentially, one’s consciousness focuses more on suffering.

A well situated Saturn can bear the burden of suffering and then move on with life. Saturn starved by the Moon makes a person focus on the suffering experienced, then the person draws attention to that suffering and wants other people to validate it. The person tries to create a sense of self-identification around the suffering.  The person wants to be loved for all the weaknesses they have, yet doesn’t ever want to do anything to improve the situation. Here the ego is locked on problems, rather than living life.  Spiritual practice that develops detachment is required to rise above this situation.

Sun Starving Saturn

The Sun’s aspect on Saturn, or Saturn in the Sun’s sign of Leo, makes a person hyper aware of one’s weaknesses. Authority figures, represented by the Sun, consistently and always point out weaknesses to the individual.  In this circumstance Saturn still has difficulty moving beyond one’s liabilities because the person is constantly reminded of those liabilities by respected

authority figures. However, Sun starving Saturn causes the person to overcompensate rather than actually try to correct weaknesses. The person may act strong, arrogant and pushy.  That is only because they cannot fully accept the weaknesses indicated by Saturn and so tries to act as if the weaknesses are not real.

Sun’s influence on Saturn creates a personality that cannot suffer well or bear burden’s well.  It can create a personality that constantly complains about the difficulties that must be endured, rather than silently enduring and moving forward in life.

The Sun starving Saturn can also create a personality that has to be the best at everything.  The person will also feel that they should start at the top and be the best at whatever activity even if the person has no experience in that activity or circumstance. The person will feel it is undignified to start at the bottom and work one’s way to the top.  Basically, the personality will act as if it has no weaknesses, which is impossible.  A sense of humility or detachment is often absent when the Sun strongly starves Saturn.

Mars Starving Saturn

A person with Saturn starved by Mars will often feel like they cannot succeed because they are too far behind, have too little resources or that they cannot meet deadlines appropriately.  Mars acts like an amplifier.  All of the natural insecurities and feelings of lack indicated by Saturn are made into a bigger more frustrating problem by Mars.

If starvation occurs in Aries the person will feel this lack in the realm of activities and accomplishments.  If it occurs in Scorpio the lack will be felt in one’s emotional life.  Emotional fulfillment is scarce or when fulfillment does arise the moment has already passed.

Overall, the person feels there is not enough time to do what it takes or get what is needed in the areas of health, money, relationships, career etc.  The specific area of life in which this lack is felt will be indicated by the houses involved in the starvation. 

Remember that the house in which the starvation occurs will indicate the area of life where one feels frustrated because of lack.  If it occurs in the 10th house one will not feel they have enough power to change anything.  In the 3rd house one will feel a deficiency in skill level or information.  In the 7th house one will feel that they are not properly connected to the right people.  In the 9th one will feel that teachers or education did not provide what was necessary for success.

-Also from the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II

A Video on Saturn Moon and Saturn Sun Conjunctions

For more details on how ALL the planets impact Saturn and how Saturn impacts ALL the other planets please see the Lajjitaadi Avashtas chapter in the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II as well as the downloadable Lajjitaadi Avashtas Course available through this website.  In this course we also cover ALL Lajjitaadi combinations between every planet and how it effects your life path.