Astrological Houses

The 10th and 4th House in Astrology

“The Tenth House and the Fourth House”

Welcome to my series of ‘Fireside chats’ with Fernando Raul Castro – and

In this episode, we the indicators that are associated with the 10th House and the 4th House. Father, mother, land, property, inheritance, patriarchy are all up for grabs in today’s fireside myth-busting with Fiona and Fernando. The relevant timestamp of Fernando’s original video is 26:40

As recent graduates of the Asheville Vedic Astrology Apprenticeship Program…​, we explore our natural yin/yang approaches and shed light on common presumptions about astrology. In these times of polarisation of opinions, it is our hope that our discussion will promote contemplation and respect for those with different perspectives to our own.

I don’t see the world the way Fernando does, and he doesn’t see it the way I do and that is often where I find I learn the most! I hope you also gain some insights and encourage you to be open to ideas even if they seem, at first, to be opposed to your own.

This series was inspired by Fernando’s video submission in the 4th Year of our Astrology Apprenticeship​. For assessment purposes, the video needed to be an hour long. My wish is that, together, we can explore elements of that video in bite-sized pieces making them accessible and digestible for even more people.