In Depth Avashtas of Astrology Class

Course #9 – In Depth Avashtas of Astrology Class

Course Dates – October 4th – November 8th, 2019

Limited Class Size – 27 Participants

An avashta in astrological parlance, indicates a planetary state or situation. The most commonly utilized avashtas are the Deeptaadi and Balaadi avashtas. The Deeptaadi avashta, often related to a planets dignity, reveals the brilliance of the planet’s capacity to achieve its agendas. The Balaadi avashtas help an astrologer to see the natural karmic age of planet. The karmic age can show how well developed the karmas in the chart will be. While there are many kinds of avashtas, there are four main avashtas that all astrologers should know.  These are:

  1. Deeptaadi Avashtas – Determining the “mental/psychological” state of a planet
  2. Balaadi Avashtas – Determining the karmic age of a planet
  3. Jagradaadi Avashtas – Determining the alertness or unconsciousness of a planet
  4. Lajitaadi Avashtas – Determining how planets are functioning in relationship to their friends and enemies

Question: Now that we have a solid foundation in the astrological formulas to properlysage1 comprehend the Rasis, Signs, Houses, Shadbala, Planetary States, Astrological Yogas, Rahu & Ketu, and the Vargas, where do we go from there?

Answer: We profoundly explore the avashtas.

Question: Why have we waited so long to review something so simple?

Answer: Everything is a part of the puzzle of astrology. There is a time to study and apply each piece of that puzzle. Everything we have studied up to this point has been adding layer after layer of knowledge. As you have seen as we’ve progressed through this Astrological Apprenticeship Program, each layer adds a new vision of clarity. The knowledge from all the previous classes has helped us to see WHAT ARE THE KARMAS that are indicated in the horoscope. The previous knowledge has helped us appreciate the nuances of each karma. Now by studying these avashtas in detail, we can learn how the owner of the horoscope may respond to each of those karmas.

This is the final course of Year 3 in the Astrological Apprenticeship.  After completion of this course, we will have surveyed all the basic foundational astrological material needed competently read a horoscope. Year 4 will take that knowledge and apply it to time.

This course will be a minimum of 16 hours in length and divided into a minimum of 7 classes. These are pre-recorded classes (which I will begin on an auspicious muhurta!) Class recordings will be delivered, via email, with a link to the video of the class at the beginning of each week.  Classes will be available as a video for up to three weeks after the class’s conclusion.  So take your time and be sure to take good notes! Student questions are to be emailed in between classes. Each question will be answered at the beginning of the next class.

Base Tuition: 410.00

Registration ends September 25th, 2019. Payments must be received by September 25th, 2019 to reserve your spot.

Send me an Email to Register.

Required Reading for This Course: The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II. This book can be ordered through this site, or through

For more information on the full Astrological Apprenticeship Program please click on this link.