lajjitaadi avasthas

The Astrology of OSHO RAJNEESH

(Written by A. Mattoo – Asheville Vedic Astrology Apprenticeship Curriculum student.)

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Detailed Analysis of the Chart for Lajjitadi Avasthas

This chart explores the 3rd and 8th house for understanding Lajjitadi Avasthas and related indications as studied.

3rdhhouse : Successful effort, adventures, younger siblings, desires, life, energy, excitement, enthusiasm, initiative, motivation, courage , fear, voice, singing, fine arts, music, dance, managers, musicians , actors , dancers , singers, detailing , writing , journals, all communications, firm personality, travel, motivation.

8th House indications, Life Force, Longevity, Means and Experience of death, wills, legacies, Joint Finances and others’ money, sexual vigour, Chronic illnesses, accidents, misfortunes, occult, controversy, Intuition and psychic abilities.

The sign of Sagittarius has occupied the 8th House and Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Moon are conjunct. Jupiter is exalted in the 3rd. We see following Avasthas: –

  1. Garvita Avastha: –  Exalted Jupiter is giving the Garvita Avastha.
  2. Kshudita Avastha: – Moon and Venus within 10 degrees of Saturn are creating harsh starvation. Mercury at 15-degree orb and Mars at 20 -degree orb from Saturn are slightly less starved. Saturn facing major starvation from Moon and minor from Mars. Mercury and Venus are being starved by Moon as well. Mars is also starved by Mercury. Mercury and Venus are also starving Jupiter through aspects.
  3. Mudita Avastha: – Saturn is delighted by Venus and Mercury. Moon is delighted by Mercury. Venus receiving delight from Mercury and Saturn. Mars receives delight from Moon and from an aspect of Jupiter. Mercury receives delight from Venus. Jupiter receiving delight from Sun, Moon and Mars.

Avasthas of Jupiter: –

Garvita Avastha of Jupiter: –

Osho, the prodigious and intense mystic of modern times.  Jupiter grants all the profound wisdom of philosophy, spirituality, mysticism and occult. In his youth itself he studied books authored by almost all the great thinkers, philosophers, scientists, artists and psychics of the world. His library boasted of a compilation of 150 thousand books which he had read. (Which seems unlikely, unless they were very small books. A hundred year old person would have to read 4 books a day from the day they were born to accomplish this.) He was deeply interested in bringing the transcendental nature of human existence available to the authentic seeker. Through his mesmerizing communication skills, he spoke on almost all Ancient spiritual texts, majorly in Hindi and English.

His discourses have been compiled into 650 books and innumerable videos.  His speech would cast a spell on his listeners with hypnotic effect. Especially fond of the Buddhist texts and Zen methods, he gave nihilism a positive spin.  His oral commentaries are on all the major religious icons of the world Mahavira, Siddhartha Gautam, Tao Masters, major deities of Hindus, Zarathustra and Guru Nanak are exemplary.

His discourses on Indian mystics like Kabir and Haridas are of venerable nature. Explanations of Classical and modern philosophers like Kant, Nietzsche, Socrates, Sartre, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky appear abundantly throughout his work. His unique take on the Bhagwad Gita, Dhammapada, The Jina Sutras, Upanishads, Talmud, Vigyan Bhairava Tantra, Patanjali Yoga Sutras etc. are a testimony of his great intuitive and psychic abilities. The commentaries of great Zen masters like Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu are among his phenomenal contributions. He received huge donations which resulted in extraordinary wealth and controversies also.

Mudita Avastha of Jupiter: –

  1. Sun and Moon’ delighting Jupiter made his childhood memorable as his parents would allow him to spend time with nature adventurously. Most of his time was spent at the river studying life. There was no pressure to attend the formal school. His Father ensured that he would be only allowed to appear in the exams.
  2. Mars delighting Jupiter: He was eldest of the 11 siblings and with his extraordinary intelligence he passed all his exams in top division. He topped the university in philosophy and psychology. This landed him a job as a University professor where he focussed on imparting experiential knowledge rather than promote rote learning. His childhood adventures and naughty mischiefs are well documented in the book ‘Glimpses of a Golden Childhood’.

