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Ryan Kurczak – Astrologer, Author and Kriya Yoga Teacher

Ryan Kurczak ~ Founder of Asheville Vedic Astrology

Ryan Kurczak graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Philosophy.  After college he completed training with The American Institute of Vedic Studies and the European Institute of Vedic Studies in the subjects of Ayurveda and Jyotish.  He also completed training in massage and bodywork, specializing in CranioSacral Therapy and The Yuen Method.  Ryan Kurczak has studied Vedic Astrology with Ernst Wilhelm, Dr. David Frawely, director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies, and Richard Fish, founder of the Center for Vedic Astrological Studies. Ryan was ordained in 2005, by a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.  Ryan has been studying Vedic Astrology since 2002 and practicing professionally since 2005.  He has worked with clients and students throughout the world.  Ryan has co-authored two books on Vedic Astrology and two books on Kriya Yoga and Non-dualism.

He serves as the Yoga Philosophy instructor of the Om Seva School of Yoga in Charleston, WV.  Ryan is an Astrological Healing instructor at The Asheville School of Massage and Yoga, in Asheville, NC.

“Ryan Kurczak provides an excellent practical synthesis of Vedic astrology, Yoga and Ayurveda that can facilitate wholeness and well-being in all aspects of our lives. He can be of great assistance for all who consult him.”   -David Frawley- Director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies

Ryan is currently retired from astrological sessions and has directed his time and attention to the teaching of Kriya Yoga.  Please see, or  Ryan has also developed an, in-depth, self-directed program for those wishing to learn Vedic Astrology. See the following link:

He is also the host of The Kriya Yoga Podcast –

Approved and Certified Astrologers of the Asheville Vedic Astrology 4-Year Program

hristova_desi_pictureDesi Hristova – Astrologer

For more than 15 years, my personal quest for a sense of meaning and purpose has been accompanied by the exploration of Yogic Philosophy, as well as the healing modalities of Yoga, and Creative expression. Similarly, I was drawn to astrology as a way to investigate what was going behind the scenes of life and what is my place in it. I enjoy challenging my ability to pay attention to the interconnectedness in Life and in Nature and in the Vedic chart. I have a curiosity for the relationship between Astrology and the Embodied Arts.

After some years of reading indiscriminately about Western Astrology, I encountered the teachings of Ryan Kurczak in 2014, and resonated with the scientific, yet practical approach towards researching a horoscope. Surely, I stayed on this path. In a profound way, this has reshaped my way of thinking and perceiving the world. The focus of my practice is in assisting individuals unearth their inner mystery. Through the gift of Self-knowledge, comes the ability to see the signs that support our path, which then helps us align our actions such that they are in harmony with our internal environment. I look forward to be of benefit to you and your life in the best way I can.

To Schedule a session: Please, write to me at

Asheville Bio PhotoSachin Sharma – Astrologer

Sachin first encountered Jyotisha during his childhood, as he overheard many astrological conversations that his mother and grandfather had. But it was only many years later, in the first week of January 2014 that Jyotisha crossed his path to stir up those memories. He began seeking  warmth from the fires of this newfound inspiration. A balance of faith and skepticism kept him going. He began studying under some famous astrologers from Delhi and Mumbai later that year. This was the kali yuga of his astrological studies. It was after 3 years of wandering, in 2017, that the Jyoti of Jyotisha finally illuminated the darkness. This is when he began taking the discipline more seriously as a Sādhana. Consequently, a better yuga dawned upon his astrological career and he undertook rigorous studies under the tutelage of Ryan Kurczak and Ernst Wilhelm.As of now, his core interest is in understanding the nature of the Self and the Psyche. Dhyāna, Jyotisha, Analytical Psychology, Ayurveda, Philosophy, and Psychoanalysis are the key areas of interest. He seeks Transdisciplinarity and Complexity (not complication) in his intellectual pursuits with Jyotisha as he believes that this can allow for a better dialogue and integration with other disciplines.

Sachin’s intellectual interests vary from the sacred revelations of Bhagavad Gita to the beautifully logical atheistic assertions of Julian Baggini or Sam Harris. He seeks to fiercely explore opposing views, thus embrace the shadows of any source of light and vice-versa.  Sachin has a B.Sc Economics and is currently pursuing an M.A. Philosophy. He also has 600 hours of training in Ayurvedic Counselling from CCA. He has rigorously studied Asceticism for a prolonged period under Dr. Nun Amen-Ra and continues to explore his works. He now lives in Istanbul, Turkey with his wife, where he has a private astrological practice.Website : www.searchinsachin.comEmail :

