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Interviews with Astrologer Ernst Wilhelm

Over the years I’ve had the good pleasure of becoming friends with Ernst Wilhelm.  He’s an intelligent, thoughtful, kind and entertaining personality.  I have used his astrology software KALA for years, and have found him to be a wealth of knowledge.  In the following videos you will find a collection of interviews with Astrologer Ernst Wilhelm, ranging from Outer Planets to Divisional Charts.  I trust you will enjoy all that he has to offer.

An Interview with Ernst Wilhelm by Kapiel Raaj

Secrets of the Outer Planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

(For a detailed and in depth course on the Outer Planets from a Vedic Perspective, check out this class… The Outer Planets in Vedic Astrology)

Talks with Ernst Wilhelm about Learning Astrology by Michael Reed

Exploring the D60 (Shastiamsha) Chart In Vedic Astrology with Ryan Kurczak

Exploring the Secrets of Rahu in Vedic Astrology

For a detailed and in depth course on Rahu and Ketu with Ernst Wilhelm, check out this class…Mastering Rahu and Ketu Class)

For more available downloadable audio courses with Ernst Wilhelm please visit this site:

Ernst Wilhelm’s Astrology Classes

For an excellent astrology software program created and engineered by Ernst and Srishti Wilhelm, please visit this site:

KALA Vedic Astrology Software

We trust you have enjoyed these educational videos.


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