Venus and Jupiter in the 10th House



How does Jupiter and Venus interact and influence with each other in the 10th House by considering the Dignity, Prosperity & Annihilation, Shadbala, Avashtas, and Bhava Yogas? What about the placement of Rahu & Ketu, and how they might have played out in her life so far?

Ascendant – Pisces

This individual is Pisces ascendant. Pisces has the element of water, is mutable, and feminine. It is a natural 12th sign of surrender, liberation, loss and isolation. The symbol of Pisces is two fishes swimming in the vast ocean of consciousness – there is no boundary between “you” and “I”. Life is one, and death is also one. They understand that at the end of our life, we realize that everything we have experienced and achieved perish. They are all merely part of our role we are meant to play. Our unique little individuality is part of the greater whole. Because Pisceans subconsciously understand this, they are said to be compassionate, adaptable, abstract, and somehow detached. For that reason, people around them may have hard time grasping who they are. They may also have difficulties setting boundaries, and as a result experience playing the role of ‘doormat’ to people in their life.


Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, growth and opportunities. It gives us the capacity to see the bigger picture and find purpose in life, leading us to inner contentment and happiness. Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces and Sagittarius.

Jupiter plays a very important role in her chart, because not only is Jupiter situated in the 10th house in its own sign of Sagittarius, it is also her Atma Karaka (Soul planet) which explains the noticeable qualities of her Jupitarian nature: nurturing, compassionate, joyful, good listener, has the ability to find wisdom from many different circumstances, and provides good advice to people.

In her chart, the planet is the house lord of the 1st (sense of identity) and 10th (career and public status). As the 1st house lord is situated in its ruling 10th house, it shows that this individual has a great capacity for achievement and personal recognition in career or chosen life path (ASVA Vol.2 p166). It gives a natural sense of purpose in her profession of which she identifies herself with.

The 10th House

The 10th house is the house for career, public status, concrete professional achievement, personal ambition, fame, and life purpose. Along with Jupiter, this individual has Venus and Ketu in the 10th house.

The 10th house is an angular house. It is a masculine aspect of the houses which allows us to get things done in life. Any planets in an angular house are very prominent and they define who the individual is. Since the native has two planets (& Ketu) in the 10th, she has innate tendencies to be involved in career and activities she takes in the world.

Jupiter is in OH (Own Home) dignity which makes the planet wide awake (Jagrat). This is another indication for a great capacity to produce status and power within the native’s life (ASVA vol.2 p111). Upon considering the prosperity & annihilation, the house has more positive influences (conjunct Venus, the lord is Awake, OH & in 10th) to support the agendas of the house to flourish.

Her 10th house falls in the sign of Sagittarius, which is associated with philosophy, religion, one’s aspirations, justice, open mindedness, and higher education. This individual has worked in a medical field as a radiation therapist, and currently undertaking a university degree in psychology.


In her 10th house, two avashtas of Starvation and Delight are observable.

  1. Venus starving Jupiter
  2. Jupiter delighting Venus
  3. Mars delighting Jupiter

Both Venus and Jupiter are associated with happiness, but the happiness they provide to us has different tastes and agendas.

Venus allows us to experience happiness by fulfilling our worldly desires of beauty, luxury, and comfort. Venus is a rajasic planet. Rajas is like a mist of illusion tricking us to believe that we are the ‘doer’ in life. It brings our attention to ‘I’ – “‘I’ have accomplished this” or “good or bad things happened to ‘me’”. The planet looks sideways, always searching for better options so that we can be more satisfied in life.

On the other hand, Jupiter is a sattvic planet. Sattva is the quality of light, inspiration, and the spiritual force that allows us to evolve in consciousness (Frawley, Yoga & Ayurveda p27). Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and guides us to find higher purpose in life. It looks everywhere, allowing us to see how everything fits into the bigger picture. It guides us to understand that everything is meant to be as it is. Jupiter gives us spiritual happiness because when we are internally content, it is natural to be happy.

