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Exploring the 4th, 10th and 11th House of a Horoscope

In this paper, I am going to examine three Houses from the Chart of Queen Elizabeth II.

I will be using the principles studied in the ‘Bhavas and House Class 2017’ to determine whether the indications for the selected houses are supported, hurt or mixed.

I will compare those indications to what is known about her life to demonstrate how the principles taught in the course can be used for interpretation.

Queen Elizabeth

House 10 – Life Activity

“If the 10th’s lord is in exaltation the native will derive extreme paternal happiness, will enjoy fame and will perform good deeds.[i]

The Queen is a person, (perhaps more than any other) whose occupation has defined her life.  She has been doing it since she was 25, and is currently 91.  It is a job that is so encompassing she doesn’t really have her own name or personal identity in a way that most people would recognise.  It is a role that she didn’t choose and that requires her full commitment.

Analysis of the Indications

House 10 in this Chart is well indicated when we apply the formula for determining if a House will be prosperous or not (Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS) Chapter 11 Verses 14-16)[ii].

This is because it is aspected by a benefic (Jupiter), and its House Lord Venus is mature (Yuvavashta) and awake (Jaagrita).

On the annihilation side of the formula, it can be noted that it is being Rasi aspected by the Sun and Mars.  However both of these planets are in a Vriddha (old) or Mrita (dead) state and dreaming (Swapna) or asleep (Sushupta), so the ‘hurt’ they inflict is not overwhelmingly powerful.

Venus, the House Lord, is exalted in this Chart, in Pisces.  As Pisces is a house that belongs to Jupiter, there is a benefic interplay because Jupiter is Rasi aspecting the 10th Lord’s House while the 10th Lord is in Jupiter’s House.  Jupiter is also in the 10th house in the Navamsa.  As Jupiter is a benefic and a manifesting planet, all of these Jupiter influences convey that House number 10 will grow and be large in this Chart.

Tempering these indications is the fact that Jupiter is in Vriddhavasta (Old) and in Swapna or dreaming state.  Perhaps this is why, even though the Queen’s role is extensive, it has not unbalanced her.

Overall, although there are indications that the House will be ‘hurt’ (Sun, Mars, not being aspected by its own Lord) there are stronger indications of support (Exalted House Lord and Jupiter aspects), so we could expect this house to have mixed to positive results.

Actual Life Experiences

Let’s now examine how the Queens occupation is influenced by the House Lord, Venus, and the field in which the House is taking place (Libra).

The Lord of the 10th House has gone to the 3rd House in the Chart and 12th sign of the Zodiac which is Pisces.

3rd House influences

The 3rd House is about courage.  This is reflected in various experiences in her role.  Here are some examples where her occupation has required her to be courageous

  • becoming Queen of such a large kingdom at the young age of 25 years
  • being a female monarch and leader in a male dominated world
  • taking on a ‘job for life’

Courage was also important in having the course of her life changed at a young age when her uncle abdicated making her the heir apparent (which was not the expectation of her life at birth).

Venus influences

The Planet Venus (which is the 10th Lord in this Chart) brings beautiful and refined luxuries.  The Queen’s occupation has certainly brought her an abundance of wealth not just in money but also specifically in beautiful residences and beautiful objects.

Venus is also the Planet of marriage.  It has allowed the Queen to be ‘married to the job’ in a solemn and beneficial way.  The role of being a Monarch could be seen as a burden but this exalted Venus has enabled the Queen to transform this potential burden into a happy marriage and source of delight

Libra influences

The 10th House is taking place in Libra.  Libra is about trade, diplomacy and balance.  It is about getting the best deal for all parties.  It is considered and cool-headed.  This is evident in the Queen’s long political and diplomatic role.  She has counselled more Prime Ministers and met with more world leaders than anyone and, even in times of crisis, she has remained calm and diplomatic.

House 4 – Mother and Home

“A benefic, related to 4th House (and to its Lord), will bring with him auspicious effects (regarding conveyances)”[iii]

Analysis of the Indications

The 4th House is another house in this Chart that is well indicated according the BPHS Prosperity Annihilation formula.

