“Navigating the nuances and complexities of another’s life in order to offer guidance and direction is no easy task. Ryan Kurczak’s depth of knowledge, technical skill and uncanny intuition makes him a particularly gifted astrologer. However, what makes Ryan an exceptional adviser is his genuine humanity and care and interest in not only providing an excellent session and service, but in understanding the person and delivering advice that is uniquely meaningful to one’s path. Working with Ryan has been an enlightening and rewarding experience. I look forward to future sessions with him and highly recommend his service.”


“Thank you so very much, Ryan, for the incredible reading I just received! It had an amazing amount of information, which was all new resonated 100%. But even more importantly, you gave me some very thoughtful and useful advice, which is truly unusual and so appreciated. I know I will contact you again for further work. All my best to you and many thanks again!”


“Listening to Mr. Kurczak’s presentation was a profoundly enriching experience. The analysis of Mr. Kurczak was incisive and his advise was thoroughly objective. The uniqueness of the presentation was that the advise combined scientific analysis with spiritual content so that we can work through areas that are deficient in our chart in a spiritual way. I was thoroughly satisfied with Mr. Kurczak’s in-depth analysis. I am grateful to him for having taken up my chart and so thoroughly analyzed it. In India, it is part of tradition that only a person with a spiritual bent of mind should be an astrologer. Here, Mr. Kurczak’s suggestions were backed by his profoundly spiritual outlook and experience which I value very much. India is a land of astrologers. But still I chose Mr. Kurczak because his approach is unique and there is no other like him.
In essence, Mr. Kurczak is a consummate professional and a spiritualist to boot which
is a rare combination.”


“I knew I couldn’t go wrong with you – besides the accuracy of given information I have to mention your exceptional gift of interpretation, ability to advise in a very grounded, supportive and knowledgeable way, your professionalism, care and thoroughness along with modesty. Thank you once again for your caring, kind, and informed analysis. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and am looking forward to our next session.”


“Thank you so much for the astrology reading I received recently. It was absolutely the best astrology reading I ever had because it was so detailed, accurate and specific to me. It felt like you looked inside my soul and shone light on aspects of myself that are very much in the dark but that have strong influence on me. This was a journey into learning who I am, because indeed I have been so confused my whole life regarding many facets in my life, not knowing what I’m meant to do or who I should be. But now with your help, I know what causes all these problems and how I can realistically deal with them. I will most definitely take your advice and follow through with remedies and mantras. Thank you so much!”


“I follow Ryan’s YouTube videos and I figured he is a very knowledgeable and accurate astrologer. Once I had a reading session with him, it was proven to me that all of the above is true. He is very kind, caring, professional, detailed and knowledgeable. He answers all your questions even after the reading and I have been very happy with his service. I will definitely encourage anyone who is interested in astrology to have readings with him.”

-S.T., NM

“I am so glad that I decided to request you to read my charts. Your candor and practical manner of expression were incredibly helpful. I appreciate that you were clear at all times and encouraged me to think of things differently, but at no point did you attempt to force a view.”


“Speaking with Ryan I never got the impression that he was being anything but specific and clear in his analysis, there was nothing to suggest he was being cleverly vague by making claims that could apply to anyone. He backed up any assertions he made with concise explanations for why he saw particular outcomes and characteristics, but crucially he was also not rigid in his approach. He was very good at explaining how certain aspects could express themselves differently according to varying influences, and I appreciated that he often checked in to see if something was accurate for me. Ryan has a very warm and engaging style that makes the entire experience, from booking to speaking on the phone very pleasant, and I’d encourage anyone to book with him. I definitely got a lot more out of our session than I expected, and I only imagine others will feel the same. ”

-J.Shin, California

“I may add more later, but wanted to respond initially by expressing my heartfelt appreciation to him for his thoughtful preparation and sensitivity in interpreting my chart. I cried afterwards, knowing in my heart that he hit the mark with regard to my life issues. I will carefully work with the information, including the remedial measures. It was a privilege to be able to avail myself of Ryan’s services now and hopefully in the future, and I wish him and his team at Asheville Vedic Astrology many blessings for their service to humanity.”