Starved – Kshudita Avashta  

Starvation occurs when a planet is:

  1. In an enemy’s sign, OR
  2. Aspected or joined by enemy, OR
  3. Joined by Saturn

When a starvation occurs, it prevents the planet from achieving its agendas and causes disappointment with the starved planet. Although it is still possible to achieve success, the path in which they need to walk through can be quite ‘thorny’. Whether you get badly injured or just get some scratches depends upon how strong or weak the enemy is. In this chart, Venus (Enemy/Sleepy) is starving Jupiter by subtracting the raw power of the planet quite significantly, bringing it down to only 30 points from Jupiter’s original 327 points.

When this avashta occurs, it makes the person over concerned about finding tangible happiness. They think that happiness is coming from a particular external event or thing (ASVA vol.2 p141) which gets in a way to appreciate the deeper spiritual side of things. This results in regret and disappointment because their ‘just one more thing’ will never satisfy their spiritual needs. Since this is happening in the 10th house, it indicates a tendency to focus too much on being successful in her career or establishing social status.

Additionally, it is important to note that Venus is naturally ruling a difficult 8th house of controversy, hidden secret, and sudden breaks & transformation in her chart. Hence her 10th house also contains the energy of the 8th. According to the Bhava Yoga it can potentially indicate: difficulty finding a career or line of work that is satisfying, many breaks or changes in one’s status in life and career potential, lacks recognition or proper compensation for work, overlooked (ASVA Vol.2 p.260).

Nevertheless, her Jupiter overall is in a better condition than Venus, so most of the time she should be able to walk out of the bush with some minor cuts. However, during the Jupiter/Venus dasa (8/28/2028 – 4/28/2031)) her career related desires and situations may overpower other agendas and create some challenges in her life.

Delighted – Mudita Avashta

A planet is delighted when:

  1. It is in a friend’s sign OR
  2. Conjunct a friend (excluding Saturn) OR
  3. Aspected by a natural friend OR
  4. Joined with Jupiter

Delighted means the planet is getting assistance with what they are trying to accomplish.

Jupiter delighting Venus  

In this Mudita Avashta, Jupiter is giving 327 points of positive power to Venus. Jupiter is a benefic planet and delights any planet it is with. It is the planet of expansion and growth, so it makes everything bigger. Since this delight is occuring in the 10th house, it helps the person do well and gives sense of fulfillment through career and social status. Still, we cannot forget that Venus is enemy to Jupiter which causes starvation. While the person gets fulfillment through the worldly achievements, they may caught up in all the little details and the luxuries that they want to gain, and lose a greater sense of purpose and expansive aspect of the realization.

Mars delighting Jupiter  

Mars is giving 108 of its strength to Jupiter. 

Mars is the planet of discipline, logic, ideals and immediate actions. Jupiter is the planet of philosophy and wise decisions. Both Mars and Jupiter are masculine planets, and they are influencing her masculine 10th house. So when it comes to career, this avashta ignites her drive, determination, and wisdom to intuitively select the most efficient and intelligent way possible to be successful in her 10th house endeavors.

Rahu and Ketu

Ketu (South Node of the Moon) indicates where we have put most of our energy and attentions in the past, showing where the lessons have already been learnt. Rahu (North Node of the Moon) shows the area we need to consciously develop in this lifetime. Ketu falls in the 10th house. This indicates that in her previous incarnations she was successful in establishing her career or public status. Her Rahu is situated in the 4th (home, land, mother, emotions) – the most private and personal house. This shows that, in this lifetime, she needs to develop her emotional contentment instead of seeking fulfillment externally.


Her 10th house is in the sign of Sagittarius. Its symbol is an arrow – a vector containing two properties of magnitude and direction. It is showing where our ideals and aspirations are aiming towards, and what we can do to achieve that goal. As indicated by Jupiter, Venus and Ketu conjunction, she has both the capacity and tendency for achieving success in her career. Yet, Rahu and Ketu are showing that the true contentment can only be achieved when she aims the arrow towards fulfilling emotional contentment within home-related environment.


This article was written by Junko, an Astrological Apprenticeship Student, for the Planetary States and Avashtas course.  For more information on learning Vedic Astrology, please see our new “Self-directed” version of the the Astrology Apprenticeship Course at this link: https://vedic-astrology.teachable.com/


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