Kshudita Avastha of Jupiter: –

  1. Mercury and Venus starving Jupiter did create difficulty for him as all the journalists and rationalists opposed him and his genre of spirituality at various platforms. His secretary Sheela did cause problem in the spiritual commune which created controversy and put his spiritual aura in jeopardy.

Avasthas of Moon: –

Kshudita Avastha of Moon (Saturn starving Moon): –   Difficulty in receiving nourishment from mother happened when he did not drink mother’s milk for three days after being born. Formative years were spent away from his mother, with grandparents. The weak growth of body in early years also made physical survival a bit of struggle. Detachment, while living in the world is seen through this avastha.

Mudita Avastha of Moon (Mercury delighting Moon): – This made him a psychic and mystic par excellence. He developed deep intuitiveness and an intellectual mind. He could speak on Freud, Jung, Assagioli as well as on Tantra with equal ease and aplomb. He could speak with delight on taboo subjects like death, immortality and sexuality with concrete details.

Avasthas of Venus: –

Kshudita Avastha of Venus: –

  1. Saturn starving Venus: – He experienced loss of childhood friend and cousin Shashi which was instrumental for him to move to the inner world. He never got married to any woman and did not approve much of institution of marriage. He suffered from chronic illnesses and did not care much about the upkeep of the body.
  2. Moon starving Venus: – In relationships with intimate sannyasins there were a lot of demands of perfection on how the commune should run. He never committed or expected a long-term relationship.

Mudita Avastha of Venus: –

  1. Saturn delighting Venus: – He was very committed to enlightenment of the sannyasins of the commune. Ups and downs in commitment level of sannyasins did not deter him in his commitment towards them.
  2. Mercury delighting Venus: – His communication delighting all his sannyasins and readers of his books and watchers of his videos. Dynamic Meditation was created for hyper active people. He experienced delightful time with intimate sannyasins who were interested in unravelling the mysteries of life through occult and meditation. Luxury and wealth of the commune also created delight.

Avasthas of Mercury: –

Kshudita Avastha of Mercury: –

  1. Saturn and Moon starving Mercury: – He was not interested in having friendship only for frivolous activities. He would not consider logic as final destination, at the same time never undermining its importance. Heart over head was his clear message. He would encourage sannyasins to go beyond scriptures for self- realization, after comprehending them.

Avasthas of Mars: –

Kshudita Avastha of Mars: –

  1. Saturn and Mercury starving Mars: – He was against military training and building armies for expansion or killing. Was always in midst of conflict and controversy regarding his spiritual practice and candidness towards sexual topic. Business partnerships are non – existent. Arguments on spiritual concepts.

Mudita Avastha of Mars: –

  1. Moon and Jupiter delighting Mars: – Meditation became his second nature. Unwavering and determined mind to explore the areas that he would want to without fear of conflict.

Avasthas of Saturn: –

Kshudita Avastha of Saturn: –

  1. Moon and Mars starving Saturn: – He always insisted on the discipline that was arising out of the individual’s intuitiveness rather than any imposed time structure. He always viewed and taught life as living spontaneity.

Mudita Avastha of Saturn: –

  1. Venus and Mercury delighting Saturn: – His communication skills created an organized living commune of thousands of people. The commune values were compassion, love and celebration. His world fame came through the commune.

The Bhava Yogas connected to Avasthas:  

  1. 8th lord in 3rd House in exaltation is the main Bhava Yoga.  All the positive influences are true: – “Skills in research, sex, occult, and psychic methods. Deep thinker. Understands and uncovers secrets. Has deep knowledge about paranormal or taboo subjects. Sees what others don’t. Hypnotic Powers.” Negative influences could be “sexual inappropriateness in the eyes of the prudish and vulnerability to others’ energies.”
  2. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th 7th ,9th ,10th and 12th lords in the 8th House: – This shows a man whose whole life, wealth, fame, service to people and his death has been about mysticism, occult, transformation, death & rebirth and enlightenment.

Some Final Insights:

One very interesting fact about this chart is the contradictory (starvation and delightful) avasthas operate at the same time. Life is oscillating between greatness and disgraceful accusations. From the throne of the commune to the jail in U.S. life containing co-existence of opposites is very evident.

He brought forth dancing and active meditations along with silent ones. The deep interconnect and prosperity of the 3rd and the 8th house seen is unparalleled.

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