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Evolution of the Zodiac Signs


Good morning!  Our first Apprenticeship Track has completed, and I am proud to share some of the responses to homework and quizzes from our students. Our initial class focused on the Signs and/or Rasis.  The students are required to write two 1500 word papers to complete the course and respond to quizzes throughout.  One of the quizzes required students to give a brief explanation of the evolution of consciousness through the zodiac.  Here are responses from two of our students, Sylvia and Michelle.

Question:  How does human consciousness evolve through the signs of the Zodiac?

“Aries – In here, the individual is born. He is curious about his surroundings. He initiates different activates to learn about himself and explore the surroundings.  He develops self-awareness.

Taurus – In here, the baby needs to be fed and nurtured by parents and/or other people in order to stay alive. As the baby grows, he gets early childhood education.  He learns how to manage, take responsibility and ownership of his resources.

Gemini – In this stage, the person has a curious mind and wants to try new things. He picks up hobbies to develop more skills.  He takes what he learned from others and begin to practice them.  By doing so, he learns from his mistakes and develops personal experiences.  The goal of this stage is for him not to be afraid to change traditions and apply what he learned flexibly in the current moment.

Cancer – Having the solid foundation of Gemini, he knows what works for others might not work for him. Here, he turns his attention inward to learn to listen to his own heart in what makes him happy instead of listening to what others said.  As the result, he becomes his own authority and finds his inner security of who he is.  He then can accept and interact with people who are different from him.  He will not have the urge to convince others to adapt his views in order to feel secure.

Leo – Here, the person develops the wisdom to judge and choose what is his true path in life. As the result, he lets go of things that is not supportive of his direction.  He will assess what is lacking within and makes self-improvements so he can continue on the path.

Virgo – Here, the individual finds joy and develops inner peace from what he does in the world. His goal is to strive for excellence in what he does.  That is why he pays meticulous attention to details in his work.  He also learns to pay attention to his relationship to his environment in his daily activities.  When he is not relating well, health problem will occur.  In this stage, he will pay back any debts he has with others.

Libra – Here, he realizes his own limitations by meeting people who are different from him. They would become his spouse(s), friends and enemies.  He learns to trade and work with others by let go of some of his cherished ideals of how thing should be and compromise with people.  The enemies he encounter here represent the part of himself that he is not aware of.   For example, I have seen so many times, people condemned other’s conduct and swore they would never do that.  Then at a later time, they would do exactly that.  But at this stage, he would not recognize this true yet.

Scorpio – It is at this stage, through contemplation, he recognizes that he just did what his enemies did which he thought he would never do. He finds his part in the drama with other people. Once he figured it out, he changes within which lead to healing in the relationship.  As the result, he gains true psychological insights to human behavior.  He is no longer pointing the finger at others as the problem and forcing  others to change.  This way, he regains his power and finds inner contentment.  He learns to see others as valuable as him.  He is happy to support their resources and happy to see them thrive.  From this place, he can love freely and can form a healthy intimacy bond with another person.  It is here, he learns that he can get access to answers to questions that he has through meditation, dreams, omens, and etc.

Sagittarius – This is the final stage of personal development. He attends higher education.  He begins to see the world in a bigger perspective.  He sees how every diverse individual fits in any culture.  Here, he begins to have direct experience with the invisible creator.  He acts from his inspirations.  He does things because he wants to and enjoys doing them.  He develops intuition which is beyond the logical mind.  As the result, he is no longer following dogmatic religious teachings.  He gains deeper connection to the world.

Capricorn – In this stage, his awareness moves from individual consciousness to collective consciousness. He can draw strength from previous signs.  He is responsible, patient and adaptable.  He is willing to work hard  to achieve the goals his heart desires.  He will work on improving any weakness from previous stages of development.  He is willing to sacrifices his personal needs for the greater good of a community.   As the result, he will achieve success and gains status in the group.

Aquarius – Here, he learns to consider two people’s ideas or resources and come up with a better thing that would do greater good. As he sees the benefit of a group of equal people working together, he starts to lose his individuality and focus on the community.  He would give to others because they needed help and not worry about his needs.  By working with a large group of people, he becomes more aware of any obsessions and compulsions related to previous stages of development.  So he can grow out of them and come into greater psychological health.

Pisces – Here, he finally sees the illusion of his separateness from the world. He realizes how the world is a reflection of the inner creator which is him.  This leads to him giving back to the world, and the world gives back to him.  This sign also shows the impact of his life work has in the world after his death.”

-Sylvia Hsiao, Astrology Apprenticeship Track Student

“Upon some contemplation, it occurs to me that unfolding of the twelve signs of the zodiac closely correlate to Carl Jung’s theory of the process of individuation. Each sign is a significator of the evolution of human consciousness and its yearning toward wholeness.

Aries being the first sign, is the spark of the Divine, the birth of individuality and self awareness. The second sign of Taurus represents the stabilization of the inspiration and Divine spark of sign one, giving consciousness legs to stand on, so to speak.

The third sign of Gemini takes the inspiration and legs of the first two signs and takes the soul on a divine walk around the block. Learning through trial and error in the third sign of Gemini, the individual finds its own place in the world via personal experience, which leads it into the fourth sign of Cancer. Cancer represents the moon, the mother and one’s home. Feelings of security are sowed in this sign and are paramount for the soul to progress towards its liberation.

The fifth sign of Leo helps to develop the capacity for wisdom and make wise choices, which hopefully help us to stay on the path of evolution.This ability of making wise choices can bring us a sense of fulfillment, which is represented by the sixth sign of Virgo.
The seventh sign of Libra is the farthest sign from the first.

Sign one, Aries, represents birth While the seventh sign, Libra, represents destruction and endings. This can be both a sad and/or a liberating experience. By this time in our life cycle we have no doubt had to deal with the physical loss of grandparent or even parents. Saturn is exalted in Libra, the significator of limitations!

Through accepting and transcending our limitations we break through our own personal
dramas and are able to move into a consciousness where we can have deep relationships with others. This deepened relationship with others is represented by the sign of Scorpio. The eighth sign of the zodiac is where we fully realise our self through mutual, reciprocal connection with others.

This leads us into the ninth sign of Sagittarius. Nine is the number of completion. It is where one’s inward realization moves to outward activity. This sign flow naturally into the tenth sign of Capricorn, the sign of collective consciousness, Capricorn is all about self sacrifice and Saturn’s energy! Moving into even higher realms we move into the eleventh sign of Aquarius, where two paths become one, giving for its own sake, bringing with it greater peace and wellbeing.

The twelfth and last sign of the zodiac is Pisces, the sign of charity and emancipation. A sign of loss, this is where we finally let go and just be.”

-Michelle, Astrology Apprenticeship Track Student

More to come from our excellent students!

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