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A topical, thought-provoking bi-monthly podcast guaranteed to inspire and deepen your knowledge of Vedic Astrology. Topics include … What is Vedic Astrology? How does Astrology work? Vedic Astrology knowledge and techniques, Interviews with Vedic Astrologers, Vedic Astrology Case Studies.

The Paradox of the 11th House: What Aquarius can teach us about Gains The Vedic Astrology Podcast

Just in time for the Sun's annual return to Aquarius, let's explore the paradoxical nature of the 11th House.  How can we make the most of the gains offered by a birth chart?  In this episode we cover the Hero's Journey, the Drama Triangle – and even discuss how to Catch a Monkey!  Keep listening for the opportunity to connect with me in a small group on my new Patreon Account – on YouTube at the original 11th House episode – Season 1, Episode 11 Aquarius, 11th House and the Yoga Breaker ( – the show
  1. The Paradox of the 11th House: What Aquarius can teach us about Gains
  2. Decoding Canberra through Sidereal and Tropical Vedic Astrology with Kody Henry
  3. Numerology in Vedic Astrology and Enneagram with Katee Glass
  4. Carl Jung Through the Eyes of the Veda with Sachin Sharma
  5. Astronomy and Vedic Astrology Coevolution

Hosted by Asheville Vedic Astrology Apprenticeship Graduate and Custodian of the Asheville Vedic Astrology Apprenticeship Program, Fiona Marques.