“Ryan Kurczak’s reading was professional, precise, and honest. Not only was he able to provide specific information in my areas of concern, but he also suggested remedies for areas of weakness within my chart, which prior astrologers have not offered. This level of service attests to his genuine concern for his clients. I am happy to recommend his services without reservation.”

-N.N., New York

“My reading with Ryan was very auspicious and the information I received helped me tremendously through a time that could have been much more difficult for me mentally. My father died a week after my reading. Ryan saw the positions of Rahu in the 3rd and Ketu in the 9th and confirmed for me that it wasn’t my job to put energy into healing the relationship with my father because Ketu was here to break my attachment to that relationship. This lifted a weight off my shoulders and with this information, I could be with my father during his final days in full acceptance, love and appreciation of who and what he was. I finally had peace about us. This was a tremendous gift. The reading also gave me useful guidance to “decide and commit” which has now become my mantra. Upon his recommendation, I started a Saturn practice and haven’t missed a day since. My work ethic and focus is becoming more refined as a result. I was delighted with the information and advice he provided. It humbled me and helped me understand my role in this life. I will be coming back for another reading soon. My only regret is that I didn’t do this earlier. I am very grateful for the experience.”

-Sat Nam, Trista T., NC

“I really enjoyed Ryan’s work for the accuracy and detail it offered. He is quite objective in his assessments without being judgmental or cold – he offers both positive and negative views on planets placements, and gives advice in how to remedy the negative ones. He is also precise in his predictions. I am certain I will work with him in the future.”

-J.O., Canada

“The skill, attention to detail and ease of communication Ryan put forth, while sharing my unique chart attributes, was clear during our session. His concern, that I gain greater access to self-understanding, is genuine and sincere. I look forward to delving further into the resources Asheville Vedic Astrology has to offer.”

-P. K.
Southern California

“Ryan Kurczak’s technique hits the nail on the head with precision and reliability akin only to true science. A very knowledgeable and seasoned Astrologer, he takes your hand like a teacher and guides you through your chart like an avid researcher who delights with you at each significant discovery in your chart. The remedial measures he gives are tailor-fitted to your needs and personality. But what truly stands out is the care and kindness with which he delivers his readings – spoken like a true counselor and friend. Inspiring!”

T.H., Philippines

“Ryan’s reading of my chart mirrored my life’s path to such a degree that I have no doubts of the accuracy of the reading. Ryan provides plenty of opportunities to ask questions, and explained my chart in a way that was easy for me to understand. He is very caring and knowledgeable; and his years of experience is clearly demonstrated throughout the session. I am in the process of implementing the remedial measures he recommended, and I am looking forward to seeing the effects. The recording that he provides subsequent to the session is extremely valuable. I trust his opinion and look forward to consulting with him again in the future.”

-L.M., CA

“Thank you Ryan! Again much appreciation for taking the time to do an Astrology reading with me. It brought much clarity and alignment. You are wonderful at what you do!”

-K.S., CA

“I had the most pleasant experience of having my chart read by Ryan. He is the most humble and approachable astrologer I’ve come across. I was pleasantly surprised with his highly intuitive abilities. He is the most genuine human being I’ve come across, being able to understand and sympathize with his client’s situation, putting them at ease, getting them to open up and trust him enough to pour out their soul to him. The whole experience was very therapeutic and healing.Not only was it a personal consultation session but I also managed to learn a few pointers on astrology which he generously shared with me. I liked his positive approach in reading my chart, focusing on the strengths, highlighting the weaknesses and giving suggestions on managing them. I left the session empowered with a better perspective of myself.  I look forward to having more readings and learning from him.”

-S.F., Singapore

“Ryan, I appreciate your insightful balance between well-studied objective analysis of this time-tested and wondrous system of Vedic Astrology, and your subjective sensitivities as a tuned-in soul. Our reading gave me very instructive insights into both the understandable patterns of my past and the understandable, influenceable patterns of my future. And of course the invaluable influences on my present.”

