The Myth and Magick of Vedic Astrology

In Depth Understanding About the Origins of Planetary Energies Helps Us to Conceptualize Astrological Influences.

In Depth Understanding About the Origins of Planetary Energies Helps Us to Conceptualize Astrological Influences.

Gain a Proper Grasp of the Planets through Their Mythic Origins in this 13 Hour MP3 Downloadable Astrology Course

$62.00 Instant Download

As astrologers we are always identifying and assessing the strengths and combinations of planetary energies.  Knowing how each planetary ray shapes our bodies, minds and life experiences is essential to properly understanding the birth chart, how karma will unfold and how to work within our circumstances for greater Self-knowledge and spiritual freedom.

This 13 hour course focuses on the mythological stories of the planets.  We explore the many indications of each planet, both within the horoscope and the appropriate vargas. We will learn and practice the mantras for each planet and also methods of contemplation for direct insights into planetary rays, the conscious force of the planets within.  The mantras and contemplative methods are based on the successful direct experiences I have had over the years.  It has been these direct experiences that have been the most valuable aspect of my studies into astrology.

It is my goal that within this course, you will learn very intimately what the planets do within our lives and consciousness.  We will learn the concrete things a planet produces and also the innate qualities a planet imparts to those areas of life it influences.  Ideally, you will also learn how to recognize how a planet may be functioning within a person by simply talking with them or hearing about their life experience. By practice of mantra and contemplation, you will learn to work with the planets for your self-development and also learn how to recognize and advise proper remedial measures for your clients. This is the true Magick of astrology.

The mythological stories within Vedic Astrology anthropomorphize the planets so that we may better comprehend how those cosmic energies work and interact within our psyche. Direct insights into what the planets produce within our lives and how they will produce those things deepens through contemplation on the ancient astrological stories and mythological beliefs.  This is invaluable to proper assessment of astrological principles.

Through properly practiced mantra and contemplation the planets awaken and become conscious within our awareness. No longer do we need to look to books for understanding, we can learn to directly commune with those awakened energies. This takes time, commitment and study, but it is my feeling that only through a strong discipline to fully awaken the planets within us can we begin to be true astrologers.

This is not a technique oriented class.  It is applicable to beginners and seasoned astrologers.  Ideally, you will learn to assess a person’s planetary situation without even looking at a chart.  However, to be realistic, this class is meant to be the beginning of your studies into actual astrological technique.

$62.00 Instant Download

**Due to the digital nature of this course, it is a non-refundable.  Please be sure you are familiar with and resonate with Ryan’s approach to Vedic Astrology before committing to investing in this course.  Free videos and classes can be reviewed here:

Audio Course Excerpt #1 – Astrology, Fate and Destiny

Audio Course Excerpt #2 – Moon as Functional Malefic of Benefic

Course also includes 9 separate audio chants for the planets.  Each planetary mantra is repeated 108 times and utilizing the proper musical key.

Track Listings Include:

01 Myth and Magick of Vedic Astrology Introduction.mp3

02 Sun Meditation.mp3

03 Meditation Karma Destiny and Self Knowledge.mp3

04 Basic Information About the Sun.mp3

05 The Sun and His Wives.mp3

06 The Avatar of The Sun.mp3

07 Names of the Sun.mp3

08 Sun and the Chakras.mp3

09 Moon Meditation.mp3

10 More on Self Knowledge Astrology and Destiny.mp3

11 Understanding How to Work With the Planets.mp3

12 Innate Qualities of the Moon.mp3

13 Moon as a Second Ascendant.mp3

14 The Moons Birth and the Nakshatras.mp3

15 Avatar and Names of the Moon.mp3

16 The Chart can Confuse You.mp3

17 Questions About the Moon.mp3

18 Revisiting Malefic and Benefic Moon.mp3

19 Creating a Step By Step Procedure.mp3

20 A Secret to Understanding House Lord Placements.mp3

21 Questions on Vargas Avashtas and Dignity.mp3

22 Mars Meditation.mp3

23 Revisiting the Course Handout.mp3

24 The Birth of Mars.mp3

25 Skanda Karttikeya and Mars.mp3

26 Narasimha.mp3

27 Names of Mars.mp3

28 Zodiac and Lajjitaadi Questions.mp3

29 Mercury Meditation.mp3

30 Mercury In A Horoscope.mp3

31 Natural Indications of Mercury.mp3

32 Birth of Mercury.mp3

33 Avatar of Mercury.mp3

34 Names of Mercury.mp3

35 Combustion and Mercurial Difficulties.mp3

36 Jupiter Meditation.mp3

37 How Jupiter Helps Astrologers.mp3

38 Jupiter and The Yoga Sutras.mp3

39 Battles of Jupiter.mp3

40 Eternal Karma Eternal Life.mp3

41 Jupiter and the Avatar Vamana.mp3

42 Jupiter Throughout the Horoscope.mp3

43 Final Thoughts on Jupiter Class.mp3

44 Venus Meditation.mp3

45 Qualities of Venus.mp3

46 The Early Life of Venus.mp3

47 Venus is Born from Shiva.mp3

48 The Children of Venus and Jupiter.mp3

49 Avatar of Venus.mp3

50 Names of Venus.mp3

51 Venus as a Malefic.mp3

52 Introduction to Saturn.mp3

53 Saturn Meditation.mp3

54 Can We Work With Saturn.mp3

55 Sade Sati Begins.mp3

56 Sade Sati Ends.mp3

57 Saturn Remedies.mp3

58 Saturn Final Questions.mp3

59 Rahu Ketu Meditation.mp3

60 Introducing Rahu and Ketu.mp3

61 Avatar of Saturn Birth of the Nodes.mp3

62 Avatar of Rahu.mp3

63 Avatar of Ketu.mp3

64 Results of Rahu Dasha.mp3

65 Results of Ketu Dasha.mp3

66 Rahu in All the Houses.mp3

67 Ketu in All the Houses.mp3

68 Rahu Ketu Q&A.mp3

69 What Empowers Astrological Remedies.mp3

70 To Predict or Not to Predict.mp3

71 How to Choose a Remedy.mp3

72 An Aside About Proper Birthtimes.mp3

73 It Works It Does Not Work.mp3

74 How Long Until A Remedy Works.mp3

75 When and How to Do an Astrological Remedy.mp3

76 Directly Attuning to Divine Consciousness.mp3

77 Final Questions.mp3

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