Jupiter in Scorpio – October 2017 to January

Here are some general themes and times to be aware of during Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio. Here we will consider October 2017 through January 2018.

General Theme – Jupiter in Scorpio

jupiter-640x480-4Positive explorations and growth in transcendental knowledge. Sincere and intensive prayers for forgiveness and giving forgiveness to others to support psychological and emotional well-being. Taking action to change one’s financial well-being for the better. Taking action to change the way we relate to our children for the better. Gaining greater insight into realizing our purpose in this life time.  Finding solutions to persistent health problems.

October 18th – Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio.

  • Learning to accept help from others. Excellent time to request help from benefactors. Prayers for psychological well-being of our enemies. Prayers to forgive and move on from past experiences that have scarred us.

October 18th through November 7th, 2017

Mercury and Jupiter will also be rasi aspecting Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.

Those of you who know your chart, will find Scorpio, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn more profoundly supported from October 18th through November 7th due to this conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter. Jupiter and Mercury are manifesting planets and give extra power to those signs they tenant and rasi aspect, especially when they do so at the same time.

  • Since the main focus of this combination is on the 1st, 4th, 8th and 10th signs of the tropical zodiac, the influence of Mercury and Jupiter will support any endeavors to develop a healthy balance between personal, work and home life. The fact that Jupiter and Mercury are in the 8th sign reveals that some personal sacrifices and transformations will be required for balance to occur, but the battle to win a greater balance in life will be well worth it in the end.

October 20th and 21st – Jupiter, Moon and Mercury Conjunction

  • The newest waxing Moon, Jupiter and Mercury coming together gives a great time for beginning new friendships or having social gatherings dedicated to bring new groups of people together. It can also be an excellent time to share personal philosophies that are dear to you or reveal hidden needs that you’ve been suppressing with your friends or loved ones.

Mercury is also exalted in the Dasamsa at this time, showing these kinds of activities can have a greater impact when undertaken at this time.

October 23rd through November 21st, 2017 – Sun and Jupiter Conjunction

  • A renewed exploration of life long health problems can result in greater understanding and improved well-being. Solutions to health problems are more readily revealed.
  • Those ready for leadership positions have greater opportunity to do so.
  • Investing in gold and things that come from the ocean may be good.
  • Excellent time for counselors, advisors and ministers. Also a wonderful time to seek out counselors, ministers or advisors, as they will be operating to full capacity at this time.
  • Excellent time to begin new educational endeavors or to begin taking classes in a subject that is dear to you.

November 3rd through 5th – Full Moon Opposite Jupiter in Taurus – Venus Rasi Aspecting Taurus

  • Excellent time to plan gatherings with family members you enjoy. Most social gatherings are supported at this time.
  • Wonderful time to submit grants, apply for loans or ask for financial assistance.
  • Jupiter delighting an Exalted and Moolatrikona Moon, gives one the best possible chance of being guided by divine wisdom to build a solid and sound financial future.JupiterMoon

Note: Since Jupiter will be in Scorpio for 12 months, every time the Moon passes through Taurus, we’ll have a similar experience.  However, these full Moon Times will be best:

Nov. 3-5, 2017 Sun in Scorpio

Dec. 1-2, 2017 Sun in Sagittarius

Jan. 1-3, 2018 Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer aspected by Jupiter

Jan. 31 – Feb. 1 Sun in Aquarius – Sun and Moon with Rahu and Ketu

Mar. 1-2, 2018 Sun in Pisces aspected by Jupiter

Mar. 31 – Apr. 1 Sun in Aries Exalted with Venus in Taurus

November 7th to December 1st, 2017 – Jupiter Venus Conjunction in Scorpio

Jupiter and Venus together in Scorpio can give a great capacity and comfort with intimate relationships. However, it can also cause one to lose one’s sense of purpose and direction due to losing one’s self in sensuous explorations.

  • Deepening one’s relationships with intimate partners is supported during this time. Jupiter and Venus are both teacher’s in the mythic pantheon and they are both devoted to knowledge. Seeking out relationship advice and counsel on how to improve one’s relationships can flow more smoothly now.
  • Time for luxuriating and vacation may be more enjoyable now.
  • Those with a tendency towards addictions and/or ignoring responsibilities may be amplified at this time. It is fine to enjoy life and take more time for that purpose. But Saturn still requires that we keep our duties and responsibilities in clear view. The difficulty with Jupiter and Venus together, is that we may get pulled too far into our dreams of freedom and leaving behind all responsibilities.
  • Intensive devotional practices can be quite powerful during this conjunction. Scheduling Kirtans or attending devotional services will be tangibly purifying.

December 10th to January 26th, 2018 – Jupiter Mars Conjunction in Scorpio

(December 12-21, 2017 – Jupiter in Scorpio D9 and D10)

Jupiter is in Neutral Dignity, but in a Yuva Avashta for most of this time. Mars is in Own Home dignity.  Jupiter is Mudita (delighted) by Mars powerfully in all vargas.

  • Jupiter and Mars together create a Guru Mangala Yoga. The focus is on managing one’s wealth, legacy, and/or estate with great wisdom.
  • Planning one’s personal financial future, or even the financial future of an organization or business are well supported at this time.
  • Putting energy and enthusiasm to planning long term goals, will give those goals a greater likelihood of growing with support and consistency.
  • The activity (karmas) put towards actualizing a better future benefit from the full force of Jupiter being in an adult state (Yuva Avashta) and significantly delighted by Mars, which gives energy and zeal to achieve one’s goals skillfully.
  • Jupiter and Mars together give great capacity for Yogic Meditation Processes. Undertaking more intensive practices for seasoned meditators, and beginning a new study of Yogic Meditation for novices are well advised during this transit.

Plan long term.  Decide on your purpose and put it into action. Let the power of Mars serve as the dynamic engine of the wisdom guided Jupiter to give you the greatest capacity to change your direction in life for the better.

Stay tuned to for more details on this transit as well as considerations on Saturn’s transit into Tropical Capricorn, which begins December of 2017.


Om Sham Shanaye Namaha…

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    • What you mean to say is… “In Sidereal transit Jupiter is transiting libra from September 2017 and will transit Scorpio from oct 2018” We are Tropical Vedic Astrologers.