  • It is receiving Rasi aspects from Jupiter which is both a manifesting planet and a benefic.
  • It is also being Rasi aspected by its own Lord (in this case, Mars) who is in Good dignity.
  • Mercury is another manifesting Planet and is in the 4th House of this Chart. It is a Karaka for the 4th House and is in Good dignity.  The 4th House is an ‘Angle’ and having a Planet in an Angle brings extra significance to that planet (in this case Mercury).

On the annihilation side, the 4th house is being aspected by Saturn which is a malefic and its House Lord is in a Vriddha or an Old state.

On balance, there are more indications of support for the House.

Actual Life Experiences

Two things in the Queen’s life that seem to reflect this are

  1. the close relationship she had with her mother who lived a long life and
  2. her many homes, residences and vehicles.

Saturn aspecting this house may explain three unexpected events or losses that the Queen has experienced with homes.

  1. a break-in through her bedroom window at Buckingham Palace in 1982
  2. a fire at Windsor Castle in 1992
  3. the loss of her beloved yacht ‘Britannia’ in 1997. The yacht was described in an article[iv] as “the one place in the world she felt she could truly relax” –which is surely the very definition of ‘home’.

The article also mentions that in relation to the design of ‘Britannia’ “She had definite views on everything, from door handles to the shape of the lampshades” and perhaps this reflects Mercury’s influence on the 4th House because Mercury can be very clear and particular about what it likes.

House 11 – Gains

“If the 11th lord is in the 2nd and the 2nd lord is in the 11th, one will amass abundant fortunes after marriage”[v]

Analysis of the Indications

The 11th House in the Chart is interwoven with the 2nd.  This is because they have a Rasi aspecting interplay in which the Lord of the 11th (Mars) is in the 2nd House and the Lord of the 2nd House (Saturn) is in 11th.  Also

  • Jupiter is in the 2nd He is a benefic, a Karaka for both houses and is giving manifesting support to the 2nd House.
  • Saturn (the Lord of the 11th) is also the Ascendant Lord and consequently the life path of this Chart is wrapped up in this dance between Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in the 11th and 2nd
  • The 11th House is also receiving Rasi aspects from Mercury which adds manifesting support to this House.

On the annihilation side, Mars, the House Lord is not aspecting the 11th House, although, he is in Good dignity.

Overall, the indications are supportive for this house.

Actual Life Experiences

When we think of the 11th House we often think of ‘gains’ and the Queen’s life is one marked with wealth.  It must be remembered that she was born as a royal with little expectation to the throne (expected to be a niece then cousin of the Monarch) and from this perspective, the gains in her lifetime have been extraordinary.

I opened this section of the paper on the 11th House with a quote from BPHS about amassing “abundant fortunes after marriage”.  It seems clear to me that, in this case, it refers not to a marriage to a husband, but as the marriage to a role.  We must remember that the coronation involved a church, a solemn vow, a white dress and all the other usual trappings of a wedding ceremony.


In conclusion we can see that the principles studied in the ‘Bhavas and Houses Class 2017’ have allowed for insight into the life of Queen Elizabeth II.  Her Chart has equipped her well to deal with a life that involved a tremendous increase in wealth, fame, importance and responsibility.

WIN_20170802_14_10_10_ProFiona McGlynn is currently a Year 1 Astrological Apprenticeship Student. She is also a skilled massage therapist and bodyworker.

[i] BPHS Chapter 21 Verse 2

[ii] Prosperity and Annihilation

14-16. Prosperity, or Annihilation of a House. Predict prosperity of the House, which is conjunct with, or aspected by a benefic. Also, when its Lord is in Yuvavastha, or Prabuddhavastha, or in Kismaravastha, or in 10th House, the Houses well-being is indicated. The House, which is not aspected by its Lord, or, whose Lord is with a malefic Planet, or with one of the Lords of evil and such other Houses (i.e. 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th and 12th), or is defeated in a war between Planets, or is in one of the three Avasthas, viz, Vriddhavastha, Mritavastha and Suptavastha.

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