Working With Saturn Conjunctions

Saturn is notorious for being “The Great Malefic”. Saturn will generally require hard work, commitment, and responsibility from an individual in various areas of their lives (which is not as fun as the blessings bestowed by other, more gentle, planets!). Depending on the house that Saturn is in, and the planets he sits with, and the sign he resides in – Saturn will produce different results for all individuals.

In this segment Ryan Kurczak discusses the influences of Saturn, what may occur when Saturn is conjoined with other planets, and most importantly – how understanding that energy may assist us in navigating our challenges with more grace.

You can listen to our discussion here:


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  1. Hi light workers
    My Rising is Libra. In Birth Chart, I have Jupiter Saturn conjunction both in 10 degrees but Jupiter is lower a bit in my 12th House (sign 6) and Moon Ketu Conjunction (Moon in 3 and Ketu in 8 degree) in my 4th House (in Capricorn sign). I don’t know what should I do in such Energy and I need help to understand what should I do. I try to do meditation and stay in Home away from public and keep my spiritual activities. I have Me and Mars in 9th House and Sun venus in 10th house. last year I resigned from my job and now have no communication with society.
    I am in my Jupiter Dasha and I have very strange situation. I heard from and astrologer that I am experiencing death energy. please let me know the effect of Saturn Jupitern Conjunction in my life.

    Thanks in advance