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The Astrological Horoscope of Oprah Winfrey

Here we have another excellent analysis of the 6th, 2nd and 9th houses, by one of our Year 1 Astrological Apprenticeship Program students.

In this essay, we will be discussing the astrological horoscope of Oprah Winfrey, who is a well known American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer and philanthropist. In this essay, we will be looking specifically into her professional talents (2nd house) and activity, wealth (9th house of fortune) and philanthropic efforts notably (6th house). Let us start by looking at her overall chart below.


To narrow our focus, we will be considering the 6th house, 2nd house, and 9th house of her horoscope exclusively.

The 6th house

Within the 6th house, we see that the house is conjunct and aspected by many benefics. It is first off conjunct Jupiter, and is rasi aspected by benefics Mercury and Venus. It is rasi aspected by it’s lord, Venus. We can see that Jupiter (which is the chart ruler as it is the lord of the 1st house for Oprah) is in a Kumara avastha (giving ½ strength) in the sign of Taurus and occupies her 6th house.  Jupiter is in Great Enemy dignity. The 6th house is a dusthana house (house of difficulties, suffering), but also an upachaya house which means it gets better with time. This is true for Oprah, in that her philanthropic efforts (Jupiter being karaka for Charity) came with time, as she gained strength with her own Jupiter being in this house.

Oprah has been well known for her generosity as she often gifted audience members of her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show with vacations, cars, new homes after natural disaster, scholarships, and even paying off many others’ debts (a 6th house thing). She had also created a school for underprivileged girls in South Africa named The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls- South Africa, which was established in 2007 (still open to this day) and was inspired by her own humble beginnings and disadvantaged background.  Many of the students of the school come from families afflicted by disease (6th house thing) such as HIV/AIDS.  Also, with the 6th house being the house of service, it has put Oprah as a top important figure in doing many public service events to shine light on many important issues including health and disease. She has publicly spoken out about her own Thyroid issues (She had her own difficulties, as the 6th house is being rasi aspected by many malefics as well). With the Lord of her 6th house being Venus, and it being in the sign of Capricorn, it is rasi aspecting the house placement for her. Also, Mercury, another benefic is also rasi aspecting the 6th house. These aspects again have helped this house.

The 6th house is also being rasi aspected by Malefics as well, including the Sun, Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn. This shows that she has had to overcome much struggle and adversity in her life concerning this house as well. With the 6th house being the house of litigation, enemies and court battles, Oprah has also experienced her fair share.  For example, she was once sued for “false defamation of perishable food” and “business disparagement” due to remarks that she was not going to eat another burger due to mad cow disease (which was a topic on her show) which then sent cattle prices tumbling. She won that lawsuit as the jury found her not responsible for the damages. This ties into what is coined as “The Oprah Effect” in which her opinions and endorsements have influenced many consumers’ purchasing choices for ‘good or ill’.

Overall, this is a very important house for Oprah, and overall the results are mixed. The lord of her 1st house is placed in this house, so it shows an area of life that Oprah has focused much energy and attention on. The house is aspected by many benefics and malefic as well. It is aspected by its own lord, Venus, and is conjunct Jupiter and aspected by Mercury.  There are other indications of difficulty with this house. One is that the lord of this house, Venus is conjunct malefics of the Sun and Rahu. Her Venus is considered Cazimi with the Sun in the sign of Capricorn. We will disucss this more when we discuss her 2nd house indications. Her Venus is in Yuva Avastha which is the degrees which gives the strongest or best results. Her Venus turns out to be a very important planet for Oprah lending her the capacity to achieve Mega Wealth, which Venus is the karaka for.

The 2nd House

Within the 2nd house of her horoscope there sits Sun, Rahu, Mercury and Venus in the sign of Capricorn. Let us consider looking at the annihilation and/or prosperity of the 2nd house in Oprah’s chart.