Akhilesh Mattoo – Astrologer

My name is Akhilesh Mattoo and I am Management Post Graduate and I have experience in a diverse range of challenging consulting projects across sectors like Industrial Engineering , Retail , Construction , FMCG etc.  My interest in Astrology is from childhood. The first book that I read in Astrology was Sun signs by Bejan Daruwala and it got me hooked. I was 15 years of age at that time. And since then I have been trying to understand the subject better through various resources and books.  I may have scratched it here and there until I saw the videos of  Mr. Ryan Kurczak at Asheville Vedic Astrology. This was the first time I was getting the clear picture which I was not able to assemble for a long while and I decided to pursue the course.  It was tough going and had  its own unique set of challenges that I had to face through the tenure of the course but  it helped me gain clarity of the subject , that I had never understood myself. ” When the Student is  ready ; the Guru appears.”   And Mr. Ryan Kurczak has been such a Guru for me. And only because of his guidance , blessings and compassion I could complete the course in spite of difficulties and troubles , which finally happened in  January 2023.  I am based out of India and looking forward to seeing horoscopes and applying my knowledge and skill to serve people who are looking for astrological advisory.


photoSuzanne Balka – Astrologer/Counselor

I’ve always had an interest in Astrology, and have studied and read books informally for many years, but started studying more seriously and officially with Ryan Kurczak through the Astrological Apprenticeship program dating back to 2016. I’ve not only wanted to learn for my own curiosity, but to help others as well. My professional background is as a licensed psychotherapist working in private practice since 2013. I have specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, and NeuroLinguistic Programming. I hold a bachelors in Psychology and a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My passion has been working to understand the human psyche including the programming deep within the unconscious mind and how to help reprogram one’s self-defeating beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. I’m highly interested in helping a client not only understand their astrological birth chart, their specific karmas, but how to help the person make real life changes to overcome challenges that may lie within their chart. It would be my pleasure to work with anyone who wants to go on a beautiful journey within to grow and learn about themselves, and make real-life changes. My style is to integrate Astrology within a counseling-based hour-long session, where we can work to understand what the client is working to understand about themselves, where their stuck-points are and how to reach their goals for change.

Please email me to inquire more about my professional services at:

Channing Ayers, Asheville Vedic AstrologerChanning Ayers – Astrologer

“Ever since I can remember, astrology has been part of my life. My mother began studying western style astrology  as a young woman, and I was raised around her endless piles of  hand drawn  charts and towers of astrology books. Her passion of understanding the  many mysteries of existence  was passed on to me through the years. I have always been drawn to the interpretations of the symbols, signs, and meanings of the mysteries of the universe.  In college I focused on Jungian psychology and mythology, which always seemed to point me back to the foundations I had with the astrology through working with the symbols and archetypes of human experience.  After receiving a B.A. in Jungian Psychology, I moved to the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, where I have made my home  for the past eighteen years. During this time of running my own business and raising my family, I continued to study and do charts casually for my family and friends, but still felt I was missing out on something  deeper  in the astrology and wanted to know more.  I was strongly pulled towards  studying the ancient practice of  Vedic astrology for more answers, and there began an incredible journey of finding my true passion.  I began taking classes with Ryan Kurczak  and discovered  the teachings of Ernst Wilhelm, which led me to a greater understanding of how to integrate and share  this knowledge I have been studying my whole life in a practical, grounded and beneficial way.”

Channing is a jewelry maker, specializing in astrological gemology and astrological jewelry making.

To schedule a session with Channing please visit

fiona-publicityFiona Marques – Astrologer

Fiona is a technician.  She uses data analysis and logic to make observations about a chart.  Her Astrology inculcation was consistent and systematic from day one (i.e. rather than eclectic) enabling her to faithfully and coherently research a chart.  Her readings are live (not pre-recorded) as she recognises the conversation as part of the process (“The map is not the territory”).  She is interested in what the chart is trying to teach a person and how to empower her clients to work with their astrology, rather than against it.  She loves people. As well as Astrology, she is certified in massage, MBTI, NLP, tantric yoga and Ayurvedic Life Coaching.  She is an Australian living in Portugal.  Her booking system has openings to suit clients from Auckland to San Francisco and everywhere in between.  Fiona is a graduate and mentor of the Asheville Vedic Astrology Apprenticeship Program.

Ane Ruiz – Astrologer
Bio and contact details coming soon.
20220216_234429Dustin Cormier – Astrologer
Dustin Cormier is a Leo Rising with Scorpio Sun and Sagittarius Moon. He lives around Toronto close to the southern border of Ontario, Canada.

Dustin is a dedicated Yogi, Musician, Social Commentator, and Tropical Vedic Astrologer. He produces “Info-tainment” youtube videos through his Spiritual and Astrology podcasts called HowtorockSpirit and HowtorockAstrology, respectively.
Dustin finished his Apprenticeship with Asheville Vedic Astrology in 2021 and has continued his practice with weekly readings to clients since that time.
With his Venus Atmakaraka, during each session Dustin discusses the fundamental psychological needs of each client, acting effectively as a “Hand-mirror.” His easy conversational process reveals desired soul growth objectives to the client, defines the elements of their psyche, and points where any contradictions to those goals are occuring that can be healed through self-illumination.
Dustin can be reached at, or to inquire for a reading please email him at
Inkeri Turkki – Astrologer
Bio and contact details coming soon.


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  1. I am travelling south india in tamil nadiu state to the specific Rahu, Ketu and Shukra temples and will be doing 18k,17 k and japas by myself. All this three are weak in my chart. Bd 12 april 1975 at 11: 45pm at dhule in maharashtra state. Like your vedio on rahu ketu positions.

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