Jupiter through the Houses of Vedic Astrology

“Jupiter represents that which causes joy, that which causes us to know our truth –our higher truth beyond name, form and personality. When we follow this, we develop contentment and happiness within the world.” – Ryan Kurczak, The Myth and Magick of Vedic Astrology

Author: D.D., a student of the astrological apprenticeship program.

There are two kinds of knowledge: one which pertains to the worldly, carnal, temporal existence and the other, which pertains to the highest and innermost truth – knowledge of the Self. Jupiter is the graha (planet) of truth. It is the point within our consciousness which brings about clarity, faith, wisdom, peace, joy, creativity, happiness, expansion and growth. Jupiter is also the planet of intelligence, but not the type of intelligence typically indicated by planet Mercury; it represents the intelligence related to the absolute truth, it is the formless intelligence expressed by the supreme Self, the Paramātmāṇ or the eternal Soul itself.

In Satya Charaya, it is mentioned that Jupiter rules over the Vedas (Veda in Sanskrit means “self-revealed knowledge”). Veda does not necessarily always imply scripture, it can indicate having the capacity to hear a consciousness around you, that of which is implied by truth, aka the book of life. In this sense, Jupiter confers knowledge and happiness. It is the source of direct insight. It is about seeing the bigger picture and seeing where everything fits in. This is why Jupiter is the overall indicator for happiness. It is what allows us to see things in proper context and how all things fit in the greater scheme of things. Whenever Jupiter is ill-placed in a chart, the person will have difficulty seeing things in proper context, related to the sign or house Jupiter is placed in. The person will have difficulties seeing the bigger picture and why certain things are happening in his/her life, therefore incurring a loss of happiness, faith, wisdom, knowledge and joy. People with a well-placed Jupiter are believers of the ultimate truth, they carry a sense of Godliness within them, and they possess a sincere faith in the Divine. They especially do not hurt or cause ill-harm to others because they believe in the inevitable and inescapable justice of the Divine.

In the natural zodiac, Jupiter rules over the signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Interestingly enough, both signs are placed on the visible half of the zodiac, where we are not self-centered. The 9th house signifies our culture, dharma, society, religion, philosophies, and how we relate to the world. The 12th house signifies spirituality, divinity, release from the world, the capacity to contemplate deeply, our unconscious and what goes on behind the scenes in our life.

Innate Qualities

Jupiter is a Saumya planet, meaning it is gentle by nature. Gentle planets express themselves with more ease and comfort, and it makes the concrete expression of the things they influence much more pleasant. Jupiter is also known as the “great benefic” due to his strong Sattvic qualities. Sattvic planets carry the energy of inspiration, lightness, clarity and truth.

As a masculine planet, Jupiter’s motives are externally driven. Masculine planets have ambition. They want to create for a reason. Ultimately, they want to build something that is going to last. Jupiter’s ambition is for creativity. He is motivated by a desire to create things, and if the appropriate planet is involved, he aims to create beautiful things. Jupiter also seeks to hold knowledge and to create knowledge. This is why he is also called “Brihaspati”, which is the original priest or Brahmin. Priests are the keepers of knowledge and they help people find meaning in this life.

In the night sky, Jupiter appears to take on the form of a distant star. Jupiter is considered a starry planet. It is through the starry planets that we are able to access our skills, our capabilities, our strengths and our efficiency to be successful within the world.

Jupiter also takes the form of a biped, one who stands on two feet, a human. Bipeds have the capacity to endure, to move forward, and to have vision in long-term goals. Seeing where Jupiter is

situated in a person’s chart can give us a distinct understanding of the individual’s long-term goals and how it is going to manifest in their life.

With regards to the condition of the planet, Jupiter is considered moist. Moist planets are known to be balanced, as they do not go too far to extremes, not too dry and not too wet. They allow you to see the bigger picture in the grander scheme of things, but they also allow you to see the reality of the situation without going to extremes.

When it comes to Jupiter’s sight, he looks everywhere, equally. He can see up, down, sideways and everywhere else, all equally. When you have oversight, you are capable of seeing the bigger picture and where all things fit in. Jupiter’s multi-directional sight allows him to see the limitations, as well as the best aspects. He can see the step-by-step of each potential and the value of the inspiration. Jupiter sees it all.

Jupiter through the Bhavas

1st house – Having Jupiter well-placed in the ascendant bestows a considerable amount of what appears to be good luck upon the person. It brings good health, makes one benevolent, generous, optimistic, jovial and philosophical with a spiritual bent of mind. They love to travel and see the world. They love learning and acquiring spiritual knowledge, as well as sharing and spreading knowledge. They are wise souls with broad-minded personalities. They carry a positive and practical vision towards life and are altruistic, with a kind and compassionate blend to their soul. If Jupiter is badly placed, it can make one over optimistic or too worldly in their affairs.

