The Evolutionary Beginnings of the Zodiac – Aries, Taurus & Gemini

zodiac8The evolution of the signs 1 through 3; Aries, Taurus and Gemini, are the beginning stages of life itself. This process is one that can be seen in humans, plants and animals. The transformation from the beginning stages of birth, of realizing that you exist, starts with Aries, the first sign. Moving into Taurus, the second sign, one finds resources needed to sustain their life. The third sign, Gemini, is where one figures out what works, what doesn’t work and how to prepare for the next stage of life. This beginning stage is important because it creates a foundation for the further evolution of the life process.

The numbers themselves are a key to the energy of the sign. The number 1 for instance, represents the birth of any activity (Kurczak, 2016). The number 1 also represents the self, the ego and becoming aware that you exist in this world. The number 2 is the coming together of 1 with something else, when you take the individual 1 and add to it anything, it becomes 2 (Kurczak, 2016). The number 2 is the evolution from the individual self into something more. It is the first step away from the self so that it can grow and evolve. With the number 3, the energy is that of figuring out what to do next. The energy of the number 3 is that of trial and error, exploration and the usage of what you have learned from the stages of energy gathered from the number 1 and number 2. To successfully evolve, the energies of signs 1, 2 and 3 are very important because they help to build a solid foundation for the continuation of the evolutionary process that the soul takes on it’s path through this lifetime.

MarsSign number 1, Aries (Mesha), is the birth. The beginning stages of creation. It is within this sign that one realizes their sense of self, the I. It is also the sign that carries the energy of new ventures, thoughts, and ideas. Jaimini described the energy of this first sign Aries as “5 rats and cats” (Kurczak, 2016). Within this description you can get a sense of the sign and the number 1 by examining the two animals. Rats are inventive and creative, important aspects for the energy of the number 1. Cats, have a great capacity for self-awareness (Kurczak, 2016). This is also an important aspect for the energy of the number 1.

Aries is also described as a fire sign, ruled by Mars and has a positive masculine polarity. Fire signs are more energetic, have the drive to get things done and are self-expressive in nature. Aries is also a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are signs that are more action orientated, take initiative and have a great amount of energy in their ability to work well. The masculine or positive characteristic of this sign helps it to be assertive, outgoing and direct in their ability to accomplish their task. Once you become aware of yourself as an individual you are ready to venture out into the world. You are ready to transcend that fiery and assertive energy into the action that brings forth the 2nd sign, Taurus.

According to Yavana Jataka (Veda, 2018), Aries is described like a ram. Aries is also said to represent paths of goats and sheep. The ram is sure footed and strong. The paths of goats and sheep are places that one would try to avoid due to their difficult paths, but this is where Aries is comfortable. Jataka also describes Aries as “the head of time ~ Kala” (Veda, 2018). It is said to represent the forehead of man up to the occipital region providing the head with protection and beauty (Kurczak, Rasi Class 3, 2016) Jataka also states that Aries is the sign of metal, mines and jewels. When Aries is positively aspected it can show people that may have talents in areas related to metal work, stone work, and jewelry making. Hideout of thieves is another description to Aries given by Jataka (Veda, 2018). When Aries is negatively aspected it can show a person who may hide from people, the law or in a worse case situation a person may be incarcerated.

Brihat Parasara Hora Sasta (BPHS) describes Aries as red colored, large limbed four footed, valorous by night, dwelling in the east, relative of kings, moving in rocky places, endowed with rajas, back rising, fiery and ruled by Mars (Internet Archive, 2018). In Parasara’s description we see Aries described again as strong on their feet. Aries works better at night therefor when an Aries person is born at night, they do better with the energy of their sign. Rising in the east is an indication that Aries does well with new beginnings, starting new ventures. Relative of kings makes Aries a good general and with the help of Aries ruling planet Mars, Aries can make a good soldier. Moving in rocky places allows Aries to be better suited to travel those places that are more difficult for others. Aries is comfortable in rough terrain. Endowed with rajas, can be a tricky part to Aries. Too much rajas, egocentrism, and the idea of “I have done all of this”, can be seen negatively. On the other hand, a bit of ego is an important aspect because it helps to fuel Aries’ fire.

VenusTaurus (Vrishaba), the 2nd sign, stabilizes the energy from Aries, sign #1. Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. Taurus has a negative or feminine polarity. Taurus being a fixed sign will show its strength and stamina and its unwavering ability to change. The negative or feminine polarity will show Taurus’s ability to be receptive and reactive rather than active and assertive like we saw with Aries. These are important characteristics for Taurus because with this sign, the energy is one of resources and fine tuning the senses. Jataka states that Taurus is also considered the mouth and throat of the creator (Kurczak, Rasi Class 3, 2016). Taurus is the earth sign that determines what resources are needed to build a concrete existence. Taurus is also the sign of responsibility and ownership, how we handle those things we are responsible for. Taurus is also related to early childhood and what we learned during that time in our lives that we can build upon in the now.

Jaimini describes Taurus as a quadruped, solid, fixed sign that works hard and can handle difficulties well (Kurczak, Rasi Class 3, 2016). Jaimini also relates the sign Taurus to wealth and to the four angles of the horoscope. The four angles being houses 1,4,7 and 10 correlating to our sense of self, our home, our happiness and our relationship to others (Kurczak, Rasi Class 3, 2016) BPHS describes Taurus as the bull, white in color and ruled by Venus (Internet Archive, 2018). Parasara also states that Taurus is night strong, earthy rajas, rises in the South, representing villages and business men (vaisyas caste), back rising and has strong communal associations due to the ruling planet, Venus (Internet Archive, 2018).

MercuryWith the sure footed, solid foundation and amassed resources for the direction or path one will take, the next sign Gemini (Mithuna) will allow a person to go out and explore finding what works and what doesn’t work through trial and error, to continue successfully on their directed soul path. Gemini, the third sign, is a dual sign. The first 15 degrees of Gemini is fixed, and the second 15 degrees is active giving the sign the ability to adapt and change to their environment in a “go with the flow” type manner. Gemini has a positive or masculine polarity giving the sign the ability to be extroverted and active within its environment. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is associated with the element of Air and therefor lends to a strong association with the mind, the ability to think things through, the need to become active and explore one’s world.

Jataka describes Gemini as a couple. The woman is holding a lyre and the man a club. This description of the couple relates to the ability to be creative while at the same time feeling safe within your environment (Kurczak, Rasi Class 3, 2016). Gemini represents the shoul

ders and arms of the cosmic person representing one’s ability to be active and creative in the world or be ascetically pleasing in that area of the body (Kurczak, Rasi Class 3, 2016). Jaimini describes

B lombardo

Written by Bridget Lombardo, for the Year 1 Rasi and Signs Course

Gemini as “itches and stoutness” (Kurczak, Rasi Class 3, 2016). This description relates to one’s frustration with not quiet knowing which direction to explore, their ideas can be too dense. BPHS describes Gemini as the pair rasi, front rising, with a mace and a lute, western, airy, two footed, night strong, village roaming, vata in nature, normal limbed and grass colored ruled by Mercury (Internet Archive, 2018). BPHS’s description of Gemini correlates to both Jataka and Jaimini in that there is the ability to explore the mind, the environment and one’s skills while feeling protected or safe.


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