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Venus Through the Houses

Venus is known in Vedic astrology as the planet of things that make life easier: beauty, grace, vehicles, the wife, luxury, love, health, fulfillment, and a nurturing, feminine nature. It indicates someone’s ability to evaluate something’s worth, and make good venuschoices that lead to greater fulfillment in life. Venus is a benefic planet, and is only able to give good things based on it’s strength and dignity. If it’s in bad dignity, debilitated or afflicted, it will not give as much as it will when it’s in good dignity, exalted, and free of malefic aspects. Malefic aspects and bad dignity will also indicate detriment to the things that Venus represents in any particular house. When examining Venus through the houses, a distinction should be made as to whether or not Venus is conjunct the cusp of the house that it’s in. The house cusps represent the actual physical things of that house (such as the mother for the 4th house, or children for the 5th), so if Venus is not conjunct the cusp because it falls in a different house, it will lessen Venus’ impact on those physical things, and only impact how the person feels about or relates to those things. Below are listed some of the indications of Venus, but the list is by no means exhaustive. The actual significations will depend on the rest of the chart, the sign Venus is in, as well as Venus’ dignity, strength, and aspects.

Venus in the 1st house could indicate someone whose body and form are beautiful, graceful, well proportioned, and more on the feminine side, and whose path in life is associated with Venusian themes such as luxury, beauty, healing and the arts. The person will likely have good health if Venus is not afflicted. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, chapter 12, sloka 4 states, “A benefic in the ascendant will give a pleasing appearance… felicity of the body will be enjoyed if the ascendant is aspected or conjunct a benefic.”

Venus in the 2nd house could indicate someone whose face is beautiful and feminine. It indicates someone who manages their resources or makes a living through Venusian means, which could be the arts, a healing profession, dealing with luxury goods and services, or the beauty industry, such as fashion or cosmetics. It could indicate someone who is wealthy because they make good choices in regards to their resources, depending on dignity. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, chapter 13, sloka 2 states, “A benefic in the 2nd will give wealth.”

Venus in the 3rd house could indicate someone who is interested in or involved in the fine arts, music, dance or drama, either as a hobby or as one who has a deep appreciation for the arts. It could also indicate that one has younger siblings, and that they are feminine and/or involved in the arts, and that one has a good relationship with siblings. Since the 3rd is a kama, or desire house, it indicates that one desires Venusian things, and may have a strong sex drive.

Venus in the 4th house indicates that the person has the capacity to be happy and content, because the 4th house is about one’s emotional nature and Venus indicates the ability to give and receive nurturing, so one is able to receive nurturing, or nurture oneself. It can show someone who makes good, emotionally fulfilling choices, depending on Venus’ dignity and aspects. Venus here can also indicate one whose home and/or vehicle is beautiful and luxurious. It can show that one has good relationship with their mother, or that one’s mother is beautiful, artistic, and nurturing.

Venus in the 5th house can indicate one who is nurturing towards children, their own or others, or that they have a “mother” role in relation to that field of life indicated by the 5th house’s sign. It can show one who is involved in creative self-expression through the arts, fashion, beauty and entertainment. One may be motivated to develop their mind for rajasic reasons. The person is probably fertile, and could have daughters, or children with a feminine nature. They can be romantic and sensual, and may gain wealth through speculative investments.

If someone has Venus in the 6th house in good dignity, they will likely have good healthVenus and no enemies or significant debt. If afflicted it may indicate health problems, or that they are easily overcome by enemies and debt. The 6th house is daily work and routines, so someone may have the capacity to get good jobs and work in a healing profession, fashion, the arts, counseling, or with women. They may work in a field that helps support healthy routines, or provides nurturing to the body, such as nutrition counseling or massage therapy. It will show how well someone makes choices in regard to health, debts and enemies, depending on dignity.

Venus in the 7th house can show someone who gets into partnerships with beautiful, feminine, artistic people. It can show someone who approaches relationships with a nurturing, receptive attitude. One may be very attractive to the opposite sex and have many partnerships with women, and/or romantic relationships that are passionate and sensual. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, chapter 18, sloka 3 states, “If Venus is in the 7th house, the native will be exceedingly libidinous.” Depending on dignity, it will show someone who is good at evaluating the value of things, or involved in trade, and is good at diplomacy.

Venus in the 8th house will promote longevity, if dignity is good and there are no afflictions, or harm longevity if dignity is bad and there are afflictions. It can show a person who is good at helping heal those who have suffered some trauma or deep psychological scaring. It can show someone who approaches intimacy and sexuality in a nurturing way. It can show someone who is involved in taboo, secret and occult arts, or one who’s art touches on these themes. If afflicted, it may indicate reproductive or venereal disease.

Venus in the 9th house can show someone with a beautiful, feminine marriage partner, or show a good relationship with the marriage partner. It can show one who is devoted to their religion, culture or own dharma. Depending on dignity, it will show someone’s capacity to make good choices in regard to their life path, or that one’s dharma is Venusian and rajasic in nature. They may be well educated or work in higher education. Someone may take on a priestly role in their religion, or be a teacher or counselor. It can show that one’s relationship with their parents is nurturing.

Any benefic in the 10th house is good for one’s career, status and reputation. Venus in the 10th house can show someone who approaches their activity in the world in a Venusian way, such as someone who has a career in the arts, beauty, fashion, entertainment, or a profession that involves healing, such as doctor or therapist. It can show a diplomat or politician. It can even just show that someone has a nurturing attitude towards or fulfills a nurturing role in their career, or someone who is known for feminine things. It can show someone who is popular with the ladies, has a good reputation with women, and/or works with a lot of women.

Venus in the 11th house can show someone who supplements their income through Venusian things, such as dealing or investing in art, fashion, cosmetics, or jewelry. The 11th house relates to what one desires, so one may desire luxuries, comforts and beautiful things and may have them depending on the dignity of Venus. The person may have personal goals related to achievements in the arts. It can show that one has a good relationship with the greater public. They may have a nurturing or diplomatic role in relation to an institution or the greater public, a community, or group of friends and be recognized for this. They may work with women in an institution or the public, or have many female friends. The person may have a good relationship with and benefit from their older siblings.

Venus in the 12th house can show that the person will seek fulfillment through 12th house things. They may spend money on luxuries, fashion, vacations, retreats, and other things that nurture them such as spa treatments and therapies, or they may incur losses on account of those things. The 12th house is connected with bed pleasures, so Venus here can show someone who really enjoys sex, and perhaps over indulges in it depending on Venus’ dignity. If Venus is afflicted, it may show someone who is prone to addictions or escapism because they are not able to find comfort in life. It can show someone who is a caregiver in places where people are institutionalized and/or places where people die, such as a nurse, a prison therapist, or a hospice volunteer.

Written by Shannon Batten – Astrological Apprenticeship Student


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