-J.E., San Jose, CA

“Ryan, I want to thank you again for the great session I had with you yesterday. I have been stressed out for the past eight years. You gave me a clear explanation as to why things have been happening to me in those particular areas of my life that I asked you about. Thank you for the advice that you gave me on how to help neutralize some of the strong influences within my chart. I can’t wait for the recording. Thank you so much for all of the material you’re making available to all of the astrology enthusiasts. Vedic Astrology is an amazing science! I’m so glad for people like you, taking their time to learn such a complicated and deep topic so that they can lead and help others to have a better understanding of themselves, and obstacles on their path.
I feel so much happier already! Thank you!”

-Beata, Toronto, Canada

“Ryan is a sympathetic human being and handles client’s situations in a very dignified manner. His sensitivity and kindness is amazing.  I admire the precision with which he approached the questions and explained his observations. I never expected that he will care enough to ask me to update him; this gesture shows the deep involvement he has with his counselees.  His humility and honesty in areas where he is not very sure, I feel is the greatest asset he has in addition to having oodles of pragmatism. I feel he can be an excellent teacher because of his superior articulation style and delivery style of the subject matter.  My very best wishes to him for widespread fame and success.”

-C.E., United Kingdom

“A healing world view with a robust perspective and clarity deeply rooted in experience, balanced subjectively and objectively with application to Astrology is exactly what you get from Ryan Kurczak. Innate qualities of a being that gives you a sense of no b.s. and one who has been around the block a few times and has gotten the t-shirts. It was a absolute delight to have a conversation with a grounded consciousness such as Ryan. It was like talking to an old friend. His insights into Astrology and the clarity that precedes are priceless. Laughs were had, smiles abound, a few frowns and a tear shed later I emerged from my Astrological reading rabbit hole no worse for the wear and more enlightened of Self. The best compliment I can give though, is that it was just good ole’ fun. Deeply grateful”

-Chad, Los Angeles, CA

“I am touched by your wisdom, and depth, and I am sincerely grateful to you and the reading this morning.  The wisdom and knowledge you’ve shared with me has enabled a new sense of freedom, a freedom to be me without the underlying feeling of being wrong in some way.  In other words, I’ve found a wonderful comfort in being me in the last several hours, and I can appreciate this particular human form now more than ever.  Thank you sincerely Ryan.  You are a brilliant astrologer, and I resonate very well with your expression and style.  You have a new client.”

-J.B., NC

“Being interested in astrology for awhile now , I have never had the chance to learn about Vedic astrology until I serendipitously met Ryan at Costa Rica Yoga Spa.  What a pleasure it was to gain such insight from someone so knowledgeable, intuitive, and serene as him!  Now I want to learn more about it… Thanks Ryan Kurczak!”

-J.T., Los Angeles, CA

“I recently had a Vedic Astrology reading with Ryan. It was a wonderful reading. He was able to clear up a lot for me. he answered my questions with great thought, insight, and clarity. I would highly recommend anyone that wants clarity on their path to get a reading from Ryan Kurczak. Thank you again Ryan.  Looking forward to working with you again.”

-M.D., Waynesville, NC

“Thank you, again, talking with you gives me great clarity, and just enough inspiration to jump back on the wagon to take care of myself, and my life. I am deeply appreciative.”

-L.S., West Virginia

“Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how accurate your reading was about the sale of my house.  I received an offer the end of Sept. and we closed Friday 11/2.  You told me I had a very high probability of selling the 1st of Oct thru mid Oct. and you were very right!  Thank You!”

-K.V., Texas

“Thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday. I already feel lighter knowing what I know about Saturn.
Well done. You have a happy customer here.”

-M.S., Asheville, NC

“My astrology reading with Ryan was extremely helpful and practical. It steered me away from habitual decisions based on my past choices, opened up doorways for new opportunities and overall just helped me to feel more relaxed and accepting about my life: past, present, and future. I appreciate Ryan’s manner, insights, and sense of humor as well.”

