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Astrology Apprenticeship Program Introduction

In this program we will focus on developing the knowledge required to understand the formula of reading an astrological chart with accuracy and precision. The courses may be taken by the general public interested in increasing knowledge on a particular astrological subject, yet the program’s content is designed for the participation of a dedicated apprentice.

An apprentice is one studying to learn a trade from one practicing professionally in that trade. At the successful conclusion of any apprenticeship, the apprentice will either be able to serve at the level of the mentor or ideally, exceed the mentor’s capacity.  Upon completion of this course work and approval from one’s mentor, the apprentice will ideally have the capacity to serve as an astrologer and also teach others, with clarity.  Such approval is given individually on a case by case basis.


Are you ready to become an astrology apprentice?

This program is designed to intelligently introduce the student to the building blocks of astrology. Each puzzle piece will be studied and analyzed independently.  There will be no rush to encourage participants to begin reading charts.  It is our goal to teach you well, rather than to send you off to try and read a chart with only a fraction of the knowledge necessary to enable you to do so.

For one intent on the knowledge astrology can provide, both for personal understanding and service to others, it will be clear that before an astrological equation can be calculated and the result understood, each variable must similarly be fully realized. The capacity to read the astrological chart is equivalent to the final result of the properly understood equation.  Every planet, sign, house, calculation and technique must be understood by itself first, so that the astrologer can then create the proper equation for deep understanding. Anything else is relying on guesswork or intuition, both of which are not always dependable.

It is the mission and vision of this Astrology Apprenticeship Program to patiently teach, from the ground up and in detail, what is required to be the best astrologer possible in this current era. It will require commitment to study, developing attention, learning to communicate the principles and, for those interested, a capacity to teach clearly what has been learned through the vast ocean of astrological wisdom.

In each course we will explore the appropriate astrological material from many angles and vantage points.  We will review the ancient texts and learn how to actually learn from those texts, rather than attempt to do cook-book astrology. We will focus on contemplative practices to facilitate one’s personal and direct experience of the inner meaning and worth of astrology.

Even for one not intent on becoming an astrologer, the proper study of astrology can reveal a philosophy of life of uncompromising beauty and logic. Astrology is a path that enables one to expand one’s vision and also provide guidance for those searching.

Apprenticeship Program Curriculum

This astrological program is divided into a four year curriculum, each year providing the opportunity to study three facets of astrology. During Year 1 and 2, those enrolled in the apprenticeship track will be required to write two essays per semester (total 6 papers per year) and to accurately respond to the quizzes given throughout. During years 3 and 4, longer papers will be assigned as well as other research or educational projects. Students work may be shared through blogs, publications or even video presentations, to assist the educational outreach of Vedic Astrology.

Comprehension is of utmost importance, yet students will be required to submit essays and papers at a college level. Presentations given by the students are also required to be as professional as possible with the tools that are available.

The basic curriculum follows.  The curriculum will be delivered as video/audio courses. Material will be taught primarily from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yavana Jataka, Sarvartha Chintamani, Jaimini Sutras and supplemented by other texts related to the appropriate topic. Relevant astrological techniques will be included in each course.

Year 1

Year 2

  • Planetary Relationships – 18 Hours
  • Planetary Strength and Influence -24 Hours
  • Planetary Combinations and Yogas – 18 Hours

Year 3

  • Avashtas – 21 Hours
  • The Depth of Rahu and Ketu – 16 Hours
  • Application of the Vargas – 18 Hours

Year 4

  • Transits & Dashas – 18 Hours
  • Timing with Vargas – 21 Hours
  • Step by Step Approach to Prashna and Horoscopic Astrology – 21 Hours

Year 5 Post Apprenticeship Studies

  • Individual Tutorials, Teaching and Research Oriented Projects

To proceed through the Apprenticeship Program, each year must be completed before moving on to the next year. This means that Year 1, which includes the “Rasi and Signs”, “Bhavas and Houses”, and “Grahas and Planets” classes must be completed, with all papers completed and quizzes accepted before one can apply for Year 2 classes.  This is ONLY for those on the Apprenticeship Track, not the general public students. Otherwise, classes can be taken as one sees fit.  However, this will assume the non-apprenticeship participant already has a thorough understanding of the information covered in previous classes. Class registration preference will be given to apprenticeship track students.

By the end of these next 4 years, we intend that ALL the years’ classes will be offered 2 AspectsThroughRasisimultaneously.  What does this mean?  Currently we are at the formative stages, so only Year 1 is being offered in 2016.  Next year (2017) we will begin with the Year 2 curriculum. Simultaneously, Year 1 will also begin again.  By 2018, we will begin the Year 3 curriculum.  Then simultaneously we will also offer another Year 1 and also Year 2 series. By 2019, all four years’ worth of classes will be offered on an ongoing basis. Ideally, by that time, we will have apprenticeship participants who have completed all four years, who can now assist in the teaching of these classes.

Individual Class Fees

As you know, here at Asheville Vedic Astrology, we do set a standard fee for each course. The average class fee will be $210.00.  Yet we want to make the study of astrology available to all. So if there is room in a class and a student is on a limited budget we can adjust the fee to suit.  However, this will not be applicable to Apprenticeship Track participants.  Due to the extra amount of work involved reviewing and grading papers and working with a student on their individual projects, the set class fees are firm. One day, we may be able to set up a scholarship fund to mitigate this.  But for now, this will be the policy.

Who Should Apply to the Apprenticeship Track

The Apprenticeship Training will be rigorous.  We will not pre-screen students as we feel that those with a will and dedication to learn can go a long way.  However, we will not be easy on grading and expect apprenticeship work to be of a college and then professional level. If a student begins on the apprenticeship track but is not able to comprehend the material, cannot write or communicate clearly on the topic of astrology, they will not be accepted into further classes as an Apprenticeship Track student.  Although they are welcome to participate in future classes as a general student.  They are welcome to continue working on the Apprenticeship assignments for the class that caused them difficulty.  Once those assignments are completed satisfactorily, the student may then return to the Apprenticeship Track.

We are living in a time of rebirth for the art and science of astrology. This ancient Meta-science is being rediscovered and cultivated by many intelligent writers, teachers and researchers. We are just at the beginning and as we dive deeper into our contemplations and astrological research, the coming decades and centuries will reveal a wealth of information yet undiscovered.  Our aim with this Apprenticeship program is to educate students as clearly and lucidly as possible on the subtle complexity and vast breadth of this timeless philosophy.  We are far from knowing all that is astrologically possible, but with patience, commitment and devotion we can serve as the link from past masters and prepare the ground for those that are to come.

Astrology does not belong to the East or to the West and it is not the inheritance of only one cultural state.  If it is a science and not merely a belief system or faith, then its tenants will be true beyond singular traditions. As astrological apprentices you will be encouraged to delve into the history of astrology on a global scale.  In this program, our foundation is in the tradition of Vedic Astrology, but as your intelligence and understanding develops, if you find techniques from other cultures or traditions that work, you will not be dissuaded from doing research to share your realization. We will not approach our work from dogma, but with a curious, open, yet discerning mind.  The goal, if possible, will be to see the overarching methods of astrology, holistically, beyond borders, for the good of all.  Our goal will be to focus on and explore what works, because it works and for no other reason.

Shall we begin?

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