2nd house – Jupiter in the 2nd house blesses a person with greater ease in attaining their money and resources. Jupiter here creates an expansion of growth and opportunities for the individual and blesses the person with a sharp business mindset. This allows him or her to succeed without too much effort. Typically, people with Jupiter in the 2nd allow for more than one channel of income. Difficulties with Jupiter may hinder opportunities for making money, or it may make one too materialistic or cause one to overindulge in comforts and luxuries.

3rd house – A delighted Jupiter in the 3rd blesses the person with pleasant, fun-loving siblings, good peers and supportive friends. They have good relationships with their brothers and sisters and everyone around them. It makes one exceptionally learned, with a high philosophical bent of mind, and blesses him or her with many skills, especially talents in writing and speech.

4th house – People with a strong Jupiter in the 4th are blessed with an immense stability of the mind. Their strong mental composure exudes an energy of emotional maturity, and people often turn to them for emotional support. They possess clarity and pureness of the heart. They are devoted to their home and family, and the good interactions within the home and family brings them happiness, peace and lasting satisfaction. This is one of the best positions for Jupiter, as he gains full strength in the sign of Cancer, the natural 4th sign of the zodiac.

5th house – Jupiter in the 5th brings forth growth, expansion and happiness through children, creativity and the romantic life. Entertainment and the fun side of life become an important priority in these people’s lives. It also makes them highly creative, and when the right planets are involved, can bless one with great talents in the realm of entertainment, such as music, dance, theater and acting.

6th house – Presence of the great benefic in the 6th blesses a person with victory over his enemies. If Jupiter is well placed and without malefic aspect, such placement can provide good health and protection against disease. Altruistic in nature, these people have a fondness for volunteering and being a part of society. They are selfless individuals who are knowledgeable and gifted in the healing arts. If Jupiter is ill-placed, it may incur adverse effects – one may be too forgiving to his enemies and may be taken advantage of, or Jupiter may fail to act as a protective measure against illness and may actually expand or allow a disease to grow, or he or she could obtain a sizable amount of financial debts at some point in life.

7th house – The blessings of Jupiter’s placement in the 7th allows for growth opportunities and wealth accumulation through marriage or business partners. Their partners will be supportive and will assist them in realizing their goals and ambitions. If Jupiter is under malefic influence, the partner may have traits of arrogance, laziness, immorality and may be spendthrift.

8th house – A strong Jupiter in the 8th blesses a person with unexpected grace in times of great difficulty. The grace, however, comes in the form of clarity and understanding. When life’s calamities arise, Jupiter’s placement in the 8th forms a channel for grace, so that clarity and deep understanding may flow through. This makes one highly aware of their deeper psychological nature and may even suggest a powerful intuition. They may show interest in the occult and ancient knowledge. Since the 8th is the house of death and hidden sources, Jupiter here may bless the individual with wealth through inheritance.

9th house – Jupiter’s aristocracy shines brightly in its original 9th house of Sagittarius. A delighted Jupiter in the 9th blesses a person with the highest and grandest form of wealth – honor and nobility. There is a saying from an ancient Hindu teacher, Chanakya, “Low class men desire wealth; middle class men both wealth and respect; but the noble, honor only; hence honor is the noble man’s true wealth.” Jupiter’s placement in the 9th blesses a person with great wisdom, a firm intellect, and makes one scholarly. They possess a deep love and respect for culture, dharma and religion. They love foreign travel as well, but mainly travel for cultural and spiritual purposes.

10th house – The presence of great benefic Jupiter in the 10th expands the person’s status, career, and growth opportunities in the professional and social arena. If Jupiter is strong, it blesses a person with success and fame within their profession. They receive plenty of recognition for their efforts. If Jupiter is ill-placed, it can make one feel dissatisfaction with their profession and career.

11th house – A powerful Jupiter situated in the 11th blesses a person with immense wealth and fulfillment of desires. Such placement makes one highly influential and respected in large corporations as well as professional social circles. They benefit greatly from their social circles, as they attract supportive colleagues who are ready to offer assistance at any time. These people find happiness and enjoyment through their large social circles, but if Jupiter is difficult, they may have a tendency to over-indulge in luxuries or to be too extravagant.

12th house – Jupiter in its original home of Pisces, blesses the individual with a genuine form of magnanimity, as they are quite sincere and compassionate in nature. One is always willing to offer his or her services in order to comfort others. They become true philanthropists at heart with a kind and generous soul. Such people are also likely to develop a strong interest in the spiritual, metaphysical and occult. This is one of the best positions for Jupiter if one is inclined to become a spiritual teacher or advocate.


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