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Zoë Sugg’s Astrology

Zoë Sugg is a British Youtuber who has reached a following of nearly twelve million people as of June 2017. She owns the brand Zoella which include beauty and home product lines. Here is her rashi chart :


To be able to study aspects, influences and relationships between planets, houses and signs, let’s first make a summary of each planetary dignity on this chart.

Planet Dignity Commentary
Sun Exaltation The Sun is in the sign of a friend and is a Karaka sign for the first house, it is in its exaltation state in Aries which is a very favorable position.
Mercury Friend Mercury is in a neutral sign and Mars is in the eleventh house from Mercury, making Mercury a friend.
Moon Friend Moon is quite a new Moon, but in a neutral sign, Mars is also in the eleventh house from the first, making it a friend.
Jupiter Exaltation Jupiter is exalted in Cancer.
Saturn Own home Saturn is in its own home and own sign of Capricorn.
Mars Friend Mars is in a neutral sign of Aquarius which ruler is twelfth houses away from it. Mars is in a friendly dignity.
Venus Great Friend Venus in Aquarius is in the sign of a friend and Saturn is also twelfth houses away from Venus, making it a Great Friend.

Let’s begin with the first house, ascendant or rising sign is the global expression filter of one’s horoscope. It is the filter of the personality one is born with on planet earth in this incarnation and with this particular karma.

The first house represents the expression of one’s incarnation, their personality traits, typical spontaneous reactions to external stimuli and the physical appearance.

In Zoë’s chart, the ascendant or first house is in Aries, which gives a relative coherence tozoephoto the whole chart. Each sign is in its own house which will give a common and naturally compatible nature to the area of life and the field it’s growing on. The numerical vibration of each sign/house combination is the same, giving the person a solid ground to build every area of her life.

What is the quality of the field of Aries, the ground on which each area of life represented by the first house is growing on ?

In order to assess the fertility of the ground, let’s study the rashi aspects to the first house.

Aries being a cardinal sign, it is rashi aspected by all of the fixed signs except from the one right next to it. The signs of Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are then rashi aspecting the first house.

The first sign is aspected by its Lord Mars, which is a beneficial position. A Mars in a friendly sign is a good help for its own sign development. Plus, Mars is in a Yuva Avashta. The first house is well supported, prosperity is thus indicated.

The Lord of the first house is in a very good dignity and more importantly future-oriented in the eleventh house of large groups of people, in this case pioneeringly and exceptionally large masses. Probably amplified by a rashi aspect from an wonderful Jupiter.

A very good Venus is also aspecting the first house, making Zoë a very attractive person, and very well-loved, with access to lots and lots of luxuries and comforts quite effortlessly. Although she doesn’t want to label herself as one of those beauty gurus, the very start of her social media career began with beauty, a very venusian activity.

Ketu and Rahu are also aspecting the first house, maybe giving this inexplicable attraction and identification from people, this fandom.

Three planets are also in the first house :

A bright and exalted Sun gives the ability for a personality to radiate and can give a very Leonine attitude to a person, the Sun ruling the fifth house also helps. Zoë is very creative and whole as a person. Everybody wants to know what is going on in her life, she is definitely the center of attention and has an unbeatable sense of humour.

A friendly Mercury also sits here. Mercury is the planet of communication, Zoë is transmitting information very powerfully via her different social medias. Being a trendsetter with each and every sentence she pronounces. Although she deals with it with great integrity, she knows how to play by the rules of marketing and commerce. She is a business owner and published New York Times best selling author.

Mercury rules the third house. Zoë’s younger brother Joe is a huge part of her career as a Youtube star, she gave him a headstart in the industry and they are now very well known as the Suggs in the internet world.

Mercury rules her sixth house of debts, delays, daily life, also pets. Zoë is one of the most successful pioneers of daily vlogging, showcasing your life on the daily for millions of people to see. Zoë also battled anxiety for a long time, which gave her an inability to necessarily live her life as she  wanted to until she was in her mid-twenties. Daily activities like taking public transport or visiting new places was a struggle for a very long time. Her daily life revolves around her work, and more importantly, her work is based on her personality and daily life as a whole. The ruler of the first house being in the eleventh house with Rahu (a planet of mental illness) is also a factor in this interpretation.

A good Moon is on the ascendant, giving Zoë this lunar look and high sensitivity to energies around her. She’s also very motherly and caring. She is well know for taking good care of her pets and pug Nala. She has always wanted children.

The Moon ruling the fourth house also give a huge importance to her home environment and putting it at the center of her life. She works from home and the world can enter her home just by clicking on a Youtube video.

Let’s now consider the fourth house.


4th Lord in the first, as we said previously, the comfort of a home is very important for the chart holder.

A beautiful Jupiter in an adult state and that is also aspected by a benefic gives huge homes. She bought a five-bedroom in Brighton UK at 24 years old. At 27 she just bought a massive luxurious mansion.

Aspects from both Venus and Mars can indicate that having the ability to buy these beautiful homes and broadcasting them for the world to see comes with the territory. It can be a blessing as well as a curse. Hoards of fans continuously showed up in real life at her place to meet her and see her live. That invasion of privacy can be difficult to deal with.

Having all the luxuries in the world but also being attacked for it being in the public eye and having to fight for it. (This can also be indicated by the 1st lord in the 11th with Rahu.)

Let’s now consider the eleventh house. It is rashi aspected by the Sun, Moon, Mercury AND Jupiter and Ketu.

The Moon aspect can give fluctuating income depending on the seasons, literally, which is inherent to working in social media and having her own companies, as well as being her own boss.

An exalted Sun in the first can give the necessary influence to be the queen and act like a boss dealing with big corporations, institutions and masses as indicated by the 11th house. Her suffering from anxiety is also a part of the burning capacity of the Sun with Mercury and the Moon. She’s also an advocate for mental illness awareness.


Written by Sonia Selma – Astrology Apprenticeship Student

A friendly Mercury gives the communication ability, the capacity to go through the trial and error.

With the combination of an exalted Jupiter, the expansion of the 11th house makes the financial and social gains even more prominent. Zoë is well known for being a millionaire from her Zoella branding on Youtube as well as other social media, or even her books and businesses.

The Lord of the eleventh is in its own sign and house, in very good dignity. Making the eleventh house a favourable environment for all sorts of gains related to it. Prosperity is thus associated with this house.

Aspects by malefics also confirm her social awkwardness and mental illness that she has struggled with. Globally the three houses chosen in this case study are very prosperous and confirm the knowledge available on the native combined with the basic principles that Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra is teaching us.

This paper was submitted as a class assignment for the Year 1 Astrological Apprenticeship Course offered through Asheville Vedic Astrology.

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