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Example Exploration of Sun, Mars and Venus in an Astrological Chart

The following exploration of the Sun, Mars and Venus was submitted by Astrological Apprenticeship Student, Dan Hendricks.

We will be exploring the chart of this individual by looking at 3 planets in particular – Mars, Venus, and Sun. By looking at these three planets and how they are situated in the Rasi chart for this individual we can gain a pretty fascinating understanding of this individual’s life.


Let’s start by first stating some of the facts about this individual and then going back to examine how this can be the case by looking at Mars, Venus, and Sun. This individual spent 11 years of his life living in an ashram and devoutly following his guru. During this time this person was a cook for the entire ashram. This person now is a stay-at-home parent and watches over the children and cooks a lot for their family as well. This individual has also had some health issues that they have worked out themselves.

We will also explore some aspects of this person’s personality as we go through the chart which can be further evidenced by these planetary placements. It will make sense to go through these details as we talk specifically about each of these planets.

marsFirstly, we will talk about Mars. Mars is placed in the 1st house of this person’s chart. Mars is a planet of taking action when needed to repair things, as it is tamasic. This person definitely is a problem solver on this account as well as with Mars being placed in the rasi of Virgo which is the sign of dealing with everyday life and the problems that can come on with it. This individual has worked out some health issues on their own using Ayurveda and using it in a logical method (Mars rules logic) to fix their health. By Mars ruling the 3rd house we see that they will use their skill and instructional training to help work on problems of the body (1st house). To make matters more interesting one of these health issues was related to the eyes and Mars is noted as being representative of the fire element and related to sight. Mars here is in a natural enemy sign so it makes sense to see some eyesight problems. But Mars is also rasi aspected by both waxing Moon and Venus who are in positive dignity who are both planets of nursing and healing so we see that the problem was not long lived.

Mars also rules the 8th house and is placed in the 1st and its dignity is neutral. When this person’s path took them to the ashram, it wasn’t necessarily a logical progression of their spiritual path as may be assumed, but based upon some extreme intense experiences that Mars as the 8th lord in the 1st house can indicate. This person was in college at the time and then a couple things happened. This person had a roommate (Mars is karaka of coworkers and such as well as the 3rd lord) that was very interested in this particular Indian guru who was coming to town. This person was invited to go and went. Then this person was touched with a peacock feather twice by the guru. Not long afterwards this person took LSD and went surfing and had an incredible spiritual experience and not long after that they left what they thought was their path of college and left to go follow that guru and live in an ashram. The amazing amount of indications of 8th lord in the 1st and Mars as that lord could not be more acutely presented here.

This Mars is planetary aspected strongest by Jupiter (51 – Friend dignity), Venus (42 – Great Friend dignity), and Saturn (36 – Own House dignity). All these planets are in plus dignities, especially Saturn. Jupiter and Venus being benefic planets will help Mars to find purpose and fulfillment in the actions that he takes along this path. Saturn will make Mars more determined and able to focus and endure along its path. Mercury (19 – Great Enemy dignity) also aspects Mars and at times this person has felt frustrated and overwhelmed by the many things that they need to manage but clearly outweighed by the positive aspects to Mars.

As far as Ishta/Kashta goes, Mars himself has more Kashta then Ishta so is more prone to release frustrations. This hasn’t really been the case for the individual, at least in my experience with them. But there are 3 benefic planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and waxing Moon) who are helping Mars with their Ishta. Thankfully Saturn and has a fairly low Kashta so perhaps this is partially why this is so.

Venus.jpgFor this chart we also see that Venus is in the 10th house. Venus is a planet of finding fulfillment in the world and of finding an even and fair balance with people. Venus is also a planet of nurturing things and making the best with what you are given in the world. In this chart Venus is in Great Friend dignity in Gemini. With this in mind we can see that this is a person that is easy to talk to and get along with and always is fair in his dealings. We see this Venus is rasi aspected by Mars and by waxing Moon. Moon will further the gentle nature of the person whereas Mars will make Venus a little more action centered and aggressive, but since Venus is in good dignity and has aspect of benefic Moon then will temper that aggression and find some fulfillment. This person definitely has these qualities.

Venus is planetary aspected by waxing Moon (53) and Jupiter (29) who are both in Friend dignity so will tend to be more caring and compassionate and generally positive in nature and in their dealings with others. There are some small aspects of Saturn (9) and Mars (14) but clearly outweighed by the benefic planets.

Venus has decent enough Ishta, and as stated by planetary aspect, is helped more in being able to spread its helpful and gentle nature with others. This person definitely is very pleasant and respectful to be around.

Venus also rules the 9th house of religion and philosophy and is placed in the 10th and rasi aspecting that Mars in the 1st. This shows further indications of the person going towards a more spiritual setting that Mars as 8th lord is indicating by showing a change to their path. This also shows more fulfillment coming from the change of going to the ashram. This person definitely has an air of gentleness and has a sense of fairness as Venus is in the 10th and this is a prominent place for any planet. Also the 9th lord in the 10th is a sign of following one’s dharma and going to the ashram was definitely in this person’s dharma, although Mars had a say in making this a little more difficult than expected and actually unexpected.

Also Venus rules the 2nd house and is a natural karaka for food and Mars is the 3rd lord which has to do with using one’s hands and also of fire and this person spent their time at the ashram as a cook for the community there. Both of these are also aspecting and/or conjunct the 1st and 10th houses so we see that this plays a big role in their life as they are always taking care of their family and cooking for them very often.

sunNow this person’s Sun is what really ties the idea of Mars as the 8th lord in the 1st and Venus in the 10th as the 9th lord to the idea of a spiritual path. Sun is the 12th lord and is placed in its Moola Trikona in Leo in the 12th house. This shows a very strong natural inspiration to get involved with 12th house things like spirituality and isolation, which is somewhat representative of ashram life. It definitely shows just how prominent the 12th house is to this person, which with Venus and Mars’ indications, really solidifies this idea.
The Sun is strongly planetary aspected by Saturn (58), Jupiter (56), and waxing Moon (32) who are all in decent/positive dignity and will help this person stay the course of their ambitions and to find purpose and fulfillment along their path.


Written by: Dan Hendricks

The Sun is given much more Ishta by benefics and not much Kashta itself and by Saturn so is more inclined to follow its path and not feel burdened by the negativity and need to express this outwardly.

So we can see through these three planets the strong indications for some of this person’s qualities internally as well as some of the crazy changes that they have undergone in an outward sense of their path in life of unexpectedly being swept away along a path they didn’t expect, but found ultimately extremely fulfilling.

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