The Moon in the 12 Houses

The Nature of the Moon through the 12 houses:

MoonIn order to understand how the Moon will interact with each of the 12 houses, we first need to understand the Moon as a karaka.  We also need to take into consideration the innate qualities of the Moon.  In understanding the karaka and the innate qualities first, we can take the Moon and travel through the 12 houses with more ease and understanding of just how the houses will play a role in changing the energy of the Moon itself, and how that Moon will change the consciousness of the individual.

The Moon as a karaka:

The Moon is a karaka for one’s emotional nature and a karaka for the mind.  It is also a karaka for one’s capacity to be adaptable and to accept good fortune in one’s life.  The Moon is a karaka for the Mother and one’s relationship to the Mother.  The Moon represents comfort and nourishment.  The Moon is about letting go of one’s ego, to find their inner self, their true self.

Innate Qualities of the Moon:

The Moon follows a special ruler principle in that the Moon is saumya or gentle when it’s moving towards full (waxing) and the Moon is krura or cruel when it’s moving from full to new (waning). The Moon will bring comfort and adaptability in the area of life that the Moon is placed in when the Moon in waxing.  When the Moon is waning, it shows a person who is learning to let go of a need to have comfort through a particular thing, to find inner fulfillment and let go of attachment.

The Moon is grouped within the Vaishyas (Merchant) caste.  This caste is all about skills and when the Moon is in a house, the Moon is helping that person develop the skills needed for a proper give and take, for exchange.

The Moon is Sattwa, this is the nature of pure inspiration.  Inspiration to find clarity and truth and to find that true inner inspirations, our true personality.

The Moon is a luminous planet.  Represents the reflection of source into the world.  The Moon is related to the jiva or ego and is said to be the repository of our past life karmas, even ancestral karmas which make up our ego.  The Moon is how we reflect upon the world, the lens we look through.  Our true self, the you in regards to the role we were meant to play.

The Moon rules over creeping things.  These creatures survive at all cost.  The Moon as the ego, will adapt and survive regardless of the influences to it.

The Moon, like Jupiter, looks equally everywhere.  The Moon is able to see the vision, the action and the problem equally.  The Moon sees how all actions result in the bigger picture.  The Moon sees limitations, the best aspects, the best steps and the value of the inspiration.  The Moon, like Jupiter sees it all resulting in a more holistic expression of our life.

The Moon is a wet planet.  The Moon is more balanced, and things can go more smoothly due to this characteristic.  The wet Moon is also conducive to the Moon’s ability to be more adaptable, to not be so hard, to be more soothing and to be softer and gentler.

The Moon is white in color and represents our calmness and our tranquility.  The Moon rules over aquatic creatures, the feminine qualities and the metal silver.

The Moon through the Houses (very generally speaking):

The Moon in the 1st house can show a person whose appearance is similar to the Moon.  Rounder body but good form, big round eyes, light complexion, youthful in appearance.  The person with a strong Moon in the 1st house can present themselves as someone who is adaptable, nurturing and fair in dealings with others. This person may be popular and auspicious and have intelligence.  A person with Moon in the 1st house may be passionate and comforting.  The person with a weak Moon can present as someone who may not understand what others needs are, they may not deal well with changes to their environment or their dealings with others and it can also show a person who can be fickle in the decisions they make when it comes to themselves, their health and those people closest to them. A person with a weak Moon in the 1st house may be anxious and may have troubles making good decisions when it comes to the direction of their life.  They may lack passion and drive when it comes to their true direction in life.

A strong Moon in the 2nd house can show a person who can be nurturing in speech and AstroPrincIImay have the ability to comfort others by counseling. A strong Moon in the 2nd house can also show a person who has the ability to deal with others considered enemies, in a fair manner.  A weak Moon in the 2nd house can show a person who may not understand the needs of others and may have a harder time nurturing family members.  The Moon in the 2nd house can show that a person can benefit from metals, particularly silver.  2nd house Moon could potentially bring financial gain through jewelry in the form of silver and precious stones.

A strong Moon in the 3rd house can show a person who has a good nurturing relationship with their siblings and peers.  This person will have a strong emotional tie with those around them in their ability to communicate.  A strong 3rd house Moon can also show a person whose siblings are nurturing and caring and may be soft spoken in their speech with others.  A weak Moon in the 3rd house can show a person who may have difficulty understand the needs of themselves and others.  Communication may be overly heated from emotions and the native may not understand how to express themselves.

