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The Astrology of Barack Obama

barack-obama-12782369-1-402Lajjittadi Avastha of the Sun

This chart is that of Barack Obama, an Aquarius ascendant native. The Sun is with Mercury and Rahu in the 7th house. The 7th house represents relationships with others, relationship with their spouse and business partnerships. The Sun is in MT dignity in its own sign of Leo. In Garvita Avashtha, the Sun’s native qualities like wisdom, intelligence, steadfastness, following one’s inspirations, self-confidence, strength of character and leadership skills are enhanced. Obama will follow his inspirations despite difficulties, without hurting others.

Rahu in the 7th house indicates that the native must work on learning to relating well to others in this lifetime, and as the Sun is in good dignity, he will find it easier to do so. Mercury is neutral to the Sun, but as it is in the same sign, it can get agitated by the Sun. Mercury in Leo also gives the native noble and authoritative speech that Mr. Obama is famous for. The combination of Sun’s wisdom and intelligence and Mercury’s rational thinking and cognizance ability gives the native the skills to take care of the affairs of the house well. In this chart, the native has skills dealing with relationships with his spouse and others. Mrs. Obama has been quoted saying that they had different communication styles while resolving issues. While she was mercurial, he was rational and logical, and this probably limited some damage.

The Sun is starved by Saturn and Venus. When Saturn starves the Sun, the native looks at all the problems and can get overwhelmed by it and sacrifice their inspirations. In this chart, Saturn rules the 12th house of expenses and losses. Their relationship went through some upheavals like miscarriages, stresses of fertility treatments and couple’s therapy and endured emotional and financial losses. There is further confluence of losses as the Moon ruling the 6th house is posited in the 5th house of children. Saturn brings down the Shadbala of the Sun to 62% of what is required to fulfill its agenda. But Saturn is in Bala Avastha, while Sun is in Yuva Avastha and in Garvita Avashta. So, with the help of Moon and Jupiter, the Sun can fulfill its agenda of following inspirations and maintaining healthy relationships.

Venus which is posited in the 6th house, is starving the Sun. So, conflicts and obstacles can cause problems in the relationships. The Sun is in Garvitha , Yuva Avastha vs Venus which is in Mrita , Sushupti Avastha. So,  the Sun will be able to overcome the challenges. The Sun/Saturn or Saturn/Sun period will be the most challenging for the native.

Moon and Jupiter help Sun fulfill its agenda. The Moon posited in the 5th house offers adaptability, intuition and creative ideas and Jupiter posited in the 1st house, offers wisdom and receptivity to counseling to help tide over the tough times.


Lajjittadi Avastha of Mars

Mars is direct, impulsive, and impatient, while Virgo is careful, practical, and detail oriented. Mars in Virgo makes the native efficient, orderly, pragmatic and focused. Virgo is also a service-oriented sign, that makes the native want to help others. Mars rules the 3rd and 10th house in the chart and is posited in the 8th house. Mars in the 8th house brings in the energies of the 3rd house (bravery) and the 10th house (commander, ambition) to the 8th house and signifies bravery and initiative in fighting battles in the 8th house.

Mars is severely starved by Mercury and brings down its Shadbala into negative territory. When Mercury starves Mars, it can cause the native to overthink, spend too much time and energy to explore all possible options and not take the proper initiative. Mercury rules the 5th and 8th house and is posited in the 7th house. Obama has fought battles in both a personal and professional capacity. The Obamas had difficulties having kids (5th house), his relationship with his spouse suffered after taking office (7th house) and he had frequent conflicts and challenges when he was President (10th house). While Mercury is starving Mars substantially, Mars is in Kumara Avastha and Mercury is in Bala Avastha and Mars also receives ample help from his friends Sun, Moon and Jupiter.

Moon provides adaptability and intuition to improve the situation, Sun provides the boundary, intelligence and guidance and Jupiter provides the ability to received good counsel.

Lajjittadi Avastha of Venus

Venus rules the 4th and 9th house in the chart. 4th house represents emotional contentment, mother’s nourishment and comforts while 9th house represents law, foreign cultures, upbringing and moral beliefs among other things. Venus is posited in the 6th house which indicates some difficulties and challenges in these areas of life. When Obama was young, he was separated from his mother and sent to live with grandmother. He was also separated from his father whom he had met only once. So, the home environment wasn’t very stable and affected him emotionally. But the values and strength inculcated by his mother, helped Obama through the tough times. He lived in Kenya and Indonesia for a few years and was exposed to different languages, culture and people. He was teased for his appearance and skin color , but his mother’s teachings and his resilience helped him get through the tough times. 9th house energies in the 6th house also makes the native more service oriented in the legal field and before he became President, Obama was a lawyer. He had to work though conflicts and obstacles in his daily life.

Venus has enough Shadbala to begin with (121%), but Moon’s starvation brings it down to negative numbers. As Venus is in the water sign of Cancer, it is thirsted, so that is why the negative effects did not wreck Obama’s life. The Moon makes the native emotionally needy and he had unfulfilled needs from his mother as she was separated from her during his childhood. But Saturn helps a little (86.2), by providing focus on the reality of the situation and detachment, so that the native is able to feel fulfilled even during difficult times. But Saturn is not able to help Venus much, so the native will feel the difficulty during Moon/Venus dasha.

These are just a few indications based on the avashtas of Venus, Mars and Sun as they relate to Barack Obama’s astrological chart.

This article is an excerpt from one of our Astrological Apprenticeship Year 2 students, P. Mahesh.