-T.M., California

“Ryan Kurczak’s sincere and genuine methods have offered reprieve in my mind. I believe he truly cares about the people he works with. It is certainly not easy discussing spirituality and achieving true consciousness but it was easy for me when I spoke with him. I look forward to working with him more and I feel that my feet are on the right path now.”

-M.S., NC

“I am feeling very strong, focused and happy after our session! Thank you so much!  Cheers! You are amazing and so much help in my life! Thank you!”

-H.W., Virginia

“I was looking for a great astrologer and I found him. Ryan is looking in deeply in to your chart and mix his insights with info and practical strategies, to support us living a life true to our nature and the stars.  I truely recommend a reading with him! Thank you.”

– Susanne B., Sweden

“I really enjoyed it, too, it really made my day and my whole outlook on life has changed for the better.  It was great that you validated pretty much everything in my life, including my thoughts about my direction in my work, even if that’s not my main goal right now.”

-E.M.K., United Kingdom

“I recently had my chart done, as well as my son’s.  It was amazing to see how accurate it was and how the planet alignments affect my personality!  It was very helpful to see what I was destined to do and the best time for it.  I am grateful that I will be able to help facilitate my son’s growth and development, knowing what’s to come for him.  I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to be successful in life!”

-Charissa Shaw, CEO, Ergolution.net

“Thank you very much for the “best reading” ever!  It is a great feeling to be “gotten” so completely in a reading.  I am still wrapping my mind around what I experience in my life with my work, money, and relationships was already written in my chart.  I can only wonder how/if my life could have been easier had I had you read my chart earlier.  I especially liked that you could tell me how to correct some of my issues.”

-Maria G., CA

“Ryan Kurczak was very detailed and precise with his reading. It was very helpful. It gave me a better understanding of where I am in my life and how to handle the obstacles ahead. Thank you.”


Truly many thanks go out to you in this letter.  Even though  I’ve felt my life has been quite rattled, to say the least for a number of years now, your consult and guidance a little over a year now has grounded me quite firmly.  One thing I do know is that your loving wisdom has guided me in just that one time we spoke.  My life has been evolving quite nicely.  And I know… It’s only just a miniscule beginning!  I’ve written down word by word the session you emailed to me and I’ve read and read and reread it many times over.  Clearly I understand much of my life now.  Things you said strengthened me by merely understanding that better times would come. I’ve enrolled in a higher education psychology program!  This is just for now!   I DO FEEL LIKE A PHOENIX RISING ABOVE FROM THE ASHES!

-O.C., Cardenas

“Such a blessing to be so aware and know when an opportunity presents itself.  Thank you for your help with this.  I look forward to speaking with you again.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.  You are a blessing.”

-L.N., Tennessee

“I am blown away by how on-target your report is so far.  My “fall” was truly a miraculous gift on many levels and forced the clearing away of ideas and behaviors that were long past their use-by date for both my partner and me.  Your reading nailed me in so many subtle ways that I am astounded. I really look forward to our call.”

-K.V., Australia

Thank you again for your insights. You are truly a master of these arts. I am glad that after using western astrology for so many years that the vedic system actually seems to speak to me more clearly. The confirmation of what I am experiencing gives me alot to work with to make it work more smoothly for me.

-Cindy, California

“I want to say again that this has been so good at shedding light on the difficulties of the past 3 years and also the challenges and feelings of oppression that I have had my entire life. And now I have a way to consciously work with it!

My great thanks to you!”

– Juli

“I would like to have another astrology reading. Your last reading was spot on! I was uncertain about two guys, and you told me that I was extremely compatable with one of them and he proposed to me yesterday!

I would like to have another reading to schedule my wedding.”

-M.P., California

“Discovering the affects of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus directly addressed issues that have consistently caused repetitive pain and struggle throughout this lifetime.  Ryan’s insight offered an accurate explanation of where I have continued to put my own efforts and focus in hopes to experience a fulfilled life… and yet, with each attempt and even success – such fulfillment has been elusive.  Due to the influence of the outer planets, my conceived notions and actions on how to experience true love, security, and connection have been illusory.  However, to know the planets’ location and potency – is to know a real solution. Ryan’s clear discernment proved to authentically pinpoint these obstacles… And offered a new and specific direction on how to experience what I’ve always been seeking (I had just been looking under the wrong rock… over and over again!).  Unlocking these mysteries is no longer a guessing game…  It is a science.”


