11 Hour Downloadable Introduction to Kriya Yoga Training Course

Autobiography of a Yogi, By Paramahansa Yogananda

Autobiography of a Yogi, By Paramahansa Yogananda

Kriya Yoga is a path to inner peace and Self-realization made popular by Paramahansa Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi. The path itself is one that utilizes specific mantra meditation, breath awareness techniques and Self-inquiry.

In 2005 I was authorized and ordained to share and teach Kriya Yoga by a direct student of Paramahansa Yoganada. Since that time, when the opportunity has arisen I’ve done my best to provide that service.  Having walked this path everyday since 2000, I have found it to be the greatest and most fulfilling inner work I have ever done. I have found peace with my Self and gained greater understanding about my relationship with the Divine. The realizations and happiness derived from this practice cannot be compared to any other activity in this world.

Astrology is a great love and passion, and I am happy to be of service as an astrological teacher and consultant, but for me, the way of Kriya Yoga is more important than any astrological lore, instruction or counsel. Astrology can reveal the probabilities of your current incarnation, but proper Kriya practice can reveal the depth of your being, which transcends incarnations.  It is for this reason, that I offer this work for those lovers of astrology who also wish to go beyond the tidal forces of the stars and planets.

It was my goal and intention in this audio course to share with you the same practices that have proven effective for me. I also share personal struggles and inspirations to give a realistic understanding of just what IS required to experience inner peace and greater awareness of the Divine presence within and around you.

In this Kriya Yoga Audio Course you will learn:

  • How to meditate effectively
  • Kriya Yoga Pranayama Techniques as I learned them during initiation and only alluded to in Autobiography of a Yogi
  • Effective Kriya Yoga meditation routines
  • the philosophical understanding of true Yoga practice as taught in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • The kind of lifestyle that leads to greater success on the Self-realization path
  • How to practice contemplation and Self-inquiry to realize directly the truth of your being
Ryan Kurczak leads an introduction to Kriya Yoga principles in Morgantown, WV.

Ryan Kurczak leads an introduction to Kriya Yoga principles in Morgantown, WV.

This course was a recorded as a real-time webinar with 42 participants.  Because of this, the nature of the lectures are fluid and there are breaks for answering student questions. During the live session, we had an additional online meditation session each week.  Two of those have been recorded and are included, that you may follow along a guided Kriya Routine.

The suggested fee for the live class was $108.00.  The webinar participants also had an extra 6 hours of meditation practice time and capacity to ask questions live or via email.  If you are interested in participating in future live webinars, for a more interactive experience, please email us at astroinfo@ashevillevedicastrology.com and we will record your name and email into our newsletter.

Audio Class Instant Download Fee is $27.00.

What to Know Before You Purchase

A .zip file will be sent to you including nearly 11 hours of audio lecture and instruction in .mp3 sound file format.  You will also receive 1 hour of video in .wmv format of a guided Kriya practice.  (Make sure you can unzip a .zip file and that you can play .mp3’s and .wmv files before downloading.)  Also, be aware, this is a big file.  It is at least 754 megabytes, so may take a while to download.  Be sure your internet is up to it.  Due to the digital nature of this course, it is a non-refundable.  Please be sure you are familiar with and resonate with Ryan’s approach to Kriya before committing to investing in this course.

If you are not familiar with Ryan’s approach to Kriya Yoga and spiritual growth please review the videos on this site: https://www.youtube.com/KriyaYogaOnline.

Or review the appropriate books on this page: https://ashevillevedicastrology.wordpress.com/vedic-astrology-homestudy/.

Students who participated in the live course had the following to say about this class.

I would recommend to take this class for these main reasons. One does not have to enroll or become member of any group/society/follow any particular belief. This is totally free journey and no boundaries are imposed after the class is over, like many groups do. No religious thoughts or beliefs are imposed during the sessions. The class and idea is free from it. Anyone who is ‘in search’ of himself and looking for ways to walk on this path will find these class and exercises useful.

I have had some Kriya training previously and was hoping for some clarification on a few of the finer points.  Not only did I get that, I learned way more than I actually expected — I am very pleased with the experience. It covers everything you need to know to get started in Kriya Yoga.  It has been shrouded in such secrecy for so long it is nice to see it being available to so many more people.”

Thank you for sharing your insights, especially your personal experiences so that we don’t fall into the same traps! The best thing about the course was that you kept it simple, demystified it, emphasized our need to take our own path with it and not rely on others, your integrity on those fronts came out clearly. I enjoyed that I can re-listen to the MP3 files. I also liked the fact you acknowledge that anybody, taking the steps you’ve outlined, can reach Samadhi, that it’s simply a natural progression. I am grateful to you for taking the time to point us towards the Kriya spiritual path and for your no-nonsense, pragmatic guidance. It certainly is a life’s work and I am enjoying my life knowing that.”

