Rasi and Signs Astrology Apprenticeship Course for 2019

s-y-blueCourse #1 Rasi and Signs Now Accepting Registration

Course Dates: February 5th – April 5th

Limited Class Size – 27 Students

The signs of the zodiac are said to be the limbs and body of the Divine Being. Each sign represents a section of the body, a specific personality type, a specific life path, and various objects within the world, a size, a quality and color. By understanding the detailed indications of each sign, you can properly understand how each area of your life will manifest.

Start your astrological studies properly, and set the stage for a life of

Astrological Mastery!

“The houses show each area of life (such as health, family, siblings, home, children, spouse, longevity, career, finances, etc.). The signs show us the field from which all these worldly things grow. This is why the spouse of one person will be radically different than the spouse of another, and why one finds financial gains in one pursuit and someone else finds it elsewhere. Before we can understand the richness of the horoscope, we must deeply internalize the meanings of the fields from which our lives grow, which are known through the signs. If you know the natures and powers of the zodiacal signs, you can know the specific environment of anyone’s varied and diverse life situations.

Your potential for personal understanding and predictive trends is then limitless.”

In this course we will explore the detailed nature and meanings of the signs of the Zodiac. We will also consider together how to properly prepare the mind for astrological knowledge. The focus will be on how to THINK like an astrologer from the very beginning. This includes activating both the concrete and abstract aspects of your intellect.

In these Astrological Mastery Courses, we will be drawing on the wisdom and techniques of ancient texts such as Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Brihat Jataka, Sarvartha Chinamani, Jaimini Upadesa Sutras, and more.

This course will be a minimum of 21 hours in length and divided into a minimum of 7 classes. You can attend to this class at your own pace, taking the time you need to learn the information presented. These are pre-recorded classes, which I will begin on an auspicious muhurta. Class recordings will be delivered, via email, with a link to the video of the class at the beginning of each week.  Classes will be available as a video for up to three weeks after the classes conclusion.  So take your time and be sure to take good notes!  Student questions are to be emailed in between classes. Each question will be answered at the beginning of the next class.

Class size is limited to 27 participants.

Base Tuition: $410.00

(However, this is such a fascinating topic and I want to make it available to everyone, so if you can’t afford $210.00, just tell me what you can and that will be the cost for you. This does not apply to Apprenticeship Track Students, only general students. Apprenticeship Track Student fees are $210.00.)

Registration ends January 17th, 2019. Payments must be received by January 15th, 2019 to reserve your spot.

Send me an Email to Register. Classes@ashevillevedicastrology.com

Required Reading for This Course: The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume I. This book can be ordered through this site, or through Amazon.com.

For more information on the full Astrological Apprenticeship Program please click on this link.