A strong Moon in the 4th house, the Moon’s own house, is a very good place for the Moon.  The 4th house, the house of home, can show a person who has a strong emotional connection to their mother.  They may also have a strong emotional connection with their children in a way that is nurturing and caring.  The native’s home becomes their priority, a place of fulfillment.  A weak Moon in the 4th house can show a person who may not have had a caring and nurturing mother when they were a child, or they may not be able to give these qualities to their own children.  They may not feel fulfilled with their home life.

A strong Moon in the 5th House shows a person who thrives with changes, able to learn and grow within fluctuating environments.  They may love being in love and have an artistic quality that is expressed through emotions. A 5th house Moon shows a person who has an emotional need to play, have fun and be creative.  A weak Moon in the 5th house may show a person who is prone to love affairs and be a bit dramatic when they feel their emotions are not being met.

A strong Moon in the 6th house, the house of health and the day to day activities, can show a person who is able to focus on their health and wellness daily.  This would be a person who could stick to a health plan and not let emotions take over their day to day life.  A strong Moon in the 6th house will also show a person who is able to overcome emotional setbacks that interfere with their daily routine, they may fluctuate their health routine in order to accommodate their changing environment.  A weak Moon in the 6th house can show a person who has difficulty focusing on their health on a daily basis as a routine.  They may overeat from emotions.  They may also do very well with their daily routines and then let things go when they have emotional setbacks and find it hard to get back into their daily focus.

A strong Moon in the 7th house can show a person who finds emotional fulfillment through partnerships.  These partnerships can be through marriage or business.  A strong Moon in the 7th house can show a person who does well with public relations and is passionate about what they are speaking about.  A weak Moon in the 7th house can show a person who has a hard time finding fulfillment with marriage and partnerships.  They can be fickle in what their needs are.  They may feel the need for companionship at one point and then find themselves looking elsewhere because those needs that at one point in time gave them fulfillment and security, not longer do.

A strong Moon in the 8th house can show a person who has the ability to handle breaks and changes and sudden crisis on an emotional level.  I like to think of those people who work in an emergency room when I think of someone with a strong 8th house Moon.  They may also be able to help others who have had issues with 8th house related matters.  People with a strong 8th house Moon don’t necessarily let those issues ruin them emotionally but at the same time, they may have issues discussing their own emotions.  These people may not be able to reflect their own emotions out to others.  Weak 8th house Moon can show a person who suffers from these types of situations and who also may have experienced these sudden changes and crisis situations with their own mother.

A strong 9th house Moon shows a person who has a healthy relationship with their own spirituality.  They can be emotionally charged with the need to travel, to find fulfillment in distance places and by gaining knowledge that is above the average mundane level.  A strong 9th house Moon can show a healthy emotional relationship with one’s father.  A weak 9th house Moon can show a person who isn’t able to connect emotionally to some greater philosophical belief.  A weak 9th house Moon can show where a person may have emotional difficulties with their father or their children (5th from the 5th house).

The 10th house is considered one of the most important houses in the natal chart.  A strong 10th house Moon can show a person who is driven to improve the lives of those in society.  Due to the sattvic nature of the Moon, a person will be passionate and driven to improve the lives of those in society whether from a political position or a spiritual position of authority.  A person with a weak 10th house Moon may find it hard to be in a position of authority for the good of others and may find that they are more concerned with their own inner fulfillment in a powerful position than the fulfillment through the benefit of others.

The 11th house of social activities and gains can be a tricky place for the Moon.  When the Moon is strong in the 11th house the native finds fulfillment and gains through their social network of friends.  The native also tends to surround themselves socially with females more than males.  A weak Moon may be negatively influenced by those within their social network.  They may be influenced to make bad decisions based on their emotional need for fulfillment through a sense of belonging.

A person with a strong 12th house Moon may find emotional fulfillment by working with charitable foundations, working in hospital settings or with incarcerated individuals. A strong 12th house Moon native will tend to feel more comfortable in seclusion or away from their culture either in foreign lands or in seclusion through religious environments like ashrams.  A weak 12th house Moon may show a person who feels lonely and/or lost when it comes to understanding their role in society and their ultimate life path.

-Written by Bridget Lombardo, Astrological Apprenticeship Student

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