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Angelina Jolie Wanted to be a Funeral Director

The following is an analysis of sections of Angelina Jolie’s Astrology Chart. It was written by Heloisa Borges, a student participating in the Astrological Apprenticeship Track course.

The 1st(body/path), 10th(career/status) and 12th(expenses/loss) houses of Angelina Jolie’s chart will be analysed.

1st house. Its key words are “the body” and “self projection”. It shows the orientation of life as a whole and acts as one’s link with the outside world. It is associated with one’s
health, strength and vitality. Its karaka is the Sun. It is an angular and trinal house.


A Venusian Saturn

Angelina’s first house is in Cancer. So, the “field” in which this area of her life will grow, and in which the planets will act, will have the energy and the characteristics of sign Nº4: security, stability, capacity to survive, accumulation. Cancer is a water sign (feeling, contemplative/emotional nature) and an even sign – feminine, gentle and passive in nature; concerned with integrating, receiving and relating to the fruits of its actions. Its modality or type of energy is cardinal, creative energy. Being a moveable sign, it prompts action and change. So, Cancer is about emotional or spiritually aroused activity and creativity. It is related to Sattvic Brahmin, of purity and peace of interior reflection. It is also a many legs sign: adaptable, clingy and tenacious.

In her 1st house Angelina has Venus/28:09 (in Bala Avashtha; 25% strength) and
Saturn/17:23 (in Yuva Avashtha; 100% strength). They’re more than 10 degrees apart (10:46). But they’re mutual friends and both neutrals to the houses’s lord (the Moon). As a natural malefic, Saturn in a prishtodaya sign increases its ability to do harm. Conversely, a benefic like Venus, is less benefic in such position. But Saturn can help refine and spiritualize Venus. Venus in the 1st house indicates “the source” of Angelina’s beauty, style and charm. It also speaks to femininity, sensitivity, sexual attraction, art, refinement, charisma and comforts – significant aspects of her life as well.

Indications for the 1st house are also: personality, overall well-being, happiness, self steem. Saturn is probably at the origin of the following negative behaviours or problems faced by Angelina. Key indicators for Saturn being loss, sorrow, limitation, obstruction and detachment. And as a malefic: difficulty, delay, conflict, separation and suffering. It is the significator of disease, old age and death.

Jolie first attended Beverly Hills High School, where she felt isolated among the children of some of the area’s affluent families, because her mother survived on a modest income. She was teased by other students, who targeted her for being extremely thin and wearing glasses and braces. Her early attempts at modeling proved unsuccessful. She dropped out of her acting classes and aspired to become a funeral director, taking at-home courses to study embalming.


An Aspiring Funeral Director

As a teenager, Jolie found it difficult to emotionally connect with other people, and as a result she self-harmed (“For some reason, the ritual of having cut myself and feeling the pain, maybe feeling alive, feeling some kind of release, it was somehow therapeutic to me.”). She also struggled with insomnia and an eating disorder, by age 20 she had used “just about every drug possible”, particularly heroin. Jolie suffered episodes of and twice planned to commit suicide at age 19 and again at 22. When she was 24, she experienced a nervous breakdown.

Two years later, after adopting her first child, Jolie found stability in her life.


The ASC in active Cancer is aspected by the fixed signs Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus. Since there are no planets in these signs, there are no aspects from these signs.

So, overall, the rashi aspects on the ASC are mixed influences (benefic and malefic). The influence of Saturn on the ASC is strong (100%) and that of Venus, of 25%. The house’s lord, the Moon, is in Yuva Avashtha (100%) and is located in the 10th house. The house’s karaka, the Sun, is in the 12th.

10th house. The house of karma (action). Its key words are “achievement”, “skill”,

10th house. The house of karma (action). Its key words are “achievement”, “skill”, “honor”, “recognition”, “prestige”, “success”. It shows public status in life and achievements in the material world. It is related to concrete professional achievements,and to one’s personal ambitions. Its karakas are Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. It’s an angular house. Angular houses are sharp, energetic and decisive. They give power for achievement and a strong will in life. And the 10th is the strongest angle. It is also an upachaya (or increasing) house. It relates to the earth element.

