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11th House – Gains, Income, Elder Siblings – Vimshottari Nakshatra Dasha Astrology Course 23/24

In these videos we explore principles based on Sarvartha Chintami and how to interpret the 11th house in Vedic Astrology.  These are applicable to general chart interpretation and to the effects of dashas, because they both work together.

See the bottom of this post for the list of principles considered within this video.

11th House – Income, left ear and elder siblings

If the 11th lord is in an angle or trine or if the 11th house is occupied by cruel planets, one gets much income.

There will be wealth if the lord of the 2nd is in the 11th and the lord of the 11th is in the 2nd or both are together in angles.

One gets wealth if the 11th house and/or its lord is hemmed in between gentle planets and the lord is in many good vargas.

Income increases if the navamsha lord of the 11th is a benefic and aspected by the 2nd lord.

If the decante lord of the 11th is a natural benefic and it is aspected by the 10th house lord, one gets increased income.

Cruel planets on the 11th house lord show loss of income. The situation of the 11th lord can show where the income comes from.  This can be taken from the sign placement of the 11th house lord or the strongest planet on the 11th house lord.  Income can also be denoted by the sign of the 11th house itself.

Malefics planets on the 11th can give trouble to the ears.  Both the 3rd and 11th house should be considered in this matter.  Benefic planets can counter this.

Longevity of elder siblings can also be determined by influences to the 11th house.


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