“I wanted to say thank you again. You’ve given me so much new information that I can literally feel my brain buzzing right now -making all those hidden connections that show up later as inspiration. I wanted you to know that the information you’ve given me has helped clear up some rather confusing areas of my past. It’s interesting to see the Planetary Drama unfold in such crystal clarity in one’s own life.”

-C.S., New Zealand

“Thank you again for my reading today! It was fabulous and very helpful.  I told my boyfriend about my reading and shared that we are a compatible!  He’d like to have you do his chart as well. Think he could really benefit from what you told me about his planets and thinking he’s getting higher guidance when it’s a tricky planet at work. What’s your next availability for him?”

-A.W., CA

“I was very pleased with the reading initially.  Listening to the recording yesterday was even more beneficial.  I have made a CD copy for reference. You met just what I was seeking with my intial foray into vedic astrology – information that I can use as guidance and a certain amount of thoughtful advice.  Thank you so much.”

-L.C., California

“A group of us got together and Ryan introduced us to the effects of Neptune, Pluto and Uranus in our charts. He told us how these planets point us in the direction of our “bigger”, less restricted selves and gave us examples. What a gift to have that kind of guidance! I’m eagerly awaiting my appointment with him to get that information in detail. Thanks Ryan!”


“Last night a group of our friends gathered to share lovingly prepared wholesome food. After dinner, Ryan Kurczak talked about the intensifying influence the outer three planets exert in our kundalis. His lively portrayal of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto revealed why and how I struggle with some of my most confounding challenges. This new knowledge allows me to subtly change my course and create a better reality for myself. Thanks, Ryan.”


“As usual, Ryan brought well-researched and truly enlightening new material to the table with these exciting revelations about the role of the outer planets. It was like finally getting the missing piece in my astrological puzzle. And thankfully, Ryan offers helpful insight into how to work with these key planetary influences.”


“Thank you for a MOST interesting evening at the potluck…I have dabbled in both western and vedic astrology for decades…
and this information on the outer planets has been the most revealing yet
on exactly what I need to do in life to make it flow better..
it sure cuts through all the information that can overwhelm you in a natal chart reading….
so thank you, thank you….”


“I found Ryan as I was listening to his you tube channel.  After listening to his channel it was obvious to me that he was knowledgeable in his field.  I then scheduled a reading with him and was blown away by how accurate he was about various aspects of my life.  He then gave me very good guidance on what steps to take to be happier and live a peaceful life.  I am very grateful to him for his expertise and guidance.  I am looking forward to having another reading with him in the future.  Ryan, Thank you!”


“It has always been a pleasure to have a reading with Ryan. He has been stunningly accurate most times, and correct about the general scenario on occasions when he was not. In addition, he always combines his astrological readings with warmth and empathy while offering very practical steps to overcoming, conquering and learning from all of life’s challenges, while also enjoying its blessings. I always have regular readings with him, and they have given me an increased sense of awareness of myself and the world around me. I always consult with him during any major events in my life. I wish the very best for him and all those who like me have the pleasure consulting with him. ”

– S.C.P, New York

“Hi Ryan,

I can’t stop thinking about my reading. It was SO accurate and helpful! Thank you a million trillion times. I think i AM go with a sapphire stone, but I’m going to first work on my Mars (and wait for a bonus at work). I can’t wait for the recording. Thanks again and I will definitely refer you to all my hippie California friends.”

All my best,

“Everything is so true and I really thank you that you have waited so long to talk with me as I probably wouldn’t have been able to understand the truth thats lying in every single word. You are really a great astrologer, Ryan! I miss working with you and I
hope I will be able to keep up with our sessions very soon!”

–  Kerstin Awerbach, Germany.