Angelina’s 10th house is in Aries. So, it has the energy and characteristics of sign Nº 1: birth, initial impulse, direction. Aries is a fire sign (intuitive and self) and an odd sign –masculine and initiative in nature, somewhat cruel; concerned with becoming and getting things done. Its modality is cardinal, creative energy. Being a moveable sign, it prompts action and change. So, Aries is about self in action, creative self, self awareness.

Furthermore, Aries is related to Rajasic Kshatriya, the passionate and active
warrior, leader and organizer. It’s also a quadrupede (powerful) sign.
Mars, ruler of Aries, represents the perceptive power of the pure and innocent mind that has the discrimination to control the passions and lend them a spiritual focus.

In this 10th house there is:
– Mars: in its own house and Moolatrikona/10:42
– Waning Moon: the ASC lord/13:05, and
– Jupiter: one of the karakas of the 10th house; the great benefic/17:25

Moon and Jupiter are in Yuva Avashtha, that is, with 100% strength. They’re both
friends to Mars (Lord of the house). Mars is in Kumara Avashtha (50% strength). Mars is friend to Jupiter and neutral towards he Moon, which being the Lagna Lord, never damage the house it occupies.

Planets situated in angles are strong and active to accomplish their potential. In the 10th house, they dominate the chart and overpower even the ASC, making their imprint strongly on the life and character of the person. Malefics in angles cause difficulties, but in this case Mars is in its own house & Moolatrikona and the waning Moon is the ASC lord. Furthermore, natural malefic, like Mars, do well in upachaya houses and give the power to overcome difficulties. Benefics in angles cancel numerous afflictions and afford much luck, grace and protection.

So, this 10th house planetary combination is very beneficial and strongly positioned. Worth noticing is the fact that Mars rules both the angular 10th and the trinal 5th on Scorpio – a raja yoga. That makes the planet gain a special power: it can confer status, power and prestige.

Regarding rashi aspects, this 10th house is aspected by the fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

All this, associated with the other indications for the 10th house, explains the most known portion of Angelina’s life.

Successful and recognized actress and filmmaker. She has received the most
prestigious awards and has been cited as Hollywood’s highest-paid actress. Also
recognized for her humanitarian efforts, for which she has also received many
honors. As a public figure, Jolie has been cited as one of the most influential and powerful people in the American entertainment industry, as well as the world’s most beautiful woman. Her personal life is the subject of wide publicity.

12th house. Like the 12th sign Pisces, it shows our subconscious and hidden emotional nature. It also shows decrease and decay. It is the house of loss and the most significant Moksha house. Its key word is “dissolution”. It rules spiritual liberation. Its karaka is Saturn. It’s a cadent, trinal house and also a Dushthana – difficult or malefic house. It relates to the water element.

Angelina’s 12th house is in Gemini, which is about intellectual knowledge and learning,dispensing information. According to Wilhelm, the houses which Mercury rules will be the areas that the native practically understands, is capable of communicating, and uses in a productive manner.

They will also be the areas where the native tends to practice fairness and impartiality. The 12th lord – in this case, Mercury – represents freedom from wordly suffering. This freedom may come from constructive, spiritual ways, or in destructive ones as drugs, sex and excessive spending.

In her 12th house Angelina has:
– Ketu/00:56 which does well in the 12th and can give spiritual insight and the
ability to avoid negative psychic influence; in Bala Avashtha (25%)
– Sun/13:25 in Yuva Avashtha, that is, 100% strength.
– Mercury (retrograde)/22:19 in its own house; in Vriddha Avashtha (minimal


By: Heloisa Borges

They’re all malefic but Sun is friend to Mercury (Lord of the house) and Mercury is neutral to the Sun. Her acts of adopting children, and being a humanitarian, may be related to this house’s configuration.

The reference books for this essay were: The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology by Richard Fish and Ryan Kurczak, Vault of the Heavens by Ernst Wilhelm and Astrology of the Seers by David Frawley.


May Ganesh Clear All Doubts and Reveal the Supreme Eternal Being Within and Around Us!

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  1. Ryan,
    This is a great article. Why does Venus play an important part is Angelina’s chart when it is “dead”? It looks like it is the karaka of this chart, so does that give Venus some power to override the Bala Avashta?

    • Despite Balaadi Avashtas, any planets in the Ascendant will share their qualities. And unless I’m misreading numbers it also looks like her AtmaKaraka, which will always be influencial no matter Balaadi Avashta.