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Prasna is an excellent tool to answer our pressing questions in life. Not everyone needs a full astrological birth chart reading. Sometimes we just have one or two burning questions that need answered to help us deal with a situation or gauge if this is the right time or not to take action.  By constructing an astrological chart for the moment a question is asked, gives us insights into the results of taking a certain action. This is the most accurate form of astrology in our current age, because it does not require a client to have an accurate birth time, or even a birth chart at all (although that can be helpful).


What would be the result of this action?

The fee for this service is $108.00.  Ryan is only able to do a about 20 of these a month, due to his current work load. Be sure to read this ENTIRE section, and watch the video provided to understand the best way to get your questions answered accurately.

Step 1: Watch This Short Video.

Step 2: Consider your question. The more time you spend contemplating your question on your own, the clearer will be your question and the clearer the answer. Do not rush to ask a question.  Wait until you have thought it through as deeply as possible.  Then once you decide upon the question you would like answered, write it out.

Ideal questions are focused on one direction of thought.  They do not ask questions like, “Is it a good idea to marry Ardra or Ramesh?”  A better question would be, “What would be the result of marrying Ramesh?”  Common questions Ryan answers are:

What would be the result of hiring Milica Subrahmanian?”

What would be the result of exploring this new venture with Aksel?”

What would be the result of buying this property in Marion County?”

“Can I trust this person?”

“What it is the likelihood I will be successful in this venture?”

“How hard will it be to accomplish [insert detailed goal]?”

“How supportive of a time is it to try having children right now?”

Notice how these questions are focused on one possibility.  That is key.  Notice how many of these questions begin with “What would be the result of…” Those questions also work very well.  Also, be advised, due to the nature of human experience, it is very possible that the answer to your questions may be negative.  We state exactly what the chart shares, and if that is negative or indications are unclear, we will share this.  If there are possible remedies, we will share that as well.  But from our experience, it is not uncommon to have to deliver negative advice.  Make sure you are willing to hear what is shared.

Step 3: Secure your service through PayPal.  The fee you will be charged is $108.00 USD.

(If this option is not available, it means Ryan has met his quota for this month.  We reset this at the beginning of every month.)

Step 4: Forward a copy of your PayPal receipt to  In that forwarded message, please state your specific question following the procedure given above.  If you have your birth date, time and location, please share that in your forwarded email as well.

Step 5: Give Ryan 1-3 weeks to respond.  (Please do not try to rush this process or write to us continuously to check status of your work. That will only slow down the process, as that will be adding to our list of emails we have to sort through, which is already more than can be answered in a day. If you have no response from us within 3 weeks, first check your SPAM or BULK mail folder to make sure the email did not go there.  If you still cannot find it.  Do write us at, and we will resend.)

Step 6: Within 1-3 weeks Ryan will review your information and email you a 2-6 sentence paragraph sharing the astrological answer to your question.

The prashna chart is calculated for a specific query at a given time and place, and is particularly useful for those people who do not possess accurate information regarding their time of birth. The essential condition for using this form of astrology is that the querent (the person asking the question) approaches an astrologer when he or she feels impelled to seek astrological help for a specific query. As in natal astrology a complete chart is erected, only this is calculated for the time of query rather than for the time of birth.  By this “chart of the moment” we can interpret the accurate answer to the question.

If you are interested in learning to answer questions astrologically for your self, please review the following downloadable class:

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May all your burning desires be fulfilled!