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16th-century medical astrologyIn many older cultures, astrology has always been tied to the practice of medicine.  Herbalists would only gather herbs at certain periods of the month or year. Medical treatments were begun at the most auspicious time in harmony with a muhurta. The time cycle (dasha) a person was in could give the doctor deeper information about what ailed the patient. The general strength and weaknesses of a chart could help one know what kind of diet or lifestyle would assist one to have the healthiest and happiest life possible.

Not only can astrology be related to Ayurveda, as Dr. David Frawley writes in his book Ayurvedic Astrology, but modern medicine can also be related to astrological indications.  Dr. K. S. Charak, a medical doctor, leans a little more towards the allopathic model in his books, Essentials of Medical Astrology.  It is important to integrate both the natural and allopathic models of medicine and astrology as they are both intimately important for an acute and long term benefits to our health.  There is much to be learned from both approaches.

Benefiting from a medical astrologer can be difficult.  As it is important to find an astrologer who has also been trained in health and well being. Also, we have to determine, are we going to an astrologer to help us with our general long term health?  If so, an astrologer who focuses on gentler complimentary medicine would be ideal.  Or are we in need of serious and decisive treatments?  In this regard, an astrologer with experience in the allopathic field can be very helpful.

As we contemplate the advice of our astrologer, it is best if the astrologer and your medical practitioner can work together. You do not want your astrologer and doctor at odds with each other, as this can sabotage proper treatment and application. Also, at the end of the day, you have to pray and meditate on what the right course of treatment is for you. Sometimes this is not easy, but it is required.

The skill of your advisors is also very important (and if you would like to become better skilled in medical astrology, see the recommendations at the bottom of this post). I know many astrologers who think they can answer any question and know everything. When it comes to health, be wary of this. A skilled astrologer will know when they are truly seeing clearly and when they are not.

Many times I have been asked about certain astrological health questions, and I had to tell the client, that their best route was to listen to their chosen medical provider and not consult astrology. There is a place for everything, and that is why we have so many different sciences! Knowing the best route is as valuable as gold in itself.

Other times, I’ve been asked about certain health problems, and I saw no evidence of that health problem in their chart.  The client had been told by their health professional that a certain surgery was needed or treatment plan followed.  Yet when I looked at the charts I saw no indication of that problem.  The client was contacting me to schedule the best date to have the surgery.  I did not pick a date, because I did not see the problem in the chart. At first they were angry with me. Then I received a correspondence telling me that they had the surgery, and the doctor did not find any of the expected issues during the surgery.

I also recall a client writing me with a prognosis that was not good.  I had worked with

her only a few months before and she was really asking why I didn’t see this during our time.  I looked again, and told her, I was still surprised that she had the diagnosis, because I still did not see the issue. She has been a client for a long time, and so she listened. Although, she continued to work with her doctors, while implementing an intensive natural health care regimen, regular deep prayer and mantra. She dove deep into the fears and issues this diagnosis brought up for her. Six weeks later, the doctors checked again, and the life threatening long term diagnosis was nowhere to be found by her modern medical tests.  (Her case also points to the power of one’s own commitment to personal healing. One of the most powerful books on this subject is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s You are the Placebo.  A very good read.  I highly recommend it. )

Recently I had a client contact me because of a fear of a serious health condition. They had been trying every natural health care practice they could find on the internet.  They had been told juicing would cure everything, etc. After looking at their chart I saw the activation of Mars and Ketu indicating a trip to their allopathic doctor was in order, because now was the time to treat the issue, NOW! If it was a serious disease or not,  NOW was the time!  The client then went to their doctor and discovered that the deep fear of some major illness was not well founded.  They had an easily treatable condition. They wrote back explaining how relieved they were that they could stop living with that looming fear.

These are just a few of the ways an astrologer can help you sort through health related issues.  But as mentioned, personally it is better to have the joint collaboration of your astrologer and practitioner.  Two Ayurvedic specialists I have worked with in the past are Ryan Strong and Vishnu Dass.

Ryan Strong’s Contact Information:

Vishnu Dass’ Contact Information:

Both of these practitioners are on staff at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga’s Ayurvedic Certification Program, where I also teach the astrological portion of the program.

Medical astrology is well worth studying.  However, it does take a great commitment to learn not only astrology but also anatomy, physiology, and how the body functions. Your best approach is to learn the basics of astrology first.  This is very important. Only once you know how astrology works can you effectively tie it to another science like the healing sciences. Of course then you also have to have a significant background in the healing art of your choice. While I cannot advise how to study health and well being, as we all have different paradigms about this, I can advise some good books and courses to begin your study of medical astrology.

Dr. Frawley’s work is very good. Dr. K. S. Charak’s works are excellent. Also, Ernst Wilhelm has a fantastic homestudy course on the topics of astrology and well being, although he does lean more towards a Traditional Chinese Medicine model.  See these links for more details on each.

Much more could be said on the topic of Medical Astrology, and I’m sure it will be. For now, these resources will help build your foundation in understanding the astrology of health and well-being.

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