“The reading has given me, and continues to give me much clarity on how I fit into the world and who I am.  Thank You for your efforts, I appreciate it deeply.”

Sat Nam,
Chad Mosesso

“It was a pleasure to work with you as well–you were fun, knowledgeable of your field,
very professional, patient and I felt you really care to my over all well-being. I look froward to consulting with you again in the near future”

M.A., Germany

“Let me tell you again how much I enjoyed our session, and how fruitful I think it was.  I really appreciate your insight and the time and effort you obviously put into your work.”

Susan, San Jose, CA

“Just wanted to let you know that the reading yesterday has left ripples of peace, clarity, and optimism in its wake.   I’m finding the suggestions about meditation and life review very helpful.”

J.M., South Carolina

Ryan cuts through the static straight to the truth. his lessons and enthusiasm support my practice keeping me on the path.

K.B., North Carolina

“Thank you so much for an amazing reading. It was so specific and detailed and felt very right for me. I have been on my cushion every day (meditating) and incredible things have already happened. The reading provided both a more profound understanding of my life as well as illuminating my future path. It was wonderful to work with you, you are so clear, insightful, and knowledgeable.” ~Elizabeth Pringle, D.C.

“I had my first session with Ryan to see about my business. I learned a lot about how to keep my self balanced and working towards my goals using my ‘strengths’ and understanding my ‘weaknesses’. The ease of understanding Vedic Astrology was important to me and I am learning a lot about how Vedic Astrology works. I have put into action what I learned and the results are exciting.” ~Jay O. Wilder, North Carolina

“I am blessed and honored to say that Ryan has been a friend, colleague, and Jyotish adviser for many years now. He reads from his heart. His delivery is focused, conscious, compassionate and non-judgmental. He speaks in such a way that the client never feels as if free will is gone, hopeless or disempowered. The accuracy of Ryan’s readings is way above the average 80% for most Readers. What also sets Ryan apart from other Readers, is that he teaches his client while he is also shining the light and forecasting the future for them. He is down-to-earth, approachable, sweet, wise, evolved and just plain fun!”
~Karyn Chabot, Iowa

“Ryan is a wonderful teacher. He shares the information with simplicity and clarity, making it easy to understand and follow the practices.”
~Lauri M., North Carolina

“I attended a Jyotish workshop lead by Ryan in May 2008. He delivers Vedic truth in the tradition of the ancient Gurus. His description of the Grahas (planets) is clear and insightful. He brings a happy cadence to the weekend, gently discussing each participant’s chart to demonstrate the way the Grahas guide us to digest our karma. I particularly enjoyed his guided meditations which easily brought us to the experience of the transcendent.”
~Chuck Hunner, North Carolina

“It just makes good sense and Ryan is very clear with his instructions. I enjoyed the way he explains the philosophy without complicating it. Very straightforward and practical.”
~Jeri, North Carolina

“Before leaving for my first overseas assignment in July 2008, I attended Ryan’s Vedic Astrology seminar. The setting was beautiful and I was amazed by the accuracy of Vedic Astrology in my own life. Since that class, I have used as a guide for others something he said to me in demonstrating an aspect of my astrological chart… ‘How do you feel about going on this assignment?’ I immediately felt thrilled, excited and liberated. ‘How do feel about staying where you are?’ It felt like death. I’ll never forget that moment of clarity.

Ryan is an excellent teacher and presenter with a keen understanding of his topic and how to relate to his audience. He reached into what was important and showed it to us all in a safe and clear way. I loved my weekend class with him and hope to attend another one when I get back to the US.”
~Karen Thompson, Texas

“Ryan Kurczak provides an excellent practical synthesis of Vedic astrology, Yoga and Ayurveda that can facilitate wholeness and well-being in all aspects of our lives. He can be of great assistance for all who consult him.”

-David Frawley- Director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies

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  1. Ryan, Do I need to know the time of day I was born. I’m not sure if it was morning, afternoon, or evening?

    • That would be fine Sheryll. I’ve sent you an email. I look forward to working with you.

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