The lord of the 2nd house is Saturn, as the sign is Capricorn. Saturn does not rasi aspect its own sign; it is in a Yuva avastha (giving the planet full strength) and is sitting in the 11th house (evil house), but is exalted in the sign of Libra.  Also, in the 2nd house sits two malefics, the Sun and Rahu, which can affect the prosperity of the house. Also, Mars another malefic is rasi aspecting the 2nd house. However, three benefics aspect or conjunct this house: Jupiter and Moon aspects and Mercury and Venus conjuncts. Also, there is a house exchange between Saturn in Venus’ sign and Venus within Saturn’s sign, which shows energy exchange between the houses and support to the houses as Saturn and Venus are natural friends.

This house does show some mixed results, but leaning towards more prosperity. Oprah in high school had been a part of her speech team (related to 2nd house of speech) and placed 2nd in the nation in dramatic interpretation. She also won an oratory contest, which secured her a full scholarship to TSU where she studied communication. Also during that time, Oprah won a beauty pageant and attracted the attention of the local black radio station, WVOL, which hired her to do the news part-time. She worked there through the rest of her time in high school and the first two years of college.  Her Venus is considered Cazimi with the Sun, and has attracted her much wealth and money all on her own accord (which is also considered to be 2nd house).  Also, her Venus being Cazimi with the Sun, perhaps has affected her love life, as she chooses her personal inspiration and self advancement over romantic relationships. This was the case in which she left to pursue work with WJZ-TV in Baltimore and left behind one of her great loves at the time.

The 9th House

Finally, looking at her 9th house we have another very important house for Oprah. Her 9th house is ruled by the Sun. The Sun does rasi aspect its own house from its placement in Capricorn. It is in the 2nd house and not the 10th house. The lord of the 9th, the Sun is in a Yuva avastha (Adult state) and is in Neutral dignity. Mercury also aspects the 9th house in her chart, but Jupiter does not. The Sun which is the Lord is conjunct a malefic being Rahu, which can be considered the karaka for ‘new age’ beliefs and other un-conventional thought.

Oprah has been known to have been brought up Southern Baptist, but has endorsed the self-help program The Secret, Eckhart Tolle, Gary Zukav among other non-traditional spiritual perspectives. She has received criticism from many Christian leaders who criticized her views, as New Age thought was incompatible with traditional Christianity.

Saturn is also rasi aspecting her 9th house, which has shown some difficulty with her 9th house affairs.  In addition, Venus and Mercury do also aspect the 9th house which helps to bring a source of strength to this house. This house is overall showing mixed results, but overall is leading towards greater prosperity as well. This is true for Oprah, she has become her own church with her talk show changing its format from tabloid to shows that were more positively oriented in later years.  She has emerged as an influential spiritual leader in her own right and an icon in church-free spirituality. It has been since the mid 1990’s that Oprah has introduced more inspirational and spiritual concepts on her show and has encouraged altruism from many audiences in person, and through television alike. She had founded the Oprah’s Angel Network which provided grants to non-profit organizations from around the world.


Submitted by Lynn B., Year 1 Astrological Apprentice

Oprah is an important iconic figure in American culture. She has risen to fame and fortune all in her own doing. Her astrological chart shows the overall strength and weakness of planets and the prosperity and or annihilation of the houses in review which represent the areas of life which are affected. She has done much good work in her career and has overcome great adversity from her childhood.  She is known for her charity and philanthropy and is ranked one of the 50 most generous Americans, probably of all time.


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  1. Oprah is my favorite! Seeing her 2nd house, I can see why she is a talkshow host. Her Jupiter in the 6th truly gives her joy in serving others. Since Oprah has a rather unconventional approach to marriage, I saw her 9th house being rashi aspected by Rahu. Maybe that is why she chose not to have a traditional marriage but rather just live with her boyfriend.

    • Correction: Rahu is with sun (9th lord) and Mercury (7th lord) plus Venus, the significator of love and relationship giving an unconventional approach to marriage. Also these planets rashi aspecting the 3 planets rashi aspecting the 9th play a role as well.

  2. Great job God bless you

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    Ryan Kurczak posted: “Here we have another excellent analysis of the 6th, 2nd and 9th houses, by one of our Year 1 Astrological Apprenticeship Program students. In this essay, we will be discussing the astrological horoscope of Oprah Winfrey, who is a well known American medi”