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Astrological Apprenticeship Donation Based Sessions 2021


It is with great joy that I have had the opportunity to work with many of the best astrological students.  Four years ago over 60 individuals began our apprenticeship program.

(Now offered as a self-directed program through:

Of those 60 students, 10% have made it to the completion of all course work. This top 10% have demonstrated:

  1. mastery of the material
  2. patience
  3. the ability to stay true to a course of training
  4. diligence in completing all coursework with integrity

They are now required to give a certain number of donation based astrological sessions, with proper feedback, to demonstrate the culmination of their training.

If you would like to participate in an astrological session, and are willing to give useful feedback and work with a student of astrology, we’d appreciate your assistance.

If you:

  • Feel you would benefit from astrological guidance
  • Are willing to make a donation towards supporting an astrological student
  • Are willing to be clear and direct in your feedback about a session
  • Would like to give a budding astrologer a learning experience as they begin their profession

Please fill in your name, email (so we can respond to you), and comment section below. In the comment section, please list your areas of life you’d like to explore and why you are interested in having an astrological session. Your email will be forwarded to one of our astrological apprentices, and they will contact you about scheduling a session.  Be clear about what your needs are, and if they can be of assistance, they will schedule a session with you.  BE AWARE, THESE GO FAST. IF YOU DO NOT GET A RESPONSE, CHECK THAT THIS PAGE IS STILL UP.  IF IT IS NOT, IT MEANS ALL SLOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED.

These students will schedule with you as they are able, and will provide feedback forms after the session is completed. Your honest and useful feedback will be most helpful in my capacity to assess each student’s ability to offer valuable service as an astrologer.


Ryan Kurczak – Astrologer, Author and Astrological Mentor

All of us deeply appreciate your support of this astrological program, and the future of astrology.



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