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The Libra Rising Blueprint

All 12 ascendants represent a particular facet of the cosmic experience. Each sign is a viewpoint through which the Infinite Consciousness interacts with the world of form. Understanding your own ascendant can […]

The 1st, 7th and 10th Astrological Houses of Jerry Garcia

It is important in astrology to be able to locate certain patterns or dominant influences based on the placement of planets in houses and the particular sign a house is in. It is within these placements where we can begin to see possible trends and karmic influences occurring within a particular area of a chart. This can show where there are dominant tendencies, ease and support, or hardships and lack of support within a person’s life, depending upon where the planets, signs, and houses are located relative to each other. To continue there will be a birth chart of Jerry Garcia provided, along with a brief explanation of the 3 most dominant houses that I chose within his chart and specific indications and examples to show if each house is supported or troubled. The houses that will be covered are 1, 10, and 7.