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  1. Hello,
    I’m interested in purchasing the 11-hour course, but I’d like to know do you perform kriya yoga initiations, Ryan? And if so, what’s the procedure there.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Ryan,

    Your videos have moved me. Thank you. They have give me such transformation. I began my practices from your teachings over a year ago. I would like to study with you. Do you do any teaching, either online or in person? Namaste.

  3. Hi Ryan,
    I ordered the 11 hour download Learn Kriya Yoga Course yesterday – February 5th, 2020.
    I did not receive the course.
    Can you or someone pls look into this?
    I am very eager to start.
    Anoop Devjani

  4. Hi Ryan, I’m from Brazil and love Yogananda. I saw your video about Kriya Yoga. I’d like to know if that 11 Hour Downloadable Introduction to Kriya Yoga Training Course includes the subtitles in English since I am from a non english language country. Thank you.

  5. …oh, and thank you for all the free videos on Kriya Yoga and everything else on Youtube. So generous of you. Absolutely vital stuff. I dont have a massive income and get most of my spiritual, gnostic and psycological information from free channels such as yours, but in this instance I have bought your first book and downloaded the yoga MP3’s in appreciation. All the best!

  6. I’d be interested in hearing your views on the use of psycedelic substances in relation to meditation, communing with god/self and living an enlightened human existence.

  7. I am disappointed. I watch some of Ryan’s YouTube videos and thought this would be a great supplement to my SRF lessons. My disappointment stems from the price. Doesn’t anybody share this type of knowledge with out seeking personal gain?

    • Hah…Good one… See the playlists at http://www.youtube.com/kriyayogaonline. There are courses in that playlist you can watch for free that cover the same material. The super expensive 27 dollar and 54 dollar courses are simply for folks who want to support the efforts put towards making these kinds of things available. Cheers.

    • Even someone with a true gift for sharing their spiritual enlightenment techniques is justified in covering the costs of his/her teaching materials. The cost seems very fair to me, especially considering the prices often charged for similar programs/online classes. I think it’s unfair to accuse someone of “seeking personal gain” without full knowledge of his/her motives/ideals.

    • Wow! ungrateful much? After everything Ryan has done for us? Robert, I wish if you had taken a moment to apologise for this ridiculous comment over 27 dollars. Dear Ryan, I want to take a moment to thank you for everything you have done for us. Especially the free Vedic Astrology Course on youtube. You were the only person who could explain Vedic Astrology to me in a rational manner. Also, the interconnected complexity of the subject, and how you explained it blew my mind. I also bought further Astrology education from you and I honestly think they are UNDERPRICED! I’ve never met you yet I always tell people that there is a man called Ryan Kurzak and he is my Guru. I promoted your courses to many interested individuals who are struggling to get their head around the basics of VA. Keep up the great work! It is much appreciated. Now I am about to learn Kriya Yoga. Once I go through your playlist, I will buy this course too.

      I would also like to get some readings done but it seems like you are really busy. Your services are currently unavailable. Please let us know when you open these services again. Apart from the creators of the Matrix trilogy (The Wachowskis) you are the only other person I want to meet in person before I die.

      • Well, then wait until you are super old and completely fulfilled in everything you’ve done, and then we’ll meet up for tea. I once had a friend who said, I really hope I get to see this person one more time before I die. Then that person died 6 months later after meeting them.

  8. Hello:) You can definitely heal your brain. I agree that neurofeedback can be excellent. There are so many things you can do. I think we can all profoundly benefit from lowering our toxic burden of heavy metals and chemicals, mold, parasites, lyme and coinfections, viruses, etc. Perhaps what you see as mental health issues are really symptoms of multi symptom multisystem environmental illness, and once you detox and balance the immune system, toxicity and inflammation goes down and your body and brain can begin to heal with ease. If any of this resonates, I recommend checking out the work of Dr. Klinghardt and Dave Asprey. There are also some great Facebook groups on healing from lyme and mold that have been very helpful for me (they address much more than lyme and mold of course). Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. I’ve been very isolated in my own healing journey, being in Sade Sati with Saturn as my disease Lord , and I feel that we’re not meant to do this alone. Blessings, Anisa

  9. I have tried everything to help myself find true happiness, empathy for others and have been in many forms of counseling since the age 10. I really believe that I have damaged my brain do to a lot of different types of self medicating and now have been diagnosed with severe personally disorder, quad pollar,Ptsd., I am so full of rage because I don’t have any release. I tried all the medication for twenty years with not much relive esept make me heavy and dulled out. So my question is do you think it is possible fix a brain ?I’m definitely interested in yoga I feel better when I do work strength and breathe. But I cant slow my mind down with out the medications, to do meditation and I’m not getting it.Its been a year since I started, truly lost and alone

    • Best thing for you to do is find someone who does professional neural/bio feedback… not someone who just works at a massage office and has a goofy gadget, but someone really skilled and trained in this… then go from there.

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