Introduction to Vedic Astrology Audio Course

Here you will find the audio files for the popular YouTube series, the Free Vedic Astrology Learning Course, covering the major topics from our book the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume 1.

YoutubeThumb852Over 65,000 people have viewed and learned the basics of Vedic Astrology through this course. Many continue to review and meditate upon the teachings within this class, to secure their astrological knowledge base.

Course contents include 52 separate tracks and 15 hours dedicated to reviewing:

  • An exploration of every house
  • Review of the indications of the 9 planets
  • Introductory material on Vedic Astrological Technique
  • Review of Combustion and Retrograde Planets
  • Understanding planetary states and dignity
  • An approach to the spiritual philosophy of astrology
  • Exploration of Timing through Dashas and Transits

I have recently converted all the videos from this Free Vedic Astrology Learning Course into audio Mp3’s you can download to listen during long drives, runs or leisurely afternoons on your porch.  Your cost to download is $10.80 for all 52 tracks totaling 15 hours of lecture material.


If you would like to download these files and further support our astrological educational endeavors, please order using the button above.

Make sure you can unzip a .zip file and download this to a computer, not a phone, tablet or ipod. The files are mp3 audio and can be played on your regular audio devices, but the file needs to be downloaded and unzipped to a desktop computer first.

Or continue watching for free via YouTube beginning with the first video posted below.