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Katalin is a writer, healer, tarot card reader, and hospice worker. In examining her chart, I decided to focus on the three planets of Saturn, the Moon and Jupiter. Saturn is on her ascendant sign of Leo, and so obviously will have a big impact on her life. The Moon is in her 4th house of Scorpio with Rahu, and so shows an important area of focus in her life. Jupiter is well placed in her 11th house, and so will speak to her gains, ambitions and relationship with larger groups of people.

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The first thing I notice about Katalin’s chart is that Saturn is on her ascendent. Saturn is the natural karaka of hardships, debts, delays and disease, and it is also the 6th house lord, so therefore a double indicator of these things. Saturn is also the 7th house lord, and so will also show that relationships come to her. Both of these things have been true in her experience.

When Katalin was a baby, only a few months old, she had a non-cancerous brain tumor, which had to be surgically removed. Saturn, representing the disease, is in her 1st house which represents her body and health, and is specifically associated with the head. At the time of her birth, and for the first couple years of her life, she was in a Jupiter dasa, with a Saturn sub-dasa, so it is a time when the effects of Saturn could be felt. Her sixth house is Capricorn, which is associated with tumors according to Jaimini. Later on in her life, around the age of 19, in her Saturn mahadasa, she had another bout with tumors in the form of Hodgkin Lymphoma and had to have surgery again to remove the tumors.

Saturn is in kumara avastha, showing that this karma is young, strong and developing. Saturn has 36 points of Kashta, which shows that it is sharing about half of it’s cruelty. It’s receiving 25 points of help from the great benefic, Jupiter, and is being starved by the Moon to 17 points, so overall comes out 8 points ahead with help from Jupiter. It’s shadbala is sufficient at 1.4, and it’s in neutral dignity, showing that it has an average ability to take care of the affairs that it rules. It is also rasi aspecting her 6th house, which helps give strength to overcome the diseases that Saturn brought, as the 6th is rasi aspected by its lord. I think it’s interesting that Saturn is both bringing the disease and helping to overcome it.

SaturnSaturn being her 7th house lord, shows that relationships come to her and are a major part of her life path. Katalin has been in long term relationships for most of her adult life. She spent 13 years with the father of her daughter, and then another 4 years with a partner after she and her husband split. True to the nature of Saturn, these partnerships were not the easiest aspect of her life. The most difficult period of her relationship with her ex-husband came during her Sade-Sati, which lasted from late 2009 until late 2017. During this time period, she split with her then-husband. Starting in the summer of 2014, when Saturn was retrograding through Scorpio, her fourth house and the sign of her Moon, he attempted to sue her for full custody of their daughter. This legal battle dragged on, lasting until Saturn finally transited out of her fifth house in December 2017.

This is an interesting confluence demonstrating the effect of Saturn in her life. Here we have her ex-husband, who was her romantic partner, connected to the 7th house, and then became her enemy, connected to her 6th house, dragging her into a legal battle in an attempt to gain full custody of her child, connected to her 5th house, during the time that Saturn was transiting over her natal Moon located in her 4th house, connected with her home, and then into the 5th house of children. So her partner-turned-enemy represented by Saturn was trying to remove her child from her home all while Saturn was transiting the indicators of home and child!

The Moon with Rahu in her 4th house of Scorpio would indicate that emotional development is a very important part of her life path. The 4th house is associated with one’s emotions and home, and Scorpio is associated with one’s deeper inner psychological peace. The Moon itself is a karaka of emotions and perceptions. According to Ernst Wilhelm, someone with a Moon-Rahu conjunction is very sensitive, perhaps even psychic and has a magnetic personality. She is indeed gifted with a good intuitive sense, and she uses this gift with her tarot card readings and in her healing practice.

Her Moon is a waxing, so therefore is a benefic Moon. It’s in Friend dignity and has 13 points of Ishta and 47 points of Kashta. Luckily, because the Moon is benefic, it will give Katalin the 13 points of Ishta, and keep the 47 points of Kashta to itself. The Moon is being somewhat aspected by every planet. It’s receiving a total of 70 points of impact from malefics, including 22 points from the Sun, 5 points from Mars, and 43 points from Saturn. The Sun, while malefic, is at least a natural friend to the Moon. The Moon is receiving a total of 41 points from benefics, including 27 points from Jupiter, 9 points from Venus, and 5 from Mercury. The 70 points of impact from malefics is going to beat the Moon up a little bit, but at least the Sun’s impact can help support the agenda of the Moon, even if in a cruel way.

The Moon is also considered afflicted by way of its conjunction with Rahu, as Rahu is malefic. This conjunction may cause issues with her perceptions of things, as the Moon represents how we perceive things and Rahu is an obscuring influence, like a cloud of smoke. I would guess that this affliction plays itself out in the emotional realm, in that she might, at times, have a hard time sussing out how she really feels about things, or perhaps at times, her emotions are so strong that they cloud her perception of reality.

The Moon in Katalin’s chart is ruler of the 12th house, which is Cancer. Both Cancer and the 12th house are associated with foreign lands, so the ruler of the 12th being in the 4th house of the home could show someone who lives in foreign lands. She’s American born and raised, but lived in India for 7 years, and also lived in Hawaii for 6, which, while technically part of America, is culturally very different than the mainland.

Jupiter in the 11th house is a good placement for gains, as both the 11th and Jupiter are karakas for income, and Jupiter is the 11th house karaka. It can show that someone uses wisdom, guidance and counseling to gain supplemental income, hence the tarot card reading. This is reinforced by the fact that Jupiter is the 5th and 8th house lord. The 5th house connection shows that she is creative in her supplemental income, which also links to the writing, and the 8th house shows a connection to the occult and healing in supplemental income, which ties in with both the tarot and healing practice. Also, with Jupiter as ruler of the 5th in the 11th house, this could point to gains through her children over time, but this has not played out in her life yet, as her daughter is only 14.

This connection is bolstered by the fact that Jupiter is both rasi aspecting her 2nd house, the house of resources, and planetary aspecting both her ascendant lord, the Sun, to 48 points, and her Atmakaraka, Venus to 58 points. A Leo ascendant is already going to be someone with a major creative element in their life, and the Sun is receiving an extra boost of creativity from Jupiter. Jupiter and Venus are the two guru planets in Vedic mythology, and Venus is said to be able to find meaning where there is none, so Jupiter can only help Venus as she works with clients in an effort to help them find meaning in life.

jupiter-640x480-4Jupiter is in Great Enemy dignity, showing that is at a disadvantage strength-wise, it does have sufficient shadbala though, at 1.16. It has 41 points of Ishta to give, which is about two thirds of it’s beneficence. Like the Moon, it’s being aspected by every planet in the chart. It’s receiving 112 points of help from benefic planets and 72 points of detriment from malefic planets, so it is receiving 40 points more help from benefics. It’s getting 52 points of help from the waxing Moon, 32 points from Mercury, and 28 points from Venus. It’s getting 18 points of impact from the Sun, 33 from Mars, and 20 from Saturn. The Sun and Mars are friends to Jupiter, so at least they will help the agenda of Jupiter, even if in a cruel manner. Overall, It’s receiving a bit more help than detriment, and it’s Exalted in the D60, which may help neutralize the difficulties in the Rasi chart and help Jupiter give more of it’s beneficence.

Written by Shannon Batten – Asheville Vedic Astrology Apprenticeship Program Student

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