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The Symbolism of Signs 3, 4 and 5 – Gemini, Cancer and Leo

The symbolism generally associated with the evolution from numbers 3 to 5, as it relates to the energy of the third, fourth, and fifth signs in astrology, represents a stage of human development where every individual must consolidate their mental work habits into a focused, confident, and heartfelt path. These numbers deal primarily with mental pathologies, with the attitude one takes towards survival and adaptation (which revolves around those pathologies), and with concentrated willpower, which seeks to enforce continuous action through those pathways and adaptations.

MercuryThe number 3 follows a succession from numbers 1 and 2, and can even be seen as a combination of them both, as one plus two equals three. The 1st sign represents the instinctive will, and the 2nd sign represents the instinct to develop resources for cultivating that will. Thus, 3 represents the quality and quantity of mental pathways by which those sources of material are utilized. The field of life symbolized by the number 3 in a chart shows whether or not a person may be granted access to an exploration of their reasoning faculties in their life. It also may show the methods available through which a person may put their resources and instincts to use. The notion of Gemini as a combination of the numbers 1 and 2 reveals a correlation between these separate stages of human development and their numerological roots. The way in which one’s resources are used reflects the will of the individual (1), and it also betrays a little of the nature by which those resources are accumulated and stabilized (2), hence 1+2=3. The metaphor of a scavenger on an isolated island with only a few materials available at his disposal, whose creations must cater to the materials he finds, provides a suitable explanation for the meaning of 1 and 2 being contained in the 3. If such a scavenger wanted to craft a sail for a make-shift ship out of rubber tree plants and coconuts, an instinct which we might call his will, then the path, speed, rhythm, and timing of his voyage will be reflected in the weight, consistency, and buoyancy of the materials he used for his ship and its sails, not to mention the nature of his desire for escape.

The voyage of the scavenger’s ship represents the quality of the mental pathways (3) which spontaneously emerge from our understanding and comprehension of our will (1), as well as the psychic and physical materials by which we cultivate it (2). Thus, the mental pathways of Gemini are acclimatized to the desires and accumulation habits ascribed to Aries and Taurus. The placement of Gemini in the houses, as well as the planets involved in the dimensions represented by Gemini and the number 3, therefore tell us about the nature and quality of the reasoning faculty which seeks to utilize the energy and intentions of the individual. As a person begins to cultivate logistical paths in using their resources, there comes a point where the habit of returning to a consistent pattern of action must be developed. Whether or not this habit is properly developed often depends on the quality and freedom of mental exploration garnered in the preceding stage, Gemini.

It may be difficult for certain people to take a consistent work ethic lightly, if they have no experience in exploring the possible uses of their resources while they are growing up. Yet, when the door is opened in Gemini, if one is afforded plenty of practical examples in learning the effective use of their energies and resources, the cultivation of a consistent and reliable work ethic may become second nature to the individual.

MoonBeing positively impelled in this way towards a constructive work ethic is the neurological habit acquired at this fourth stage of human development, ascribed to Cancer and the number 4. Positivity is the key word here; for Cancer’s status as a water sign implies the involvement of the emotions. Furthermore, as a cardinal sign, what Cancer represents to the psyche involves a certain habit of action. The homebody archetype ascribed to Cancer similarly implies this, for Cancer’s placement in a chart shows how easily one might feel at home in their work. The evolutionary pattern here suggests that a healthy work ethic is one gained through positive experiences in critically thinking about the materials and skills at one’s disposal, and finding satisfying results there, both in the activity as well as in the product of the activity. Ultimately, the main focus where Cancer is concerned less about the product of one’s efforts, and more about the security of continual return to some satisfying effort or another.

Cancer knows that the product will come if the work is secure and joyful. Again, this positive attitude can hardly be acquired when one is disallowed from exploring their materials, resources, and logistical pathways, which might suggest by a flawed development in the preceding stage, Gemini. The 4th stage of development is concerned with feeling at home wherever one goes, and in whatever one undertakes, like a clever crab who can bring its homey shell anywhere. As Cancer is the 2nd sign from Gemini, this further entails that there is a consolidation occurring here, in the way in which one’s mental pathways are retained and used. Once a certain instinctive attitude towards one’s work has developed, it is necessary that a person must discern by their experiences how that work ethic ought to be directed. This is the general meaning associated with Leo and the 5th stage of human development.

SunOf course, as the chronology of the symbols suggests, a strongly positive development in the preceding stage, Cancer, paves the way for gaining an effective set of experiences by which to understand how one’s energies ought to be directed in a sustaining and satisfying way. Gemini leads to the development of confident work experience in Cancer. Cancer leads to a wide set of experiences, by which one may glean the “wheat from the chaff,” meaning they may discern by experimentation where their efforts ought to be directed. It is the “fixation on a certain path,” a certain reliable and competent skillset, which is implied in the succession from Cancer to Leo. Fixation in this sense is also implied by Leo’s status as a fixed sign. The ability to focus on certain goals and ambitions, instead of becoming lost in a swirl of possible actions, reflects Leo’s archetype as the prideful lion. At the Leo stage, it comes to the attention of the individual that pride and confidence in one’s chosen path is necessary if they expect to persevere through hardship, difficulty, scarcity, and sacrifice. That kind of true, heartfelt confidence in one’s chosen path cannot come from this realization alone, however; for such a situation leads to a maladapted 5th sign energy.

If the person at this stage realizes this need for confidence, but it does not come from the joyful experiences garnered by the preceding sign, then the person may re-actively enforce this confidence as a show of face which is false and unfounded. If it is not guided by the consistent, blissful realization of positive results from one’s skills and explorations in Gemini and Cancer, then the Leo person’s willfulness will inadvertently stem from fear and reaction, instead of a solid foundation of calm and practical adaptation and experience. Conversely, even when the 4th stage, Cancer, is positively developed in a person, such a case may occur where one becomes too identified with the adaptability acquired at that stage. An overactive capacity to adapt one’s work habits may give a certain anxiety when the time comes to consolidate one’s experiences into a specialized action. Thus, as is typical, Astrology infers a lesson of balance. It is good to have many legs, and to diversify one’s career paths; but not at the expense of a solid and professional career. Thus, the balance and harmony of the 4th stage can either block or aid one’s integration of concentrated willpower, represented by this 5th stage in the human psyche’s natural development.


Written by Dustin Cormier, Astrological Apprenticeship Student

The numerological evolution from numbers 3 through 5 evidently represents stages in human development where an individual must consolidate their mental habits and their adaptive instincts into a solid, reliable framework, founded on a backdrop of practical and emotionally stable experiences in the world. When someone lacks these foundations, their direction in life may be curtailed by their lack of emotional and critical habits of mind. It is through experiences related to Gemini, Cancer, and Leo that the positive establishment of one’s willpower may come to fruition. Without such experiences, a person may forever have difficulty in cultivating the willpower to affect a meaningful, powerful and emotionally stable engagement with their reality in life.


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