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Astrological House Cusps – How They Work

The cusps are a complicated topic. Those coming from Western Astrology backgrounds often use the ideas of the intercepted houses, which do not work well with Vedic Astrological techniques. However, the cusp systems like Campanus, Placidus, Koch, etc. can be considered. However, these need to be applied to cusps, not the 30 degrees of a house.  In these following discussions, I use the Campanus system, as I have found it to work most accurately with Vedic Techniques.

This topic has arisen over and over these last few weeks.  Please see the following videos and course for a deeper description of the cusps.  This way you can begin to see the science behind the cusps and how to use them.

Consider this post like a mini-course on Astrological House Cusps…

And for some practical applications and descriptions of cusps verses houses, consider this chart example…

And beyond this, to increase your knowledge, consider the following downloadable course.

Astrological Principles II – Cusps, Rashis, Dashas and Transits

AstroPrincIIExplore the proper use of cusps and rashis to determine the natural state of each area of your life.  Learn to predict with the Vimshottari Dasha system linked to cusps and transits for more accurate results.   This course is excellent introduction for amateur astrologers and for those seasoned astrologers aiming to refresh and deepen their understanding of the timing of planetary influences within the horoscope.

Content Includes:

  • How to use Cusps and Rashis to Gain Insights into Any Person, Place or Thing in Life.
  • Snap Shot Predictive Techniques Using Vimshottari Dasha. How to Better Plan Your Personal Development
  • Snap Shot Predictive Techniques Using Transits. How to Better Plan Your Life Goals

Proper understanding and usage of cusps can increase your accuracy in astrological analysis and predictions.  They are well worth studying and considering.

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