Kala Vedic Astrology Software

Kala – Vedic Astrology Software 2013

Kala means “Time” – the Astrological Force that Brings Events to Pass. Kala is quickly becoming the premier Jyotish software due to its greatest accuracy, ease of use, and unique features. This is an excellent program for the Tropical Vedic Astrologer.

Kala has extensive calculations and easily customizable features. Kala runs in English, German, Russian, Spanish and Hungarian*.

The current version of Kala is Kala 2013:


Click Here to Buy Kala Software on CD $254.95

Click Here to Buy Kala Software as Digital Download $244.95


Kala Upgrades are now available: Upgrade from Kala 2005, Kala 2006 or Kala 2008 to Kala 2010. (Only purchase the upgrade if you are a registered Kala 2005, Kala 2006 or Kala 2008 owner, otherwise you will not be able to get a password to run the upgrade. 

Click Here to Buy Kala Software Upgrade on CD $40.00

Click Here to Buy Kala Software Upgrade as Digital Download $30.00


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 210 Megabytes of Hard Disk free space. 16 Megabytes Ram. Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, Vista or Windows 7. Runs efficiently on PC compatible Macs with Windows installed and on PC platforms for Mac.

*German, Russian, Spanish and Hungarian translations are not fully complete. Interface is translated, but not all of the Yogas and textual files. Please see the demo to see what exactly is translated.

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  1. Happy New Year Ryan! I have a basic question. I’d be grateful if you could answer. Does Kala Software produce a sidereal chart or a tropical chart?

  2. would you please guide me how can i learn detailed kala software programme after purchase i.e specific audio/video courses on kala software related topics.

  3. It appears you’re using tropical vedic charts vs sidereal? Which does the Kala software generate?

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